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We're 1-2, but I'll be damned if I don't feel better than Don Draper after winning a Clio. Winning football and bourbon will do that to a guy. How about them Hokies? I'm just ecstatic I don't have to write another post about losing. Here are some bourbon powered notes.

  • Ryan Williams is injured. The best back in the ACC limped off the field and left the game before showing his skills on a couple of touches. Here's hoping he's alright.
  • We couldn't tackle, but then psych, after the half we started getting after it. I'd love to get Bud's halftime speech on YouTube.
  • Bruce Taylor looked like an animal. He's got to cut the penalties, but good Lord was he making tackles all over the place.
  • Exum played well in the nickel back role.
  • Tyrod is just ballin' out there. He's making it easy turning a lot of nothings into somethings.
  • ECU picked on Rock early with a lot of success. Then, man, oh man, did Rock get his ass in gear. His interceptions really separated the gap and sealed the deal.

It's officially Boston College week. I hate Boston College, you hate Boston College, we all hate Boston College. Bright and early Monday morning the mascot mock will be up.

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Everyone be safe, drive safe and enjoy your weekend.

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"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky


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"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

It's absolutely inexcusable that I didn't post the video above.

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