Selection Sunday Fallout

I made sure to wear orange and maroon yesterday. Lot's of it. I rocked my 2004 orange effect tee, nearest and dearest to my heart, covered up by a maroon Nike hoodie with a big "VT" embroidered across the chest, and I had my team united wristband on for good measure. I'd be on the train most of the day and I wanted everyone and anyone who passed by to know how proud I was to be a Hokie, proud I was of our team to overcome more than their fair share of adversity and finally break through the stigma of the NIT and into NCAA Tournament. We knew we were going dancing, the invite was just a formality. We're all the lone elementary-schooler left off the list of the cool kid's party, and man, he had a bouncy castle too.

Snubbed, screwed, no, it's more like duped. We believed the "bracketologists" like Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm that we'd be invited, after all they just don't hand bracketology degrees out to anybody, it's like a 6 year graduate program. We believed that a marvelous win over top-ranked Duke would cover the stench of being swept by UVa. We scheduled tough outside the conference, but didn't win big. We thought we clinched by a finger tip.

In the end we did enough, but not enough. We earned a place on the bubble, nothing more, nothing less. We left ourselves open to the subjectivity of a committee of individuals with their own non-transparent criteria to guide them through the at-large selection process. Then our bubble popped, and it would be anything more than a speculation to say why. If anything not knowing why we were left out hurts the most, throw the dog a bone right? It's not fair, but that's life. I'm devastated for our seniors. With all they've done, they will have never danced and I'm sure that's something that will stick with them until the end. But I'm not going to belittle the other bubble teams that got in, "sweep around your own porch first", my Mom always tells me. Don't blow a 16 point lead to UNC, hit free throws to close out games and play everyone like it's Duke on Saturday night.

However, as is becoming customary in the hours after brackets are announced, Seth was critical of the committee and their bubble selections.

"Just disappointed. You almost wonder if someone in that room has their own agenda and that agenda doesn't include Virginia Tech. Just plain and simple. I totally wonder it, if someone in that room has an agenda. The explanation was so inconsistent with the result that it was almost mind-boggling. I guess they even brought up our non-conference schedule. Kansas State, Purdue, Oklahoma State, UNLV, Penn State, St. Bonaventure that was supposed to be big and Mississippi State that was projected to win the SEC. I'd say that's a pretty significant slate and challenge. So they must not have looked at it very closely. But I guess they did. I feel for these kids. Doesn't take away from what we accomplished this year... but it's extremely disheartening. You would hate to think that politics would be involved, but it makes you wonder."

"What I'd like to know is if there's ever been a team that's won nine games in the ACC and played the non-conference schedule that we played and beat a No. 1 seed and still didn't get in. I'd love to see the research on that No. 1, and No. 2 is there are teams in the tournament, that if you look at their non-conference schedule, beat no one. No one. They didn't beat an Oklahoma State. They didn't beat a Penn State. They didn't beat a Mississippi State. We chose to go on the road to Kansas State. Or (some teams that got in) have one quality win out of conference. I mean... and to have to play in our conference, and go on the road and win at Maryland... again, it just makes you wonder. But I'm not in the room (with the selection committee). Probably another reason they need to open up that room, or at least give each and every school, 'This is our criteria. This is what it's going to be every year, and this is how we're going to make choices.' Because in the end, it isn't that. There's a human element to it. And that's why you wonder, in that human element, if someone in that room has an agenda. Again, that's just a question."

full transcript via KT

I appreciate and respect everything Seth has done for Virginia Tech basketball. It may be going too far to say his comments are classless, but Hokies Respect, right? Nevertheless, to me those aren't the words spoken by a winner, someone looking to be a champion. No where in there was did he say, "we're gonna get better", nor was there any acceptance of fault, when there should be and that's very disappointing to me. That's what champions do, or so I think.

I'm rooting for us to win the NIT and I'll watch every game we're in. Not because it would fill the void or make up for missing The Dance, it won't, but because that's the work left to be done. I want this team to give me a reason to believe that they were indeed snubbed, because trying to be objective and rational isn't fun.

Go Hokies!



Yes, Seth should be Publicly outraged!
However, Weaver should go on the warpath behind the scenes to fight for his school. If not, and he sits there and simply takes this, he should be fired!!!!!! This is the time that he should earn his salary. 19 wins in 2 years in the ACC should be enough for 2 berths, but not one is ridiculous.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Not to mention

But I will mention. We are the first and only ACC team to have won 10 conference games in a year and not be selected. (last season) It does seem suspicious.

Need to win the NIT!!!

#Let's Go - Hokies

We're all just hella disappointed angry. For every thing we did positive we did something equally as negative. It hurts, but that's the truth, or at least what I think it is.

The truth is each of the Hokies' highs this season was countered by an equally devastating low. Win 9 of 10 games in December and early January, then get handled by a weak Georgia Tech team. Rebound from that loss by defeating N.C. State and Miami, only to drop a tight game at Boston College. Comeback yet again with two conference victories only to lose game number two to the Cavaliers. And of course following the victory against Duke - arguably the biggest in program history - by barely showing up to play against Boston College and Clemson.

It truly was a roller coaster ride.


I feel like I should get the day off from work today.

I'm totally ok with Coach's comments, he's standing up for his team, that's what every coach should do no matter what it looks like to the manners police. He believes in them and stands up for them during games against refs, and after games in the media - I expect nothing less from him.



I agree with Seth's comments sort of being middle of the road. Part of me says he should crucify the F-NCAA but chances are he/we may be on the bubble again in the future. He should have said well we need to win more big games and play better down the stretch and blah, blah, blah (please see Beamer for correct Coach Speak). Seth's comments aside, WTF. We play in a conference that has a #1 seed in Duke. Granted, Duke automatically receives a #1 seed each year. Well not really every year, just most of them and no matter what region they are in, they will play games in sight of Cameron. But if Duke is warranted a #1 seed, doesn't that make the ACC a little better. Oh wait, they beat Marquette, Michigan St, Kansas St. and UAB out of conference. Weaver and John Swofford should be all over the F-NCAA Selection Coshittee. Of course they should have been all over them last year as well and if they were, They Suck! As for winning the NIT, that would be nice but it is still a letdown. The year we won it, and my old ass was a student at the time, we were a nothing program. Now we are major program in a major conference and the NIT is not the big dance. This is frustrating for us all and there are many avenues to send our anger. Fortunately I have plenty go around to everyone.

(please see Beamer for correct Coach Speak)

Remember the 2007 season, when we got blown out by LSU and got our hearts broken against BC? The BCS was a clusterfuck that year, and we finished first in the computers. Every coach in the hunt for the MNC but Frank Beamer went campaigning on ESPN. That is why I love Frank Beamer.


Not sure if football is a different animal than basketball. I don't follow basketball nearly as much. In football it is disgusting seeing coaches shill for their teams at the end of he season. Mack Brown is the epitome of this but Urban Meyer and countless other have done it as well. Also don't get me started on Gary Danielson begging and preaching that (insert SEC team here) should be playing for the MNC. The thing is there are only two spots. The F-NCAA tourney has many open spots and I don't know the other teams that got screwed and what their coaches and administrators reactions are. I am all for Seth taking the high road, or the med-high road or F-Bombing everyone from Blacksburg to Colombus. Regardless of what Seth says, our team could have made the decision harder or we could have been an automatic qualifier. Maybe the basketball team should build an empty trophy case, it is working pretty well for the football team.

What sucks

is that there seems to be no consistency on how the selection process works. It leaves many fans confused.

#Let's Go - Hokies