Tim Settle and Ricky Walker Look to Anchor Virginia Tech's Defensive Line

A look at the twosome set to get serious burn for the Hokies at DT.

No. 8 Ricky Walker and No. 4 Tim Settle [Michael Shroyer]

With over 600 pounds between them, the impact Virginia Tech hopes defensive tackle duo Tim Settle and Ricky Walker will make for the Hokies' defense this season is, well, huge. The pair is tasked to replace first team All-ACC performer Woody Baron and stalwart Nigel Williams who combined last season for 23.5 tackles for loss and 73 total stops.

"It's time," Settle said about transitioning from understudy to center stage on the d-line. "I've waited for my time to come up... and I always played my role. I'm still gonna play my role as the player I need to be, and hopefully I can execute to the level I need to, to help the team win, and execute things that we need to execute. I'm not gonna look at it any different [than last year]. I'm gonna go hard every play, just how I'm supposed to, and I'm gonna help lead the team in areas that we need to be led, and I'm just gonna do my job."

Walker, primarily a reserve last season who also started four games in Williams' absence, is equally eager to take the reins full-time in the trenches for the Hokies.

"I'm anxious and hungry," Walker said. "It's finally my time to show out and show these guys what I'm capable of. It's not really no pressure, ya know, I kinda been doing this all my life. It's playing football. There's nothing really new, but I'm definitely anxious to show the team, my family, the world, everybody just what I'm capable of."

No doubt the Hokies are hoping the unique chemistry between Settle and Walker yield production that exceeds their predecessors'.

"When I say jump, he's like, 'how high you want me to jump?', and vice versa," Settle said.

Moreover, both admit to having their own line calls to keep themselves on the same page and offensive linemen in the dark.

Walker, a redshirt junior, has seemingly seized an opportunity for a leadership role.

"This offseason that's what I did. I'm more vocal, everybody's listening, coaches are noticing it and they're happy I'm doing it."

Settle agrees with the assessment.

"I bet you're gonna hear him [at practice, during winter conditioning] above everybody else," Settle said. "Ricky, Ricky makes sure he's heard out there. He keeps us going. Whenever we're tired or something like that Rick's always the one to speak up. He plays his role really well, he's up there, ya know. He leads the team, he's one of the older guys, and a lot of us look up to Ricky."

Though perhaps the loudest statement of the Hokies' offseason thus far was made in ink. Settle doubled down on his love for Virginia Tech — which stood by the Stonewall Jackson HS product through academic concerns during his recruitment — with a lunchpail tattoo on his bicep.

"All my tattoos have meanings," Settle explained. "Virginia Tech gave me a second chance after high school and stuff like that. I'm so dedicated and I love Virginia Tech with all my heart. Love coach Foster, I love the whole coaching staff, ya know, for them giving me a second chance, and for me to be able to play on a defense like this, I think that I should have it a part of something that I will never forget. So this is gonna be a part of me forever. ... I keep it with me so I can remember what I stand for, and who I represent every time I look at my tattoo right here."


Well one thing is for sure all our DTs are going to get a lot of 1 on 1 attention from him because we don't have many.

With over 600 lbs between them, so nice that we have a real D line meow!

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What sort of snap count do guys like this get? Are they every down or a few per series, etc?

will depends on timmy's conditioning. I would guess ricky will get upwards of 70% of the snaps as long as he can handle it due to our depth issues and the huge fall off between starters and potential backups. If timmy can play half the snaps I think it would be huge.

Half the snaps? I think you're significantly underestimating his conditioning. I think he will also play 70% of the snaps, and then when the game isn't close anymore probably 50% or less.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I don't. Was mentioned he couldn't play more than 3-4 snaps in a row last year without needing a break. I think half or slightly more is optimistic if anything.

It was no secret that Settle was overweight and out of shape when he arrived on campus, but just from the videos and pictures this spring you can already tell a year of collegiate conditioning has done him very well. I don't think expecting him to triple that snap count is unrealistic.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

He's been on campus for two years at this point, no?

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

This will be 3rd summer in program. RedshirtSoph


Tim's run back at nd.

Year 3 is coming up!

Man I couldn't be happier for 2 guys to get their time to shine and it's awesome to see them like brothers together. I've always been a big Ricky fan and I think many people forgot about him when we signed Settle. Can't wait to see them kick ass this year.

I think Ricky is cool with the underdog role.He is very confident in his abilities and has been overlooked since day 1. At least by fans/media. He had to go through the hype of Brown, Hand, Nnadi and fans disapointment in not getting those guys. Remember the SS going to play before him days. Then the Hype with Tim and he just keeps working. Good to see him at 295. I think he will eventually hit 300 as he continues to build more muscle. Hope he and Big Tim really show out this year. Will be huge for VT going forward.

Tim's gonna' need a new practice jersey. One with a few more X's in front of that L.

I was thinking he could get an X on the front like this

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

What the picture doesn't show is that the lunchpail tattoo on Settle's bicep is the same size as the actual lunchpail.

I think once they get SETTLED in it should be a WALKER in the park.

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

I'd SETTLE for a WALKER into opposing backfields.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

All puns,aside, they will be meeting in the offenses back field a lot this coming season.

Nothing quite like pressure right up the middle to screw with an offense. This could be some serious fun.

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12 Ricky Walker Va Tech JR DL 13 12.5 49 0.96
12 Josh Sweat FSU JR DL 12 12.5 47 1.04
12 Tim Settle Va Tech SO DL 13 12.5 37 0.96
12 RJ McIntosh Miami (Fl) JR DL 12 12.5 29 1.04
16 Malik Carney N Carolina JR DL 12 12.0 38 1.00
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21 Trent Harris Miami (Fl) SR DL 12 10.5 51 0.88
21 Dorian O'Daniel Clemson SR LB 13 10.5 42 0.81
21 Grant Dawson Wk Forest SR LB 12 10.5 39 0.88
21 Andrew Brown Virginia SR DL 13 10.5 38 0.81
21 Chad Thomas Miami (Fl) SR DL 12 10.5 32 0.88
27 Michael Pinckney Miami (Fl) SO LB 12 10.0 50 0.83
27 Matthew Thomas FSU SR LB 12 10.0 47 0.83
27 Derrick Nnadi FSU SR DL 13 10.0 41 0.77
30 Trevon Hill Va Tech SO DL 13 9.5 55 0.73
30 Mike Ramsay Duke SR DL 13 9.5 51 0.73
30 Micah Kiser Virginia SR LB 13 9.5 42 0.73
30 Tre Hornbuckle Duke SO DL 13 9.5 38 0.73
34 Mook Reynolds Va Tech JR DB 12 9.0 35 0.75
34 Ben Humphreys Duke JR LB 11 9.0 30 0.82
34 Trevon Young Louisville SR LB 12 9.0 30 0.75
37 Harold Landry BC SR DL 9 8.5 38 0.94
37 Ty Schwab BC SR LB 13 8.5 33 0.65
37 Chris Slayton Syracuse JR DL 12 8.5 28 0.71
37 Christian Wilkins Clemson JR DL 13 8.5 27 0.65
37 Justin Jones NC State SR DL 12 8.5 20 0.71
42 Antonio Simmons Ga Tech SR DL 11 8.0 54 0.73
42 Jalen Dalton N Carolina JR DL 9 8.0 25 0.89
44 Demetrius Jackson Miami (Fl) JR DL 7 7.5 45 1.07
44 Zeek Rodney Wk Forest JR DL 11 7.5 27 0.68
44 Victor Dimukeje Duke FR DL 13 7.5 23 0.58
47 Darian Roseboro NC State JR DL 12 7.0 54 0.58
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Remember This Article Looks like the 4 8 Defense proved to be a force. Good to see my guy Rick ahead of all the folks who received all the accolades and hype coming out HS

Defense proved to be a force. Good to see my guy Rick ahead of all the folks who received all the accolades and hype coming out HS

Wasn't Ricky Walker like a 4-Star recruit? Not really like he was a Dadi Nicolas or Luther Maddy-esque nobody coming out of HS.

He was still looked at on the boards/fans disappointed because they didnt get Brown/ Hand/ Nnadi etc. Those guys got the hype although Ricky was just as good. Hell at one point folks had him competing with Sobsczak.

No. He was a high 3 star by 247 composite (.8834). Like most VT recruits, he was a solid recruit on paper but not a blue chipper.

But I suspect the coaches graded him higher in the VT system than the recruiting services...

Walker was rated a 4-star per Rivals (5.8) and ESPN (81) and had 15+ P5 offers.

Yes, he was a 4 star if you cherry pick.

But, as I wrote, the 247 composite had him as a 3 star. Do you know how many of those 15 P5 offers were commitable? I sure don't.

Bottom line, he was a borderline 3/4* - like many VT recruits - and certainly not a blue chip recruit.

Actually 247's evaluation had him as a 4-star as well. I forgot to double check their in-house rating. Cherry picking indeed. Apologies if I throw away Scout.com's rotten cherries.

Anyway, here's a updated summary of his ratings...

Ricky Walker, consensus 4-star recruit, class of 2014
P5 Offers: 18 (Virginia Tech, Nebraska, BC, GT, Illinois, Maryland, Mich St, NC St, UNC, Ole Miss, Penn St, Pitt, USCjr, Cuse, Vandy, Wake, WVU, Wisconsin)
247: 4-star (90) #25 DT
ESPN: 4-star (81) #23 DT
Rivals: 4-star (5.8) #19 DT

As for offers, you either trust the recruiting services to be in the ballpark on their information or you don't. When someone is listed as having 18 P5 offers like Ricky Walker (per 247) it's safe to say that they're a very desirable prospect. When someone is listed as having 1 P5 offer (Seth Dooley) it's fair to consider them a much bigger risk regardless of their rating.

Seth Dooley, consensus 3-star recruit, class of 2013
P5 Offers: 1 (Virginia Tech)
247: 3-star (81) #68 WDE
ESPN: 3-star (76) #118 DE
Rivals: 3-star (5.5) #-- DE

Now let's look at 247 Composite ratings.
Ricky Walker: 3-star (0.88)
Seth Dooley: 3-star (0.81)

Walker has a higher numerical score, so the composite predicts more of a contribution from him.. but people tend to talk in stars, not numbers, and Walker was a far far better prospect than Dooley. So I think I'll just keep on referring to someone as a 4-star prospect when 3 out of 3 competent recruiting services (or even just 2 of 3) rate them as a 4-star. Especially when they have a boatload of offers.

I know how many all of them. And Scout ratings dont count for ratings no matter what their deal is with 247etc.

Reading this at the top of my tracker got me really really excited for about 2 seconds until I realized it was an old article..

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

Thank you, I had same reaction.

I really hope Settle stays

TKPhi Damn Proud
BSME 2009

I too hope he stays but if he has a chance to make millions next year, I think he should go and take it. NFL scouts are probably drooling at his flexibility for a big guy and ability to take double teams.

I haven't seen settle being mentioned in top few rounds as a draft pick. If any of the players that have been mentioned in the draft have the most to gain by staying it would be Tim. One more year of good production with his ability will only help him make more next year

i'd love to have him back but just thinking back at some of the shots he took at Ga Tech this year is it really in his best interest to stay and risk a potential injury or go now and make potentially less early in his career? i have no idea where he's projected but i can't imagine its low enough for him to need to come back. perhaps i'm wrong about his projection.

He's only a sophomore. Next year I say go for it, but there are hardly any sophomores that wouldn't benefit from another year in college.

If I am an NFL gm and I need a dominant 3 tech, Settle is a guy I would evaluate hard. But, his worst game was the bowl and he appeared that some of his conditioning waned. If he is going to leave, he hurt his stock.

As a VT fan, I also acknowledge that no player, including Tremaine, will be more difficult to replace.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Couldn't agree more French.

Plenty of guys to get experience at DT next year. Hewitt, Fullwood, Burke, Taylor, Glaze, Porcher, Kane, Goode (if he commits to us) I know we have to have a few guys in there that will be difference makers. I doubt we see Mihota go back to DT his senior year after he was so effective before his injury at DE but Gaines seemed solid at DE. Both DE and DT have the bodies we just need experience. I fear attrition at those spots could leave us in a bad situation.