Victory. HT: Box

Was that good for you too? OK... it wasn't a blowout, but a route was extremely satisfying. That's four wins in a row, the next better than the last. Fundamentally, we're tackling better, and blocking better. Stinespring called a sensible, dare I say intelligent game today, and it really showed when we had the football, even though we were 0-8 on 3rd down. I really like that we're developing a nice little read and speed option game. We need to continue to integrate the option more and have it become a bigger part of our offense. Defensive tackles and ends really respect Tyrod's speed and and athleticism and give him all the attention on the read zone play. That creates space inside the box and provides enough room for the running back to take the ball and get up the field. On Tyrod's marathon 72-yard TD run we saw just how dangerous he is running the speed option. In the passing game Tyrod bounced back from all the inaccurate throws last week and really put the ball on the money today. He was only 13/23 161 yards and one touchdown, but his first three incompletions were catchable dropped balls. Word on the street in Blacksburg is Chick-fil-A is preparing to open tomorrow to serve David Wilson, because when you house 68-yard runs you eat there any day you want and are given handfuls of BBQ and Polynesian sauce.

For all intents and purposes, we held CMU to 10 points. Their first touchdown was legit and more often than not kickers nail a 32-yard field goal. The two late touchdowns came after we were up 31 points. So in my opinion, overall the defense played a great game. The defensive line really got after quarterback Ryan Radcliff. J.R. Collins had a pair of sacks and Antoine Hopkins, who the coaches routinely called lazy before the season, was all over the field catching ball carriers from behind. Rock dropped a couple of gimme interceptions, and on the Radcliff touchdown pass G.W. gave a weak bump at the line on Jerry Harris, but as a unit you have to be impressed with how the defense is maturing.

That was an encouraging win and another stepping stone towards an ACC Championship.

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Pretty satisfied with today's win. Still want the 3-headed offensive monster gone. I feel like we can throw Sherman under the bus too while we're at it.

I seriously find it hard to believe we can't find an adequate replacement for JGW. Kid is out of position 75% of the time. You are the weakest link, sir.