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Bahahahahaha! Love it!

succinctly put.

the cousins
big game bob

dang i hope i don't have to pick too many of these in my pay-for-pickem...

The kid was blasting some really nice punts. The special teams shortcomings are going to bite us in the ass if it doesn't get fixed.

The dancing theme is great. Puts mine to shame.

Looking forward to more trucking this week



LSU (MSU has a hangover game on a short week)
Auburn (They are never ever losing again, I'm convinced)

Someone in Blacksburg can punt a ball 50+ yards! This is a bit ridiculous to me, come on fellas get this fixed!!

Well done!

hahah, they're everywhere!

< last years :( >

From what I've seen on some other boards and Blog sites (and ESPN- honestly I begin to question their credibility as much as these fan/AP operated sites) is that Texas really WANTS the Eastern Time Zone so about 40-50% of their games would be real prime time, not 9:30 or 10:30 pm "prime time" games where they may or may not lose the east coast viewers. It would really establish solid preliminary network ratings which being mainly broadcasted in the Great Plain States would not allow just based on population alone (I just read it and don't understand it all that well). Though a "national" audience, if what I understand is correct, to get it one must update to a sports-package on their cable bills. Also, in my post from earlier, I really think academics will aid as well as the network and the cash cow- Texas has made no secret of their desire to be affiliated with other top tier academic institutions due to their reputation amongst state universities. The SEC and Big East don't offer that opportunity and they, along with the B1G said "HELL NO" to the network. ACC's willingness in that area may allow this to happen.

For me the question becomes Texas Tech and Kansas. Honestly if the ACC could take Kansas for basketball and let them go independent in football I would kick and scream if Virginia Tech left the ACC for ANY other conference. Though somewhat of a pipe dream it is not outside the realm of possibility. Hey, TCU will be in the Big East next year and I don't know many who thought that would ever happen.

Hahahahahaha....does he have the 56k dial up or is he still working with the 14K? I wouldn't think the the 14, you know cause MySpace has all those insane designs.


not only are these games tough to pick spread wise, but then you have to stomach after. i like it, in a twisted way.

but i like that you put yourself down. it stays.


Boomer Sooner

Chaz has his gal.