OT: Golf Thread III (Spring Summer 2021)

It's the most glorious time of the year. The grass is greening up. The early flowers are blooming. Cutting blades are being sharpened. New holes are being cut in the greens in hopes that no more frost will show up. And you can squeeze nine holes in after work with the time change.

Oh, and The Masters!!!!

Figured the Fall/Winter Thread was good to close the book on, and start a new one with the first major of calendar 2021.

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Nothing like burying the lead.

Can't wait to tee it up this year. Gonna try for this weekend but we'll see. Would love to see Speith ride his win in Texas to the Green Jacket.

NERF! Where have you been man?

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Got really busy at work!!! Good problem I guess. And having a toddler is keeping me on my toes as well.

I think I'm set for this season. Worked mentally on some swing thoughts, and hit it well the past month. Just want some good weather, and some good friends on the links. The TS2 driver is extremely solid and kicked my M6 out of the bag. And think I've landed on the TP5 golf ball for this year. I love the ProV, but it always has issues in the wind for me. And living near and playing a lot of golf around the beach area, that simply does not work.

Hoping for a DJ repeat this weekend. (He's on my fantasy team too!)

BTW, go over to the Masters website to play their fantasy game.

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Oh, I'm so ready for the Masters. Going to Vegas specifically for the experience of being there for the greatest golf tournament in the world. I actually haven't played this year and I live in Arizona which is a damn waste-I did hurt my back lifting so that's a bit of an excuse.

Heading to Olde Mill Friday morning for the annual spring trip. Sooo much fun. Gonna leave Saturday after the first 18 to head down for the Cup race. Mayyy head back Sunday morning for that round, see how I feel after the night race lol

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

It has been awhile since I've played there, and I've always enjoyed it, but I've lost multiple balls on #1 fairway due to them plugging. Hope you have better conditions.

Middle of the fairway to the creek would be a swamp if there were a three month long drought. It's like walking on a waterbed lol 10 and 13 aren't too much better. But my gosh I love that course.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

At least you will have multiple opportunities to impersonate Patrick Reed with embedded ball relief requests.

Haven't played Olde Mill in 30+ years (high school). Would love to get there again. Would also want to play Primland while I'm in the area.

Do NOT go long on the first hole at Primland!

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Oh I am pretty sure I would need 3 dozen balls at Primland.

Not a golfer but we were looking at staying at Primland when we visit family in the area... how is the rest of the resort? Did you stay there?

LARGE! We rented the Cottontail cabin. It was spectacular. Nobody else around for half a mile. There are a lot of activities available, so you can do as much as you want to pay for, or just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Here's the view in the morning, taken from the deck. That's Pilot Mountain in the distance.

Hit it after a long drought, so the fishing was meh. The impoundments were WAY down but did nab a few tiny trout just for fun. The food was really good as well. We did a day trip down to Jolo winery, and will tell you that the food there was out of this world as well.

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Nice! We hadn't considered a cabin rental there but that might be something we should look in to.

It's fantastic. I have stayed in the main lodge and in the Pinnacle cottages. I recommend the Pinnacle cottages if you are staying in spring-fall. They are a short walk from the main lodge but have killer views and top notch accommodations. 3 restaurants on property: fine dining sit down restaurant, pub, and a family style (think Homeplace with a band) restaurant. Great spa. Good hiking trails. UTV tour of the property is fun. Really nice shooting ranges. The observatory is a really cool activity. The staff is very friendly.

Cons: Hard to get to. If you are visiting family in the area, you'll have some driving to do. Its about a 15min drive from either the North gate or the South gate to the main lodge. Expensive. I list this is as a con just so you know what you are getting into. Whatever your lodging cost are, double them and that will be the total you spend during your time there.

Thanks for the tips. What do you think it would be like in July/August?

Traveling with small children makes "hard to get to" the biggest factor for us. Cost is also a factor but we have pretty demanding schedules which means little tolerance for bullshit when we do get to break away.

Did you do a sporting clays course there?

July/August will be nice. It is 7-10 degrees cooler there than BBurg due to elevation so you won't melt. Plus there is usually a nice breeze. We don't have kids yet but we have wondered how Primland would be for a vacation with small kids. There is a game room and movie theater room. Its very much a place where you want to get there and stay. Going up and down the mountain each day to leave the property would be a drag. Its 15-20mins of switchbacks down the mountain at 20mph.

I didn't do the sporting clays course. I have done the one at the Homestead and was told Primland's is even better. If you rent one of the houses on property pack breakfast and lunch foods and a lot of your own alcohol. That will control your costs big time.

Is it still impossible to get a time there?

We stayed in Sep '19, so getting a time then wasn't bad. I'm not sure how it is now...maybe someone closer has an idea?

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If you aren't staying there it can be tough to get a time on friday-sunday in peak season. I call ahead about a week in advance and get a time usually during the week.

Going to throw this out there and see if I can find any takers. Early 30s mid handicapper living in NOVA whose playing friends all moved away to warmer weather looking for people to play with. I'd like to find some people to play with either weekday afternoons after three or on the weekend who enjoy having fun and being fellow Hokie fans would make it even better. Let me know if you are interested teeing it up.

I could be down. I'm only available on weekends, I'm in my late 20s and a bogey golfer typically. Although every now and again I can string together some pars and an occasional birdies (it's what keeps me coming back to play more).

Sounds like our golf games are pretty similar. Hit me up (kulisjr {AT} gmail) and maybe we can play a round.

I'm down. My availability is always all over the place. I could be available any afternoon pretty much probably. Work never takes up that much of my day unless we're super busy. Early 30s and around a -15 handicap.

Jack Bauer fears no one. Except Xavier Adibi.

Let's do it! Hit me up (kulisjr {AT} gmail) and play a round.

Are there any current members of the golf team or club team on here by chance?

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Playing Bandon in October 2021. I can't wait.

I know a group going this Nov. this year, and attempting 36 a day for 5 straight. I wouldn't make it!!! No way. (Instead trying to line up Scotland 2023...)

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Awesome, we are playing 4 rounds - 1 round a day. Dunes, Trails, Sheep Ranch and Pacific - can't wait. We are also bouncing around a scotland trip for 2023 perhaps.

Watched No Laying Ups' Tourist Sauce and fell in love with Bandon. Very jealous hope you have a blast.

Thanks. I'm hoping to play well enough to really enjoy it. My game wasn't as sharp when I played black wolf run a couple years ago and that took away from the enjoyment of Kohler- which is an awesome golf destination in its own right

Just went from 6 to midnight

Winner: Dustin Johnson.
Top Foreign finisher: Paul Casey
Wildcat long shot: Matt Jones

Winning score -7
National Beer day on Master's eve. Beautiful night, windows open, getting ready to grill some shrimp, and G. Love on Spotify. Cheers to all Hokie Nation!!!!!

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Great view!!!! Tighten up that hybrid and get it to 40 or below!

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I wouldn't mind myself going back to Augusta very much.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Greens are already showing some of the brown spots that are usually visible by Sunday as they let the course dry up and get fast. These boys are in for a challenge this week. I'm sure the tournament wants some revenge on the field after the golfers tore up the soft conditions in November.

I had a dream that I got mad that my mom spoiled the masters for me by telling me that she overheard Webb Simpson won. So I guess that's my pick for this week. He's even through 1 so I guess off to a good start? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

If you're betting, he had great odds for the 6 ranked player in the world.

Respect. And congrats to Hideki.

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I had Xander so 16 really hurt me down to the core yesterday, but if there was anyone I wanted other than Schauffele, it was Matsuyama. Other than 15, incredible play with an entire country's expectations on his back.

Xander's post round interview was fantastic. He hit the shot on 16 perfectly - the wind just didn't work out. He was disappointed, but not devastated. And while the second shot for Matsuyama on 15 was tough, his play on that hole after that was what won him the jacket. He minimized the damage. A bigger number and Schauffele doesn't press on 16, because he isn't down by two.