Buzzketball to play South Carolina in "Hoops 4 Hurricane Relief"

It was announced this morning that Virginia Tech and South Carolina will play on November 5th at Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina with all proceeds going towards hurricane relief in Houston, Puerto Rico, and South Florida.

Tickets can be bought here and donations can be given here

This should be a great opportunity to see how this team stacks up against a Final 4 team while also playing for a great cause!

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As this is classified as an exhibition game, I assume that the result does not count towards final W-L record. Anyone know if this is correct?

You are correct.

correct...we played USCe last year in an exhibition behind closed doors. Just seems like they're taking the opportunity this year for a benefit game.

Always choose joy.

"Hoops for Hurricane Relief"

Great name for a UNC football fundraiser.

So our second best OOC game is an exhibition game. Nice.

Will it be broadcasted?

Got my tickets tonight. Likely my only Buzzketball game this season.

Anyone else's tickets say 7:00 PM on them?

Why did they have to schedule this the same day as the Miami game? This makes for tough choices.

Well, I've got good news for you.

Miami game is the 4th. The basketball game is the 5th. No tough choices!

Ah, good catch. But tough choice is still there. Gotta decide whether to drive 4 hours north for basketball, or four hours south for football.