Week 10 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the movers, shakers and frozen.

  • I swapped Boise State with TCU because I believe TCU has been more dominate relative to the competition they've each played. I really hate having to judge a team by how the teams they've played have performed. Can we just get a playoff already?
  • LSU moves up even though they were on a bye week. Their defense has been spectacular, and I probably overacted too much after they lost to Auburn. On a neutral field, I'd favor them against any team I've ranked below them.
  • Nebraska thumped Mizzou and each rise and fall, too much, respectively.
  • Sparty takes an extra-large drop after being pummeled by Iowa, they've looked terrible 7 of their 8 last quarters of football.
  • Florida State lost a game that in every alternative reality they win, but they lost so they drop.

I'll be submitting my final ballot on Wednesday, so if you have any suggestions get them in before then.



i personally love

Stanford and Wisconsin.

I think both tune LSU.


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