Big Squat Friday.

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If Philpott is still 6'0", which is what 247 recorded as a prospect, and he can actually squat 700 lbs he ought to be able to move OL off the ball at the snap if we have a coach who can teach any technique at all.

Either that or the squat isn't a functional exercise and we ought to be focusing on a developing our athletes with other exercises.

From my inside source big squat Friday isn't just for football. At NM all sports had big squat Friday.

So...7 plates Plus a 25 on both sides? Holy shit what a hoss...ass to grass? Is there video of this? Regardless...impressive

EDIT: yes there is video but it's hard to tell how much they're squatting but 700 is still very impressive

700 lbs?

That's a whole lotta beef

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Imagine taking those Hardees coupons and getting a 1/3rd pound Thickburger for every breakfast and a 2/3rd pound Thickburger for every lunch and dinner for a year.

That amount of beef still wouldn't weigh what Big Squat Maxx just lifted.

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A lot of talk that Lofton is way ahead of schedule

Loften easily should have been a 4 star prospect. His upside is very high. He has a chance (emphasis on chance and it isn't baked yet) to be a legit star.