The 100 Proof Backfield

Ryan Williams and Darren Evans shouldn't be referred to as Crash and Burn, Mount Rushmore or anything else non bourbon powered. They're nicknamed The 100 Proof Backfield. It's treason against the State of Hokie Nation to call them anything else.

Blasting Through Lane Stadium and the Rest of the ACC this Fall

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This. Wow.

No pressure, no diamonds.


I been here since day 0.

Ballz Deep

Go Hokies. RMFW FTW.

TECHmo Bowl

Loved the Hokie v Bronco vintage game. Brilliant

But would be more appropriate with GT. The game itself should be dubbed "TECHmo Bowl" as it is the battle of the top technical schools in the ACC. It's building into one of the best rivalries in the ACC too. These days TECHmo Bowl every year will be one of the biggest deciders in the ACC championship title race. And given the traded barbs between Beamer and Johnson last year about illegal tackles and plays makes it all the more compelling.

VT will get back on top this year with its loaded offense and win Techmo Bowl '10 and hopefully dominate this rivalry just like we are with the Commonwealth Cup. How awesome would it be if the winner recieved a trophy that looked like an old Nintendo game cartridge of the orginal game!


You can bet your ass that I'm going to use all of my Photoshop skills to make your idea a reality during VT-GT game week.

I think that TECHmo Bowl is becoming our most heated rivalry and I do think we'll have enough firepower to beat them this year.

TECHmo Bowl

Long live the newly dubbed rivalry TECHmo Bowl!!!

Can't wait to see the photoshop work this fall. When you publish the article give me a footnote at the bottom!

.... now... how do we convince the schools about the trophy??

techmo bowl throback

saw this saturday on ps3 network. my god, my free time has just been pwnd.

you seen this yet joe?

I been here since day 0.

I did.

I think it is available for 360 too. I'm not sure if it has launched yet or when it comes out, but I'm definitely going to try it out.


i've had it on the wii for awhile pretty sweet with the old school controller layout too. def will be checking out the 360 version.

100 Proof Backfield

How about 2(00) Proof Backfield ?? 2 Great Running backs,
200 proof is 100 percent Alcohol !

100 proof

Shouldn't they be riding the white label Evan Williams? its 100proof and the black is only 86, so says the bottom beside me. Yes I know its Tuesday morning, shh don't judge.

Joe, I couldn't quite link the dots, but how did the Collegiate Times get wind of this?

Yeah that's the one I saw

It was a good read...

I'll put this here since it's most relevant

a = dissension among the smurfs on the ability of their D-line to stop the rush
b = recently wrote that their offensive rushing attack was actually shut down by said defensive line
c = 100 proof backfield

a+b+c = VT winning time of posession battle + Broncos becoming 1 dimensional
= Hokie victory

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.