Hokie Memorabilia Contest

The authority on Syracuse sports blogs Sean Keeley editor of Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician has come up with brilliant idea to pass the time during the doldrums of summer, a "Memorabilia-Off". Here are the adapted rules.

  1. You post photos of your favorite Virginia Tech memorabilia. It can be as simple as bumper stickers, or as ancient as a ticket stub, or as personal as an autographed jersey.
  2. All submissions are due before 8/1/10. Afterwards I'll break all the submissions up in to categories: oldest, rarest, funniest, maroon-est, and most obnoxious (those making fun of UVa or other rivals). Then we'll vote for the winners.
  3. The top two finishers in each category will be up for a final vote, Best in Show.
  4. Prizes will be awards for all category winners in the form of the shirt of your choosing from GamedayPassion.

To submit a photo you'll need to first upload it. If you don't know how to do this you can ask me for help (thekeyplay [at] gmail [dot] com). There are a bunch of excellent free sites with tutorials that you can use: Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa. Once uploaded place a link or embed the image (using the <img> tag) in the comments below. If you need help just email me (thekeyplay [at] gmail [dot] com) or Tweet me and I'll help you do it.

Hopefully by the end of the contest together we'll have made a beautiful orange and maroon collage of Hokie memorabilia that will live a long life on the Internet for everyone to appreciate. So spread the word and get submitting!



I just put all my Tech stuff into storage yesterday. Moving sucks.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

Team United

That's my 2004 Team United wrist band. It was handed to me by Bryan Randall on the drill field one day while I was walking to class. It symbolizes the unity of Hokienation and the importance we as fans have on the team. I'll be buried with it on.

I admire your dedication!



I went through several, but they would only last a few months. Wish they made a more durable version (like the "Live Strong" ones).

I knew I should have saved my turkey leg from when we beat yall in 2006

First go round

The rug that inspired a blog name.

Ticket stubs from Tincher's no-hitter against Team USA and both of VT's WCWS games in 2008.

My press pass for the 2005 Sugar Bowl against Auburn.

Ticket stub from Virginia Tech's last trip to the Orange Bowl in 2006 when Brandon Flowers returned home and had two big interceptions in a 17-10 win.

Ticket stubs and patches from the 2008 and 2009 Orange Bowls.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

i need to look for more

i have the 2000 sugar bowl stuff somewhere in the house.

my fave vt tshirt was from that game. i wear it occasionally, as it is starting to fade. at 1 point the gold was a bit sparkly, that has been washed out.

From BCO Pix2


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Happy Birthday To Me


I needed to Step My Game Up

That's a replica helmet signed by the entire 2005 team. No we didn't win the National Championship, but I'll always have fond memories of that Gator Bowl win.

My Favorite Items


Ticket from my first Hokie basketball game, which just happened to be the victory over Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, when WF was ranked number one in the country. The woman behind me screamed like a banshee. It was awesome to have a Lets Go Hokies cheer going at the end!


Shirt from '95 Sugar Bowl. Hook 'Em Hokies!


Anyone else ever get the feeling we jinxed ourselves re: 1999?


Oh the possibilities...

North Carolina Raised, Hokie Bred

We have a Virginia Tech National Champions prototype shirt


Here are a few items from my collection

I need to track down a few more items, but these are a good start.

Unopened box of Hokie Toasties. The Breakfast of Champions.

What's better than Coach Beamer on a stick? I think my wife picked this up at one of the Ladies' Clinics.

Straight from the Ukraine, that college football crazy former republic of the Soviet Union, come Virginia Tech nesting dolls (Glennon, Ore, Lewis, Royal, and Morgan)!

Matryoshka Dolls


Coach Beamer on a stick was indeed from one of the Ladies'

Football Clinics. I have a couple of these somewhere.

A few items from our collection

Cadet calendar with seal

Piece of chair from Miles Stadium

Have to give props to the Wife though on finding and buying these. We have much more, including that rug, but most is packed in storage right now ;-(


really, really like the calendar.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Wish I was better with HTML:

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg! Tyrod did it, Mikey! Tyrod did it!"

National championship game pin


Another National Championship game pin


This pin says we won the National Championship. :)


Badges from 1986, 2000, 2001 and 2002 bowl games


Geaux Tech!

That is hands down (or up as the case may be) the coolest button I have ever seen.

Oops....just noticed that the 2001 pin is not from the bowl game. Sorry!!

2002 Gator Bowl pin


2005 Sugar Bowl pin


Ticket from Sugar Bowl


Ticket from Gator Bowl


1981 Peach Bowl commemorative Dr. Pepper bottle


That is awesome

Great bottle.

Back of 1981 Peach Bowl commemorative Dr. Pepper bottle


Remember wearing these at games?

This was before we became 'famous' so to speak.


Wa Who? Button circa 1983

Wa Who?

Blacksburg 164 miles (from Charlottesville, VA).

Hat tip to BeerControlOffense (or BeerControlFather) for helping me here... first time I have tried digital photography... smh, and it's 2010... guess we all learn something at some point

From Virginia Tech Memorabilia

Haha.....isn't that the truth!

Love this shirt!

Title should say "Blacksburg is 157 miles From Charlottesville"


That's a lot of sweatshirts!

Old School Jersey

My Wish

Is that we play a game in uniforms with the Gobbler logo featured prominently. Also, we win said game.

That is an awesome shirt

That is old school... like 1980 or something.

A few of my favorite pics in my uniform


2004 ACC Championship Season

This banner got us 15 minutes of fame after that epic game against Miami in 2004. Nothing felt sweeter than seeing pictures of it in every Miami newspaper in the airport on the way back to Blacksburg to celebrate the Hokies' first ACC Championship.

sugar bowl banner




Some Ancient Stuff, some stuff from my VT years, and MNC game.

"Life is a round–trip ticket. Here's hoping I'm outbound."

Great Stuff!

The framed Gobblers picture and pennant/clock are pretty sweet.

It's a Hokie Pokey Christmas

Because every house needs a VT tree at Christmas!

Very Nice!

The Lane Stadium ornament is tight.

Instead of Santa does the Hokie Bird come and only leave Hokie clothes and other awesome VT stuff?

Hokie Claus?

Actually...last year when this picture was take I got a new VT bag and two new yard flags!!! :)
Was I visited by the elusive Hokie Claus that Christmas Eve?

Awesome set of entries we've got here.

While I'm not eligible for the prize, I want to hail the excellent collections you guys have, and share my prize Hokie possession.

For Christmas 2004, my now-wife told me to make sure my ticket stubs for the season, including the Sugar Bowl I was headed to in a week, were together, because she was going to have this made to commemorate our first ACC championship, with stubs from all the games I attended (including USC at FedEx, @Miami, and the Sugar).

Framed 2004 VT tickets

A couple years after that, I decided to try to get all of my ticket stubs from Hokie events together in one place. End result: I'm about 90% on ticket stubs for home games since '97. The only bowl game I'm missing out of the seven I've attended is the '98 Gator, and the only road game I've attended that I'm missing is '02 Western Michigan.

I'm sorry that you drove all the way to Kalamazoo to watch the Hokies crush a sub-par opponent. I sadly have relatives who live in said city...

Oh, I didn't drive from VA. Southwest Airlines FTW.

I had just graduated and started a job, but hadn't gotten an apartment yet, so I had a few bucks to spend. Saw a decent airfare to Chicago Midway, knew a friend living in Indiana was driving up, so I rented a car and met him in Kalamazoo.

+1 to Mrs. JoshC

I'm going to start saving my ticket stubs now.

Vintage Virginia Tech Helmet Stool :)

The label inside it says "Custom Made to Order for George H. Burton. Ordered Through Virginia Tech". After a research, found that that he was a friend of T. Marshall Hahn (VT President 1962-1974).

i would do anything

but be Greg Oden's b!tch for the stool.

i think we have a winner.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky


It's gonna be hard to top this one!!

I vote for Hokietriana

You win with that stool lol.

My Hokie Man Cave . . .


Daaang. You got mad collection!!

Wow....that is awesome! Makes me wanna try going a Hokie girl cave of my own!! :)


you, sir, are a force to be reckoned with! what a great collection!

How about a Frank Beamer bobble head doll?


And the back signed by Frank himself.

Got this at one of the ladies' football clinics. :)


check him out

check out that cute lil beamer booty!

The female perspective...

is the best.

Got this bag at the lst ladies' clinic.


And the back of the bag.

How many signatures do you recognize? :)


Friend found this at a NC craft fair and brought it back for me

It lights up. I should've taken the pic with the lights on. I may redo this one later. :)


Mousepad signed by Frank. Another ladies' football clinic goodie


Gotta save some cash for all those bowl trips!! :)



Where did you get this?

Wally World!!

Bought it two years ago at Radford's Wal-mart. Haven't seen any more since then.


I have this too! My mom gave it to me several years ago! I keep it on my counter and put change in it daily!

Two gnomes and a box....

'Stole' the Hokie box from a Hokie Club social at one of the Gator Bowl games. Don't tell anybody! :D


San Francisco Bowl Bud banner

They were taking them down after the game so asked the guy if I could have one and he gave it to me! :)


My Additions

How about a Michael Vick Bobblehead? Sits on my desk at work. One of my co-workers put a beanie baby dog at his feet. Tasteful...


Even better? A custom, one-of-a-kind bobblehead...of me! I got this as a groomsman's gift for a wedding I was in last year. Everything is custom hand-painted and there isn't another one like it!


Front of shirt

Got this shirt at one of the Ladies' football clinics. Lester had a lot of stuff for sale!


The back of the shirt is coming up next.....

Back of shirt


Front of another shirt I got from Ladies' football clinic....


And the back of the shirt.....


1968 VT Football Helmet


This is an authentic VT Football helmet from 1968 that was worn alongside Mr. Frank Beamer. Was a gift from one of his old teammates!

part of my collection

Most of my ticket collection is in Blacksburg where I won't be for a couple more weeks but here's what I got:

September 29, 2007: VT 17 UNC 10
November 6, 2008: VT 23 UMD 13
December 31, 2009: VT 37 UT 14
January 10, 2009: VT 78 UVA 75
February 14, 2009: VT 73 UMD 83

Is it time for another championship?

The basement walls and ceiling