Key Reads: Weekend Roundup

Collegiate programs' success is measured on gridiron, hardwood

A third-place finish in the Directors' Cup is all well and good, but until Craig Littlepage can find a way to get success from his football and men’s basketball programs, there’s not a whole lot to brag about in Charlottesville.

Wah-hoo. Blah.

That's the closing paragraph of a brutally blunt take down of Jefferson's 3rd place Director's Cup finish. It's a must read.

5 Examples of how VT makes "great" out of "good"


Yeah, yeah, I know that’s actually two people. But, I lump them together for a reason. After the departure of Lee Suggs and Kevin Jones, VT entered a, shall we say, dry spell in the running back department. Enter these guys. Imoh, at 5’7 (hee hee, that’s my height) stepped up big time in 2004. After serving his three game suspension for the events I shall not name, he came out running (really bad pun), and actually set VT’s single game rushing record against North Carolina with 243 yards, a record which stood until Darren Evans broke it against Maryland in 2008. He was also the Big E’s top kick returner in 2003 and one of the top in the NCAA. Not bad for a guy who’s my height.

Cedric Humes was the second RB in the dry years to make a pretty big splash for a not so hyped guy. Humes broke his leg in 2004, but came back strong, and ended up being the MVP of the 2006 Gator Bowl, or as I like to call it, Williams/Vick Ridiculous Game Ejection Leg Stomp Gate. But I digress. Humes ended up being a pretty special running back with what may be the strongest legs I’ve ever seen. He was really tough to put down. And, bonus for the fact that the stadium would scream “Huuuuummmmmeeeesss!” every time he touched the ball, which would lead all the announcers to tell everyone that the Hokie fans were not, in fact, booing, him but screaming his name. Good stuff.

I'll throw out the names Danny Coale and Rashad Carmichael. These two guys weren't very highly touted recruits, but have and will continue to do big things for the Hokies. Also, going forward, if you feel like we're missing on kids just remember the factory Beamer Co. is running.

Nerds Love the Hokies: Football Outsiders Ranks Virginia Tech No. 6

NERRRDDDDDSSSSSSS. But yeah, come on, this is a good thing because as we all know the nerds are always right in the end.

And for your enjoyment, a classic, Bud Foster surfing Claytor Lake.


A better caption for the photo

would've been, "Knockin' the swagga outcha."