Stanford, Statistically Speaking

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In the first of many previews of Stanford I take a look at some key statistics courtesy of

Stanford ranks first nationally in 3rd down conversions (57.76%), which makes their 24.8 first downs per game (9th) a little less surprising. Conversely, Virginia Tech is holding opponents to 34.95% 3rd down conversions (21st) and 17.3 total first downs (T-20th). Stanford also converts 73.33% of 4th downs (T-9th).

Stanford controls the clock. The Cardinal leads the nation in time of possession holding the ball an average 35:07.58 a game.

Stanford scores an average of 40.3 points per game (8th). They gain an average of 466.8 yards per game (14th). Stanford’s butter in the red zone putting up points in 88.41% of their trips (17th: 47 TDs, 14 FGs).

Stanford is third overall in turnover margin (1.17). Virginia Tech leads the nation in turnover margin (1.38).

Team Fumbles Gained Interceptions Gained Turnovers Gained Fumbles Lost Interceptions Lost Total Lost Margin Margin/Game
Virginia Tech 8 22 30 8 4 12 18 1.38
Stanford 12 17 29 8 7 15 14 1.17

Stanford has only allowed 5 (!!!) sacks the entire season (T-2nd). Virginia Tech has sacked quarterbacks 34 times (T-12th)

Stanford has ran 60 plays for a gain of 20 or more yards (25th). Virginia Tech has allowed 59 plays of 20 or more yards.

Andrew Luck is the best "professional" quarterback playing in college. Bud Foster said as much last night on Tech Talk Live. He told a brief story about how he first noticed how good Luck was while flipping through the channels a couple of years ago and catching a Stanford game on Versus.

Name Att Completions Completion % Yards Yards/Attempt TD Int Rating Attempts/Game Yards/Game
Andrew Luck 349 245 70.2 3,045 8.7 28 7 165.96 29.1 253.8
Tyrod Taylor 284 172 60.6 2,521 8.9 23 4 159.04 21.8 193.9

To compliment their brutally efficient offense Stanford also touts a dependable defense that only allows 17.8 points per game (T-9th) and 325.8 yards per game (24th).

There are 127 starts among the offensive line. It's a large and nasty unit. The group, aside from center Chase Beeler (6'3" 285 lbs), is 6'5", 300 plus pounds.

In summary, statistically speaking, Stanford is one helluva football team.


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