New Font

Not the best photos, but without an actual camera and just using a camera phone, this is the best look I can give of the new font. Took some scraping of the old orange and painting over the maroon, but this is the north end of Cassell right where the cheerleaders typically stand. Feel free to edit/use as you wish.

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settling on new fonts for branding is phucking tough. everyone has an opinion and it's the classic too many chefs in the kitchen. I greatly appreciate the effort to update the branding because I know how much hassle that is. That being said, this needs work. I would call it a good starting point to what I hope will be an evolution to a better end.

Let's change it every year so different people get to complain each iteration.

It's Time to go to Work

I thought that's what we have been doing......


It looks like the old Nokia font to me

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It does. I have also heard it described as a 'Star Trek' font. Not sure if it was a movie or TV series, but it looks very similar.

I know nothing about branding (and overall I like the font), but why is the K touching the I?

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I see a reverse button between the K and I

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I was definitely thinking "skip backwards".

At VT, do we invent the...time machine?


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If so, maybe we can go back and fix the font.

Keeping things the same is way underrated.

I thought this post was an announcement that sarcastica was finally available at TKP.

To boldly go where no font has gone before.

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i don't love it, but let's own it. I hope they're updating Lane, too. I think we had at least 3 different fonts on display last I checked.

video board (recent Nike font which I loved and we should have focused on), padding behind endzones (random block letters), endzone paint (different random block letters), and i'm sure there were others around the interior walls...

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I agree. I don't love it either, but would like us to "brand it". I'd go as far as making the yard numbers, names on jerseys, etc with it.

We put the K in Kwality