How do you smuggle alcohol into Lane?

No one is more adept at smuggling booze than the Beer Baron.

I'm asking because I think the answers will be rangy and fun. I have two methods, tried and true. The first, liquor into a Ziploc freezer bag, then taped to my calf. The second, which I'm sure a lot of people do too, airplane bottles in the front of my pants (crotch).

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My forte... nay, my life's calling.

Smuggling alcohol into Lane is among my top 5 most marketable skills. It's listed on my resume right under my bar admission and law journal articles (no it's not) (but it should be).

Most of these are for the ladies, because ya know, I am one.

Airplane bottles pack well in camisole shelf bras. You should be able to fit one between your boobs and 2 underneath, held in place by the shelf bra elastic. I also recommend putting 2-4 in the band, essentially under your armpits. Airplane bottles can also obviously be hidden in the waistband of your pants. This works at Lane because they don't touch your funbits, but be forewarned that Georgia Dome security practically does a strip search.

The colder it gets, the more you can pack them in. For rainy or cold games, a Columbia jacket is your best friend: there are WAY too many pockets for security to check, especially when you have hidden internal pockets. I may or may not have shoved whole bottles and cans of beer in the waistband of my pants, throw on a sweatshirt, then push my way through security yelling "I'M PREGNANT, NOT A PETTING ZOO. I AM JUST SO TIRED OF PEOPLE TOUCHING ME." Security stopped caring in 2010. They would tell you that I've been pregnant for 3 years. And again, would cause problems at the Georgia Dome, where I've seen and experienced full pat-downs. The lady touched the bottle of rum in my pants, I said "Hey, at least its not a gun" and she let me go. We'd been joking with her while we were in line, and otherwise I'm pretty sure I would've been putting my lawyer skillz to use.

But getting your alcohol into the stadium is only the beginning - you need to imbibe or mix with stealth. The easiest place to do this is the bathroom, but fuck those lines. Personally, I'm a fan of drinking a little Coke then just shoving the whole airplane bottle in the cup, top down ass up. That way you can use the bottle to mix. PROTIP: Politely ask for sodas with little or no ice.

I was just gifted a bag flask by BFESQ's BFF so we'll see if I can finagle that into my routine this year.


I have also...

I've also witnessed grown men line up airplane bottles on duct tape, then tape it around their waists. It was kinda sexy.


Compression shorts?

Seriously, no one has mentioned wearing compression shorts and just sticking bottles/bags/bladders in there? You can get sooooo much alcohol in this way.

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This post is hilarious to me.....

But I usually go with the second option. Airplanes straight in the pockets, they don't search. Take in a few beers every now and then too; Shotgunning beers in the North is the best! I've learned over the years that it's best to get to the game drunk and get gradually wasted as the game progresses. Arriving wasted usually leaves me with a huge headache by halftime and hungover by the 4th qtr haha.

Funny story: One game, either last season or the year before, I was waiting for some friends to join me outside of North stands when an airplane rolled up next to me. I picked it up only to see a copper standing right there. He asked me for the airplane bottle to which I responded "Look, I'm 21" as I pulled my wallet out. He wasn't going for it (I was legal though) and told me if I didn't give it to him he was gonna kick me out. It sucked to watch him pour it out into the trash haha.

Can't wait to smuggle some airplanes in a week. Go Hokies!

Airplane Bottles...

Another easy place to hide airplane bottles, when it's cold, is in the hood of your sweatshirt. We had done this many times. They don't check, and if you only put a couple it doesn't really weigh the hood down. Works wonders! We have 7 days to perfect this! Go Hokies!!



Find your friendly neighborhood tuba player. Often you can find a fifth of bourbon inside their instrument.

Its been years since Ive been searched...

Entering via the Main Gate on the West Side. Because of that I've gotten lazy and reckless, I just stuff them in my pockets

Airplane Bottles in Compression Shorts

Gets you wasted, also makes your junk look bigger!

Oh Boy

For the longest time I was a chicken shit and would just try to get drunk enough while at the game to sober up by the 4th. Unfortunately however, doing so during the colder games rips that bourbon blanket off like hot wax strips from an overgrown chest.

However, over the last few years I've become a lot more savvy in how I sneak hooch into games. First rule is always that your best mules are females. They can easily stash more and any touching to try to find them can be immediately deemed inappropriate or disrespectful. Nonetheless, If the ladies already have their own stash or encumbered its up to you to get creative.

Tape is always your worst-best friend when securing airplane bottles. Taping them in line like a drunk inducing belt is probably the easiest under a baggy shirt and jersey. preferabbly at waste level as well so they can be partially tucked with your shorts. Depending on how desparate/scared you are theres always the choice of wearing boxer briefs to secure a few (highly not suggested though).

Being that the GT game will be held in favorable weather poses the biggest obstacle unless youre ok with pants and hording a flask, bottles, etc in your pants. Nonetheless, I've worn baggy Tech shorts where they just sat in my pockets with no notice.

Practice makes perfect really. The more you do it the more you realize they actually don't care that much unless you're showing your ass or that its your first time and a nervous wreck. Too ease that however, EVERYBODY DOES IT. My fraternity used to clean up sections of lane after games and I can not tell you how many full bottles of booze we would pick up along with half empty 375ml, an actual fifth, and a few Colt45's. Its unreal.

Probably the best I've ever seen though was a girl my first senior year (r-SR) for a night game. She was only wearing pants and a hoodie. However, she had 4 Bud Lights in her hood, another two in her bra, 5 in the pouch in front along with airplane bottles, and another two in her pants, and one in a cup that was concealed by a lid and straw. Funny thing was that she didnt look loaded to the gills. it was awesome.

Favorite Pastime

I usually go with long socks or boots (preferably cowboy boots) with airplane bottles. Can usually get two a leg. I have also successfully put two beers inside my belt below my back (They don't (usually) pat down your ass).

Also seen someone sneak beer cans in their sweatshirt sleeves. Then, the dumbass got them kicked over during Enter Sandman.

One of my Dad's more experienced friends once snuck in a 12 pack of miller lite bottles in the South Endzone. Legend. Still have no idea how he did it.

Chest pockets in bibs are always a good option during cold games, or even in your beanie. Some stadiums (Fedex) make you take your hat off though.

On the topic of strip searching Miami's stadium is the worst I've ever seen. Some guy went up to the ticket taker with a five dollar bill in his mouth, because it was the most action he'd gotten in a while. Zing.

PS, putting Wild Turkey in the Slushees in the Northeast corner are a great mixer.

the best idea that my friends and i have used only works in the cold weather...use a camel back and fill it it with whatever whiskey you like, put that under your layers and jacket and you're set. it sets vey close to your body so it doesn't stick out too much. a camel back full of wild turkey makes for a great time

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

I have used the camel pack plenty of times. They key to this is to only use it for booze, cause you will never quite get the taste out. I usually strap it to my waist and just make it look like I am a fat body. I even went as far as to change out the bite down valve with a regular twist valve.

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Used a

walmart "camelback" bladder several times around the stomach with the hose down the sleeve to pour right in the mix cup haha

Most of the time I just wear jeans with long socks and stuff airline bottles into the socks because there aren't many security guards alive that give enough of a shit about their job to pat everyone down to their ankles.

One of our favorite tricks was during cold games. Wear long underwear and then duct tape airline bottles all the way up to your knees.

The best I've ever seen was at Ohio State-Minnesota. A dude wore overalls and managed to sneak in a handle in the front. We sat next to him. It was awesome.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

I wonder if someone with the ath dept will read this shit and crack down on booze because HOKIES RESPECT.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

I thought about that when I created the thread.

But then I was like, if they do, we'll innovate. #InventTheFuture

Horse on a treadmill!

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

Cowboy boots

For years I have worn cowboy boots with knee high socks. I stuff airplane bottles in the socks from my ankle to my knees. The best part was that Jim Beam airplane bottles used to be $1 during football season. I would trade a couple of them with people around me if they went to get me a coke! I will just say I am 30 years old and I still did it last year.

Ski Gloves!

Maybe I just have small hands, but I'm easily able to wear XL ski gloves with airplane bottles stuck in every finger. Of course this only works when cold, but if the weather is borderline, I'll stick them in my pockets like, "I've got these giant gloves--- just in case my hands get cold."

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Agreed with the cowboy boots post. Boots and bras are a girl's best friend when trying to smuggle.

Thinking about stepping it up a notch this season and purchasing a walking cane flask. Yeah... they exist.

you can get a lot

in a gallon bag. put that bag in another gallon bag. put inside your pants, with a flap from the top bag hanging out, but tucked between the jeans and belt. you can get almost a fifth in a gallon bag...
and they never pat you down there. if you are worried, tie a sweatshirt around your waist. they will look in the back, but forget the front.

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Find a Cadet

If you know the right cadet you can use one as a mule. Just provide them with some Pepsi and bourbon as payment. They can sneak in plenty since they never get checked. They march in as units and no one with the Stadium even thinks about checking them. Make sure it's an upper classmen since they can come and go as they please after they get their seats. The risk is for the cadet though, if they get caught or ratted out by another cadet, they'll be in a serious world of hurt. Especially true if they're on a ROTC scholly.

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As a former cadet/navy ROTC guy this is so true. We just roll in the back gate, no tickets or security needed. Trust me, ziploc bags are pretty commonly used to smuggle whatever into the stadium to spice up a coke later on. Wouldn't even think about freshman though, upperclassmen are good.

i've done some of above, but ...

but i have also just walk right the fuck in with it in my pockets.


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A hunting jacket

works wonders during cold games. So many pockets for so many options. Most I ever got in was 6 beers and 20 ounce water bottle full of Evan.

Back pockets

with a shirt or jacket long enough to cover them. They never get checked. And I second the Columbia Jacket suggestion. I swear mine is designed for drug dealing. I've never seen a jacket with that many pockets.

Not the best idea

When I was a sophomore my roommate filled a ziplock sandwich bag full of Jim Beam and put it under his hat. He was going through the main student gates, in a lane right next to me. Right when he got to the security guard I saw the Beam start to trickle right down his forehead between is eyes. The guard stopped him, asked what the brown liquid was that was slowly trickling from under is hat, and then the dam burst, bourbon everywhere. Busted.

Just a precautionary tale for any freshman with big ideas.

I had a messed up foot one year during

football season and I was walking into Lane with a noticeable limp. I was ushered right thru without question with airplane bottles coming out of my pockets. Ever since then anytime I get too lazy to try to take the time to hide my booze I just fill up my pockets and hobble up to the gate and get ushered right thru.

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Weaver just read this thread. This thread just killed football.

Act As If

"There's an important phrase that we use here, and think it's time that you all learned it. 'Act as if.' You understand what that means? Act as if you are the fucking president of this firm. Act as if you got a 9" cock. Okay? Act as if."

This is how I do it. I act as if I don't have bourbon in an 8oz flask tucked into the small of my back. I act as if I have nothing to hide. I act as if I have no reason to be nervous around ticket-scanners, security, the fuzz. Don't give them a reason to be suspicious and they won't be suspicious. Just don't be stupidly belligerent while you're in line and you should be fine.


that is impressive

My Advise

When sneaking alcohol in, make sure you arrive at the game on time while there is still a large crowd waiting to get in. The more people trying to get into the game the less likely the security officer is to single you out and spend time doing a thorough search, if even searching you at all. I learned this the hard way, after a long morning of tailgating in the Prices Fork lot, I loaded my jacket up with 18 beers. I have successfully taken lots of beer into Lane, but never on the order of 18.
*My favorite way to accomplish this was putting 2 or 3 into the hood of a sweatshirt or rain jacket and having a couple in larger pockets usually works too*
On this occasion though my friends and I were running a little late to the game, we committed a cardinal sin and missed Enter Sandman, and by the time we got to the gate there was barely anyone still entering the stadium. This provided the security officers ample time to perform there searches. I was very close to getting past, but for some drunk reason I decided to open up my coat to try and be more convincing and willing to search thus showing my conceived innocence. The lady officer happened to notice a shiny object, top of a beer can, sticking out of one of my interior coat pockets leading to my downfall. She asked me to remove the beers so I complied and pulled 3 beers from the interior pocket. I then tried to proceed my way into the stadium, except the now suspicious officer decided not to let me through without a more thorough search. She found another 6 beers her first search attempt clearly the inside and outside left of my coat. I attempted to head into the stadium again, but was once again held up for another pat down, where she proceeded to find more beers. It was difficult to even pull some of the beers out of the pockets I had crammed them into when requested, but I obliged leaving me with only the 3 beers in my hood remaining. As I passed hoping to at least pull those 3 off, the curtsy officer standing there laughing as I was having all my beer tossed noticed the bulge in my hood and as removed the last 3 of my Coors Lights from the hood he said "Gotdamn boy, your coat hold more beer than my cooler does!"
The thing to remember when sneaking alcohol in, is that regardless if the alcohol makes it with you or not, they are still going to let you go to the game.
So I proceeded to meet up with my roommate you was standing inside the gates laughing at me as all of our beer for the game was thrown out. We entered the stadium, headed to the concession stand and get a couple cokes before going to our seats, and proceeded to mix a drink with the 6 airplane bottles of Jack I had tucked into my sockets that made in into the game.



You are lucky. They will not hesitate to arrest you, especially if you are very visibly drunk (drunk in public) or underage (underage possession of alcohol, likely a write-and-release citation so you will eventually get into the game). Generally I think they try to only arrest the people who are VERY drunk, and thus a danger to themselves or others, or belligerently drunk, and thus giving the police a hard time and/or disturbing those around them. Just remember that they CAN arrest you. It is especially easy to draw attention and give the police grounds to arrest you if you are cursing loudly. If you are arrested for drunk in public, the statute you are charged under is this:

"Β§ 18.2-388. Profane swearing and intoxication in public; penalty; transportation of public inebriates to detoxification center.

If any person profanely curses or swears or is intoxicated in public, whether such intoxication results from alcohol, narcotic drug or other intoxicant or drug of whatever nature, he shall be deemed guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. In any area in which there is located a court-approved detoxification center a law-enforcement officer may authorize the transportation, by police or otherwise, of public inebriates to such detoxification center in lieu of arrest; however, no person shall be involuntarily detained in such center."

*This message is for informational purposes only. It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinions. You should not act or rely on any information contained in this message without first seeking the advice of an attorney.*


Your disclaimer...

There's just no need for it. We all know that if we end up in the clink, you're our first phone call...which will likely go to voicemail because you're too intoxicated to answer. In fact, remind me to give you a bottle of Maker's as a retainer, if only so I can start using the phrase, "Well, I *do* keep a lawyer on retainer..."

If you're doing airplane bottles, go with long socks

Because if you happen to get arrested for DIP, you'll avoid a possession charge since they don't really check your socks, just your pockets.

Plus, you can probably sneak that airplane bottle while you're sitting in the drunk tank.



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I have a flask that fits perfectly in the back pocket of my jeans. The cap doesnt stick out or anything. The problem with the flask is it doesnt hold much booze. So if its more than just me and Mrs BCH nipping on it, it wont last through the 2nd qtr. When that is the case we have a buddy who will just shove a 750 ml down the front of his pants and will buy two large cokes. He goes in the bathroom dumps one of them and refills it with the hooch. We then have a shot and a chaser. In 09 at Maryland we were right in the front row and drank with security a few feet away the whole game doing that. We even gave booze to the twerps all around us.

My friends on the other hand have all sorts of fun objects to sneak booze in: the above mentioned binoculars, a hollowed out cell phone complete with belt clip, and a pair of flip flops with a screw off lid.

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If you're scared

If you are too scared to just walk up with airplane bottles in your pockets (preferred method of choice). Ziplock bag, the bigger the better (more airplane bottles) put the bottles in the ziplock bag let the bottles hang down around the mid-section, leave the top just above the belt. Make sure your belt is tight enough or you will end up with a bag full of bottles falling out of your pants/shorts. Especially effective for guys during the fair weather games that might not have many pockets. Been doing it since I was in college, 3 years removed and still doing it.

Currently live in Arkansas (unfortunately) gonna try the same method for a razorback game in Little Rock. They have done studies ya know, 60% effective all the time

Stick it in, stick it in, stick it in

Back in the day

I don't know how it was done but I once saw a half gallon bottle (handle bottle) being passed around Lane. At the same time there were trashcans full of confiscated bottles at the gates.

I have used flask stuck down my sock. Flexible containers seem to be the most comfortable and least apparent.

Someone invent the hat flask please!

#Let's Go - Hokies

Beer bellys and wine racks

What a combination!

#Let's Go - Hokies

crushed water bottle in my sock works everytime in every venue. this technique is the only thing that keeps me alive during a loss. i recommend one on each ankle in case we lose


Monday was easy

I brought a 16oz can of Bud Light into the game, in the cargo pocket of my shorts. Drank it during the 2nd quarter to the approval of those around me. I figured it would be discovered on the way in, but as I had no airplane bottles I figured what the hell.

I didn't see anyone being searched for anything at the NE gates.

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I didn't try, but the guy I went past didn't even look at me; he was sort of checking people's bags of ponchos, but not really.

I sat with

the guy above for the game. I brought in 5-6 (fuzzy memory) in baggy VT shorts. During the game I forgot how many I exactly had until some undergad came flying at my back knocking me down four flights. The redeeming aspect of that painful experience is when people picked up the three left around me as they and everything else flew out of my pockets haha.

Yeah, sorry I didn't catch you. How's the left ass-cheek? You more or less got run over by a horse.

Rain jacket!!

Always works.... Roll up whatever you want to smuggle in the jacket, rubber band it and walk right in. I waltzed right on through the gate with 2 large ziplock bags of pepperoni rolls, cookies, and airplane bottles rolled up in my rain jacket.
It's a beautiful thing.
I usually stuff the rain coat and contraband in my purse in case I get jostled before I get to the bag checker so I can stuff it back together real quick inside my bag without calling attention to myself.

Go Back Side

Get a pint or similarly flat-shaped (i.e. 500 ml) bottle. Stick it half-way down your pants on the back side, with a loose-fitting shirt and jacket (or sweatshirt) over it. Completely unnoticeable--has never failed for me! (Of course, I'm now a responsible parent, so I don't do this any more, but it always worked when I did!). I agree with the others that noted it's best to enter when it's crowded, just in case.

Damn I'm getting old

I can remember just tucking a half gallon of Wild Turkey in my coat and breezing straight through. They weren't really looking for it. The hard part was getting something to mix it with. You had to wait by the concession stands and collar a vendor with a full rack of freshly loaded Hokie cups (or for one year that would be Hoakie cups. Dooley's secretary didn't know how to spell Hokie). Had to buy the whole rack to get a coke.

But for the potheads (which was most of the student section) it was a different story. The State Police would post spotters with binoculars above the press box and call in sections over the radio. You had to smoke quick if you didn't want to get caught. Ah, the good old days...