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Our offense could go up Tempo

A fair statment, and I understand even if I disagree to an extent. I can't help but wonder how much of that was due to 3 years of starting level experience, these are things you figure out over time. The sample size when making a "how they react under pressure" evaluation between the two, you have to admit, is very large. There's much more chance for variance in Leal's small sample size.

I stand by my statement that after 3 years of starting the gap between the two in all facets of the job should have been so large that there was absolutely no question at all, and while you think there was, it should have been a lot easier to get consensus on that there there was. I also stand by the notion that if Logan went down with a season -ending injury at any time early this year, that the end result for this team this season would not be that different.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you...and LT didn't exactly line up as a TE if we're nit picking..but this is damn close enough. I think it's foolish to use such definite statements like

No one is going to waste a 3rd/4th round pick for the sole simply for the sole purpose of taking a flyer on converting a guy to play TE who's spent the last 7 years playing QB and has never played a down of TE in his life.

We will go into this in greater detail once Ford is enrolled and Durkin signs his LOI, but when I watch the film, I see Ford as a much more refined product throwing the football. He is very solid with ball handling, is accurate and has great touch. Durkin has a stronger arm, and is a terrific power running threat with enough speed to also threaten the edge on a read option. However, Durkin's mechanics are very erratic at this point. Right now, he is a big, strong, fast athlete who can throw. He isn't a quarterback. It will take some time before his accuracy on short to medium throws out of a misdirection based offense are accurate enough for him to contribute.

The other tricky thing about LT is that a good team can stop him from running when they know he's going to run. There was a time (2011? the first half of 2012?) when he could QB-sneak for 2 or 3 yards anytime we really needed it. But once surprise was lost on that tactic, it was no longer effective. Others have posted that his read-option would probably have been more effective overall if he had handed the ball off more. But too many defenses decided they would take away the pitch, and either stop LT short or wear him down with all the heavy hits. Once the read-option became "Logan's going to keep it," it lost much of its effectiveness.

Against those points, I have often found it frustrating that Leal's greatest strength (IMHO) - his ability to throw a pass with touch instead of firing everything 100 mph - happens to line up with Logan's greatest weakness as a passer.

well if you actually read my comment you would see that I wasn't pro 'LT for TE'..I was just saying you(figuratively..don't get your knickers in a twist) look foolish when you make definitive statements that people can easily refute. I'm all for LT making it as an NFL QB...if someone wants to convince people in an argument they need to be smarter about what they say.

Pat White was drafted as a QB for the Dolphins wildcat offense. He never played WR.

Is there anyone else that would like to see our offense run at a faster pace? I like Loeffler's scheme and game plan, but I feel he allows way to much time for shifting people around, motioning, etc. Not talking about a no huddle, but I feel that the longer the offense takes to snap the ball and wait on motions, the longer we allow the defense to adjust.

Just a thought.

The big difference between the two, despite the flaws of both, is that when pressured, Logan was MUCH more likely to make a play when the defense should/has won than Leal. His physical presence opened up space for other guys. On a team where they need playmakers, there was never a doubt over who should be the starter. Never.

I can't imagine Bud would leave before the end of next year. If he stays through 2014, he gets that $800k in deferred compensation. I guess if a program really wanted him badly enough they could pay him an extra $800k, but I don't know that his stock is high enough to land a program with those kind of pockets.

Any time after 2014, and I don't know...all I've ever heard is that he wants to be an HC bad.

And whomever that coach is can tag-team waitresses with Petino; maybe something along the lines of the Eiffel Tower

He used the I and an ace with an H back and a tight end often at Auburn and Temple. I am not really sure why he didn't use it as often with Edmunds. IF I were a betting man, I'd bet that it had something to do with Logan's comfort level playing under center.

Still, teams saw a pattern. Early in the year, they would line up in the I and have great success throwing down field off play action. Sometimes, it was the only play series that effectively got receivers open beyond 10 yards besides the fake veer dive-skinny post to Coles. But, teams finally figured out (ACC coaches are slow) that I formation between the 20's in play action almost every time. The linebackers stopped biting and dropped, getting them underneath those routes. UCLA got burned once. The second time, Zumwalt recognized it and jumped the play.

Something tells me that if Bud tried hard enough, he could air-choke someone from across the room.

Like I said, I hear what you are saying, I just disagree. And I think this analysis only confirms that the situation was a lot more gray than black or white. Hypothetically, if Logan broke his leg in the WCU game and was out for the season and Mark Leal was the starter, forcing Loeffler to abandon the Logan-Specific aspects of his game plans to something you really think that this would have been a much different result than we saw this year? 8-5 against a weak schedule with a Sun bowl loss? You probably do, and that's cool. I don't.

That doesn't mean that might not take another one given the right opportunity.

Not counting a possible transfer in from Florida. I think the competition next year is going to be decided between Leal and Ford in the spring. I think Durkin's arrival in the fall is going to hamper him too much to be a starter this year. As a result I see Durkin redshirting.

I think Logan will want to be a QB first, but he would be smart enough to recognize if it's not going to happen and swap positions in a year or two. Even if he's undrafted I'm sure he'll work out in camps for a year or so before he seriously considers position changes.