Week 8 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the movers, shakers and frozen.

  • Oregon remains at number one for now, but there will be a reshuffling next week after Oklahoma-Mizzou and Auburn-LSU.
  • Should Ohio State be lower? They got whipped by Whiskey and the Miami victory isn't much to brag about.
  • Nebraska: K-State made them look like world beaters, Texas made them look like doormats. Will the real Nebraska please stand up? They'll need quality wins to move up in my poll.
  • I was waiting to see if West Virginia stumbled against USF like they've done 3 of the last 4 years. They did not, so welcome.
  • K-State is here because they're 5-1, but they got clobbered by Nebraska and their best win is versus UCLA. Should they stay on?
  • Should Virginia Tech be ranked? I slotted in UNC over the Hokies. The Heels are missing a quality win, but they don't have a bad loss (cough JMU, cough).

As you can see, I need your help. Let me know how I should reorder this mess before I submit my final ballot Wednesday morning.

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USF is not good at all

I am a USF season ticket holder and I would not put too much weight into the WV win over USF. The USF offense is beyond horrible this year. Not that WV is that bad and they should win the big east so a #20 ranking is fair but they are not much better than that.

VT is a top 25-20 team but I could argue 15 other teams could be too.