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Starting the thread, and I'm here to declare that this year, finally, the Minnesota Twins will win a playoff game.

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and I hope today that nobody here is a Tigers fan... they are busy getting their teeth kicked-in by the Twins 11-0 heading in to the bottom of the 5th.

Best part about baseball season is the start. Everybody has hope

As a Phillies fan I'm not expecting much, but 3 dominant pitching performances against the Braves to sweep them is something to cheer for

Just want to point out that the Astros are 4-0 with a +26 run differential. And that's on the road without any trashcans in the dugout. ;-)

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

I think the bigger story is how atrocious the A's pitching was, specifically their bullpen, and how anemic the A's hitters were.

There's also an entire league of teams that still dont feel they got enough of a chance to take out their aggression on Houston for their shenanigans a couple years ago and feel slighted that 2020 took the majority of that chance away. Houston is still going to be a marked team for a while.

The As fans were certainly giving it to the Astros, and it didn't seem to matter clearly.

I don't imagine it really will bug those cheaters much no matter what reception they get.

I don't imagine it really will bug those cheaters much no matter what receptacle they get.

without any trashcans in the dugout

where does Dusty throw out his tooth pick?

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it seems the National's strategy is dig a whole deep enough that you have to play amazing baseball to get out of it. so, here we are with the Nats about to start a series (5 days late) with over 1/2 their lineup out due to COVID and contract tracing. good grief.

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Annnd we're starting with a doubleheader. Just what ya want!

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That is their MO, isn't it?

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

And Soto sends the Barves to 0-4 even with half the starters on the COVID list

Woohoo! Still the 162 game champs!

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4-0 the dream

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Philly bullpen, which was historically bad last season, has only given up 1 run in 4 games with the Braves/Mets.


If the bullpen truly is fixed, that would certainly be a welcome development this year. There are definitely some holes, but overall, I feel like they should be on stable ground going forward.

Last year was so wonky I barely paid attention. Completely forgot that Didi was signed and Gabe was replaced by Girardi. Hopefully those improvements pay off a little more this year than they did last year.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

I'm guessing this was posted before they gave up 6 runs yesterday...

Reds have decided that since everyone hits a home run or strikes out anymore that they don't need any decent gloves just good bats and good pitchers. So far it's working, scored more runs through the first 5 games in (the oldest club in baseball) team history while winning 4 out of 5. Should be interesting to see how this plays out in the big ballparks.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

5-1 heading back to the orange juice park

So with miles and miles to go, you never left
To find your purpose
Get up, you can and you will
Life is a task and scary as hell

I'm truly hyped about Jameson Taillon's start today. I hope it goes well. The arms have looked AWESOME so far this season, even though the win/loss record isn't the best thus far. We have a long season ahead of us, and I'm excited to see how my Yanks do this year.

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That explains why there were runs scored in every frame last night in the Rays/Red Sox game. Also, apparently all relievers have to pitch to at least 3 batters before being taken out (barring injury I assume).

3 batters or end of inning. The 7-inning double header, the 3-batter minimum, and the having a man on start on 2nd base in extra innings are the rules that were reinstated for 2021. The DH in the National League was expected to be reinstated, but never did. But, I think 2021 may be the last year we see a pitcher bat not named Ohtani.

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I love the 3 batter rule for bringing in relief pitchers (unless they get out of the inning in less than 3 batters, in which case they don't have to go back out).

It keeps the game moving, and it requires managers to actually manage their pens and know when it is time to bring a guy in. I'm sure that every team will rue that rule at least once this year, but I'm fine with that as I think it makes the game more entertaining.

The man on 2nd to start extras will be interesting to watch this year. Last year, with the short season, most teams opted to go all out to score. This year, I think we will see more strategy in terms of how often teams bunt/sacrifice to get the guy to third with 1 out

I remember when college softball had the person on 2nd in extras rule. It sucked

So with miles and miles to go, you never left
To find your purpose
Get up, you can and you will
Life is a task and scary as hell

I like the 3 batter rule too. Nothing slows the game to a grinding halt than a pitching change which prompts a pinch hitter which triggers another pitching change. It also reduce the premium on specialist relievers.

The jury is still out for me on the runner at second extra inning rule. It has the college football OT rule feel to it. It will be interesting to see it's affect on stats related to run production (ERA, runs scored, etc.)

Jesse Orosco played until he was 46 because he could get out lefties. Now, for better or worse, they'll never be another one like him. His record for appearances (1252) will never be broken.

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I'm sorry to any mets fans in here but I hope the marlins beat the hell outta the mets tomorrow๐Ÿ˜‚

So with miles and miles to go, you never left
To find your purpose
Get up, you can and you will
Life is a task and scary as hell

Anyone keeping an eye on Cards/Nats? What is the Washington broadcast saying about Strasburg? He didn't seem right for about three innings.

they didn't say anything in depth. Just that his mechanics were off, not hitting his landing spot, straining, etc.

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Ok that's about what they were saying here too. I did see his fastball velocity was significantly down so I hope he's not injured.

yea, there was a whole lot of talk about whether Strasburg is injured post-game. Stras and Davey Martinez both said he's healthy. There is speculation that he was feeling effects of the vaccine does he received yesterday. IDK, but as a Nat's fan, we'll need his dominant presence every 5th game to have a chance this season. The SP depth beyond the starting 5 is pretty week.

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Big Nats fan here. Let's set aside the whole rubble of a record for the moment. Live in NC, have YouTubeTV, MASN notoriously cannot get along with nearly any provider outside of DirecTV. So, last night I free-trialed MLBTV thinking "what better way than that?" Nope. MASN is blacked out there as well and the Cards' broadcast therefore wasn't an option.

What can I do?

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You can get MLB radio for $20 a year and listen to the games.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

They had audio as an option, but damn...

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NC is the worst for blackouts.

We don't have a team, but are somehow in the media blackout zone for the Nats, Orioles, and Braves. Basically have half the NL East blacked out at any given time, and a hefty chunk of the AL East.

And the kicker is, at least for MASN, there is just no way for us to realistically get that channel. Spectrum doesn't cover it, none of the streaming options do.... We're kinda fubar.

Its the reason I only did a 1 year subscription to MLBTV. What's the point if you're going to actively prevent me from watching the teams I want to watch, especially when their home games are played a solid 5+ hours away from my house.

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Same boat here but we just went ahead got DirecTV and the Reg. Sports Package. However, Caps games on NBCSW are blacked out down here which is equally as stupid as Nats games being blacked out on MLB.tv. Outside of DirecTV I'm not sure you have many options.

Where's the beef?

I feel ya. Even though Nats are my #1 team, I live less than 5 miles from Angel Stadium and don't have any way to watch their games.

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MLB + VPN...

it will take a little effort (and a monthly fee) but if you get a VPN service that can geo-locate you outside of the blackout region it should work fine.

About that...put the app on my ipad and didn't give it authorization for gps location and boom, all of sudden I'm able to watch MASN. Maybe I can cut that off on my tv.

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I'm sure I won't be saying this for long, but my Mariners are in first place in the AL West after beating up on the O's!

Time for some venting... whatever MLB did to the baseball over the off-season - they need to undo it. After last night's no-no from Kluber that's six (or seven depending on whether you count the 7-inning no hitter from Bum) I'm no longer excited about a no-hitter. Yes, it (still) takes a lot of effort and stamina, and a lot of luck, but at the frequency that these are happening (MLB is currently averaging ~1 no hitter per week at the current rate) this is becoming more like an NBA player playing every minute and staying out of foul trouble, rather than a magical combination of dominance, stamina, and luck culminating over 9 innings.

Bring back to the old baseballs!

The Rangers getting rid of Kluber, a local kid who was supposed to be a future Ranger star, only for him to come back and no hit them is honestly the most Rangers thing ever. And it was on Kluber bobble head night at Globe Life field no less.

Personally I don't mind that we already got 8 no-hitters already happening this early in the season, (I count Madbum's because the 7 innings counted as an official game, why can't the no hit be official, also don't mind double headers being 7 innings because two straight games in a single day is rough in general especially at that level for the amount of games played in a season).

It's still early in the season and usually in end of May early June is where bats really wake up, also I see it as better pitching in general and players adapting since the game is always changing.
Also 3 teams have been no hit twice, all 2/3 of the teams are bottom tier in thier divisions so that's another thing.

Let me laugh at those three teams but feel bad for Seattle fans for getting dick punched extra hard twice this year.

Edit: Forgot to add in fuck Tony La Russa.

EDIT Edit: Looked at standings and saw Cleveland is fighting for division lead with Chicago White Sox so fixed that being 2/3 of the teams that was no-hit twice are not good. Still fuck Tony La Russa

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Still probably have some more deals before the trade deadline but the Joey Gallo deal sending him to the Yankees is a big one. The Nats look like they're about to deal Scherzer to the Padres. Probably the team I'd most like to see him go to but it stings to see him leave. One of the greatest free agent acquisitions ever and it was a pleasure to watch him pitch in DC for as long as he has. Hoping he can come back after the end of this season๐Ÿคž

Scherzer and Turner to the Dodgers is such a kick in the bean bag. I hate the Dodgers. Not like this..,

Where's the beef?

All the Nats fans waking up today realizing they can no longer pick on Baltimore for sucking so bad is too funny.

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I love Max Scherzer. Trading him, business wise, makes plenty of sense, but damnit it hurts. Trading Trea on the otherhand...I hate that trade. A young stud SS, just doesn't make much sense to me. Whenever his contract's up, I think he's gonna garner somewhere in the upper $100m if he opts for a relatively long contract, which the vast majority of the teams in the league could swing...idk. I'm sad.

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Trea's contract is up after this season. The Nats have been trying to reach a deal with him and had been unsuccessful. I think they saw the writing on the wall and decided to try and get something for him before he walked for nothing. It sucks. It feels like they should have gotten more back in this deal. I hate that they went to the Dodgers.

Where's the beef?

nothing says that this can't be a legit rental. There's nothing that says they can't resign with Washington in the off-season, but the ability to afford both I think is unlikely.

I think Max re-signing in DC is more likely than Trea. Knowing the Lerners, I'm sure the contract offers Trea has received probably had money deferred for 20-years!

Where's the beef?

Trea and Juan would have been great pieces to build around, but that requires Trea actually wanting to be here. I agree, given his reluctance to sign anything we'd previously offered, I am comfortable with dealing him for something instead of letting him walk a la Rendon.

Max on the other hand... heartbreaking. His contract was up so we only had him for another couple months anyways, but damn does it hurt. He'll always be a National to me.

They let Rendon walk, but we wouldn't have a WS banner without him. Sucked to see him go, but didn't break my heart.

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Trea is signed until 2022. They got a lot back for this deal and it only happens because Trea had another year of contract at low salary. Dodgers will also have the exclusive right to lock him up long term before free agency, if Trea likes LA. It appears he is enjoying the level of notoriety that comes along with playing for Dodgers. He'll be allstar every year if he sticks with LA, even in mediocre seasons.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

Nats got some great prospects for the two and the Dodgers take Max's deferred money in 2028 (nothing earlier though). And like others said, I feel like if there was a deal to be done between the Nats and Trea it would've happened by now. Definitely sucks since he was my favorite player on the team. If anything this seems to signal the Nats are (hopefully) all in on Soto. Would be a huge miss to not sign him to a long term deal. Nats are set up pretty well for the future and if they can make some more moves today that'll speed up the rebuild process.

I admittedly don't know much about the prospects but it just feel like the haul for a premiere SS (best in the league?) and one of the most dominant pitchers over the past decade should have been more. I'm probably over valuing because of emotional attachment.

Where's the beef?

Well probably just about anything was going to seem underwhelming. But we got the top two Dodgers prospects who are now the Nats top two prospects and the other two that we got are both (I think) in our top ten. We can still resign Max but it was pretty clear we weren't going to win anything this season so trading him made sense. And like I said with Trea, it doesn't seem like we were going to come to a deal so better to get something for him than to just let him walk after next season. Losing both of those guys definitely feels like a gut punch and I will hate seeing them in Dodger blue, especially Trea next season.

We are in 100% agreement.

Where's the beef?

And there go Harrison and Gomes. This is quite the fire sale.

Where's the beef?

Any Cubbies fans on here? Ouch. Krimble, Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo all gone. Talk about a rebuild.

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Lol the Nats traded away more than 30% of their roster in the past two days. Crazy.

St. Louis picked up JA Happ and Jon Lester today. That means the Cardinals starting rotation looks like this:
Adam Wainwright: age 39
Kwong-hyun Kim: age 33
Wade Leblanc: age 36
JA Happ: age 38
Jon Lester: age 37

The average age is 36.6 for all you folks counting at home.

This is fine.

And the Braves/AA stayed true to form shopping in the bargains aisle, save for Rodriguez from PIT. And what we gave up there was a position (SP) where we are pretty stacked with young talent, and a player (Wilson) who had not shown any consistency at the ML level, though has had shown some potential with some great performances (NLDS). I'd have liked another reliever, but at least we didn't give up too much at all this year, in a year where we aren't really sure if we're a contender or not.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

This comment didn't age very well.

AA is looking a bit more like a genius with (a) how well his trade deadline pickups have played and (b) how little he gave up for them. The most he gave up is Wilson for Rodriguez, and that is at a position where the Braves have strength (young starting pitching), and the one he gave up is not at the top of that list. I really like where the Braves are sitting right now (4.5 games up over the Phillies).

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Watching the LLWS and the wiiiiiiiide strike zone, and I can't help but think Angel Hernandez is behind the plate today.

Oh yeah, that fucking guy.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

yeah that's about what it looked like watching live. The kids that were getting rung-up had a tremendous amount of self-control. Any big league would've lost their f'in mind with some of the calls I witnessed. Credit to the catchers who were doing a great job framing, and the pitchers for dancing around the corners, but they weren't throwing strikes, getting the calls, and they took advantage of it