My opinion on how to beat Bama

I've been studying Bama tape for awhile and I've kind of noticed a lot of traits especially from the last meeting when we played them. I think both teams has some similarities to there '09' teams. I noticed they had a pretty good amount of depth to consistently switch in and out of the game. They literally wore us down as the game went on especially around the 3rd and 4th quarter. I think one of the main things would be to develop some serious Defensive depth during the August Camp especially our D-linemen and Line backers. My second observation would be to try and contain there running game. I noticed Ingram had about 131 or more yards on us that's due to the wearing down of the defensive line and line backers. I know its easy to said than done. I think Logan's going to have his shots on this Bama secondary he's just got to take the best passes he can get. I know Tyrod was a younger qb at that time, but I noticed he had some guys down field that were open, but I don't think he wanted to take the chance. He was a great game manager, but if were going to be successful against them on offense we've got to be able to have a running game to open up our down field attack. And last, but not least converting on 3rd downs is a MUST if were going to beat Bama. Which I think we certainly can, but it won't be handed to us. I just hope that Bud's developing and bringing along his second string players as much as the starters, because that's the main key to beating them is being able to keep our players fresh on defense. I apologize if I bounced everywhere during this topicand i know i didn't use a lot of X's and O's like i should or could have and i know it's not as good as the others who post here hence why i changed my title from ''keys to beating Bama'' to ''my opinion on how to beat Bama''.

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I must have accidentally hit the "Ask Madden" button

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"If you want to win a football game, you've gotta score touchdowns"

I agree there's a lot of stuff i didn't touch over like I should have. But I'm not denying it my pussy that scoring touchdowns weren't important or necessary to win games.

But I'm not denying it my pussy that scoring touchdowns weren't important or necessary to win games


This made me think of this:

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> I'm not denying it my pussy that scoring touchdowns weren't important or necessary


Haha, I'm glad someone else was just as confused, vtaero.

I will not be as critical as some here. Suffice to say, you may want to space out some of your thoughts into a paragraph format and reread what you write a few times before posting. Those who live to comment also love to point out faults in writing. You have passion, but your execution may need a little improvement.

p.s. Not sure what you meant to type in the last sentence here but LOL auto-correct.

Just a joke, didnt mean to ruffle Hokie feathers. We can be pretty brutal to our own but its meant in good fun.

Also, my first downvote!

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I laughed, but got OP's point too.

As simple as it sounds, eliminating mistakes and converting third downs will keep us in a close game with Alabama. In 2012 the Tide was 16th in 3rd down conversions (47.90%), 22nd in 4th down conversions (63.64%), and 11th in time of possession (32:16). We need to drive the ball and eat the clock. A string of three-and-outs will almost certainly guarantee a loss. Tech will have to get lucky too. Alabama was T-13th in turnover margin last season (1.00). They don't usually mistakes which will reduce our chances to possess the ball, and therefore score points. Remember how stingy their defense is too (1st scoring, 4th red zone). We will have to make the most of opportunities, and actually make the big plays we've watched slip through our fingers so many times in the past.

And yes, that entire paragraph could be applied to any team/game as a blueprint for success. However, when playing Alabama, the margin for error approaches zero.

Also, as long as it's in good taste, and you can take what you dish, making fun of our own is fair game.

Bama mistakes were the only thing that kept us in the '09 game - botched punt coverage and throwing the INT deep in their territory gave us 10 easy points.

Sustained drives aren't our forte so if Bama eliminates opening game errors we are in for a long day.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

We made our own share of mistakes to help Bama in that game too. 2 fumbles lost during punt returns deep in our own territory. I think they got a field goal off of the RmfW fumble and a touchdown off of the second fumble.

It's the first game of the season. Each team is going to make its own share of mistakes. We just have to capitalize on their mistakes and keep them from hurting us too badly when we make our own.

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Sustained drives aren't our forte

I believe you meant, weren't our forte.

We have a new crew in town. Sustained drives, AJ getting hit so hard his mom has snot bubbles, and a Freshman CB making a key interception leading to a VT win will be their introduction to the country.

God I love my O&M glasses.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

โ€œWhen life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spiritโ€ David Wilson



I'm also confused as to what that last sentence means. But my curiosity is piqued.

"I'm not denying it my pussy that scoring "

I just don't know how to handle this...


This is hands down my new favorite gif!

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What just happened??
And why did i notice that the dog is using a tie clip, that's classy!

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Cool story bro

Posted 8 years 2 months ago? This is some crazy prophecy!

Wow. What even was the context here?

Most likely that the hosting site reused the same link address

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Dude....shut up....

What were you searching for that led you to this thread?

My guess....

Over in the "I Didn't Coach Well Enough" thread, someone asked how McMillian got the Dragon nickname, and eventually gobble gobble chumps threw up a link to the TKP glossary, which includes the "pussy touchdowns" explanation linked to this thread.

^^^ This. It was nice to take a trip down memory lane and read the content that made me fall in love with this website again

Man those really some really fun times

Did we ever learn what he/she meant by that?

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Nothing really. Autocorrect/autofill run amok. Remember, smart phones were still pretty new at the time. I think they just wanted to say something along the lines of "I'm not saying that scoring touchdowns weren't important or necessary to win games." But saying got turned into "denying it my pussy." Harsh. I hate for anybody to be denied.

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7LOP be like:

To be the man you gotta beat the man!

If that was the case, I would have warned y'all about Cornelson.

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Be nice guys. I will say, though, there is almost no point in watching game film. If we win, it's going to be because we hit a few homeruns and the defense plays their ass off. If Bama scores more than 20, we don't have a chance.

So good football. Alabama is disciplined enough that they won't (usually) beat themselves. It is up to us to out play them, and that's that. We can analyze all day long, but in the end, it comes down to being better in all facets of the game. period.

Am I the only one this reminded me of?

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I apologize guys i never meant to put that I'm so embarrassed I was using my Android phone with swipe to pass time at work. I'm truly sorry, I didn't space out my paragraphs like I should have I was attempting to put something up here to debate I apologize this wasn't an attempt to be rude by any means. I probably won't post again I've definitely made a fool of my self that's for sure.

Sorry fellow Hokies.

its ok, you dont have to apologize for anything. Most of us just thought it (the "dont deny my pussy" part) was really funny phrasing/autocorrect. We've all been there. No one thought you were rude

I'm assuming you're an elder alumni and/or new to internet forums? Half the reason people come here is to see funny stuff or make sarcastic remarks while talking about football. You dont need to stop posting out of some notion shame, its the internet. People basically expect that kind of stuff

No drama at all dude. Gotta love that swipe to pass bit. When it works its bad ass, but when it doesn't it is insanely obnoxious. No drama though

in Fuller we trust

I have an android too and my swipe screws up all the time too. It's pretty cool when it actually works though.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Irony is, you must type "pussy" a lot.

Previously LowBrau.

Don't we all?

Giggty Goo!

Don't quit because of one post that didn't go quite as you had planned, and definitely don't be embarrassed about it. Haters are gonna hate. You made some good points and definitely have passion for Hokies football if you've been watching game tapes.

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I know how you feel Hokiefan4life. I type on my Android phone also and it sucks. Don't be sorry, and definitely don't be afraid to post again. If we all were experts on the game of football we'd be playing or coaching. Cheers to Sunday morning quarterbacks!

dude. don't sweat it. my first post I looked like a total asshole. I understand what you were trying to say. On your next forum post make it clear and straight forward. But don't quit because people are giving you shit about it. This whole site is opinions and you have a right to say yours as well.

For real, hokiefan4life, don't stop posting! It's all good! I'd say that 99% of people on here that have older TKP birthdays have done far worse. But you gotta shake it off. Just a word to the wise for future reference; next time you post anything, hit "Preview" first and then check over your post for correctness, then hit "Post".

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Adding to this, it is the preseason. Still plenty of time to get ready for the opening kickoff.

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Don't worry about it man, I'm sure 99% of the people above have made errors before on the interwebs. When they do happen, it can become a cruel cruel world. Ask anyone that's misused your/you're before. Don't be discouraged from posting, I've learned A LOT on this site.

P.S. It is possible to edit posts

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Yeah mate...this was a great read top to bottom. highly entertaining




Touchdown Tech!!!

I just assumed that hokiefan just had two browser windows open, one with TKP, and the other with...well, let's just say "adult content"....thought that he must have just kind of merged his thoughts into one post, or something like that.

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On topic - I read something worth two cents on bleacher report a few weeks ago about beating Alabama. They mentioned the fact that Alabama was replacing 3 out of 5 starters on the O-Line and that was huge in the first half. The VT front 4/7 need to get after McCarron early and often and get a leg up before halftime by causing turnovers and mistakes. There won't be a ton of cohesion among the O-Line and if there's one team that knows something about replacing starters in the trenches it's us and we should know darn well it's not easy.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

This has been my thought all along as well...Bud isn't going to be scared to throw the kitchen sink at them in the first half, especially with a "green" O-line. He will make AJ beat us over the top against a young but talented secondary...the problem that I think we all agree on is that this will only work for a half to possibly three quarters if our offense cannot sustain any drives.

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think AJ is a good leader and manager of the Bama offense, but I don't think he is even close to the best QB we will face this year. In the limited amount of Alabama football that I watched last year it's not like they light anything on fire, it seems to be more of the high percentage passes that he threw (screens, delays, simple 5 yard turn and catch) that would go for larger gains because of the athletes that were catching the he normally had time to make a sandwich and brew some tea in the pocket.

Whether we win or not, I am willing to bet money that he scrambles more in this game than almost any the rest of the year and has an INT, fumble and 3 sacks by the end of Q2. By the end of the game he will have two picks (66.7% of last year, yes I rounded as I don't like the other number!)

Us capitalizing on those, now that's a whole other story..

Mccarron is far more than a game manager and is honestly one of the top qbs in the country. There isn't a qb on our schedule that I think even comes close to his talents


eh, like I said I may be the minority...I don't think McElroy was one of the top in the country either but I'm sure again there would be many that disagree. If you go look at his stats they are almost identical to McCarron's with actually less interceptions going into his final year. The only real shining difference between the two is that McCarron is a tad more agile than McElroy.

My point is that they are smart football players who play(ed) in an offense that is designed to punch you in the mouth and when the ball is put in the air they aren't giving you a lot of opportunities to create turnovers. Smart guy? yes. Best we will face? no.

My personal opinion is that the best regular season QB we will face is Bryn Renner.

I'm in agreement with you. McCarron is only a Heisman candidate because of the talent around him. Personally, I think Rakeem Cato is a better QB talent-wise than McCarron. AJ just has Bama's offense down to being natural for him.

Dang good talent....A good read after the Bama scrimmage on Sat:

The long and short of it:

On Saturday, he (Cooper) caught four passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns in Alabama's first preseason scrimmage.

No word on whether this was during 1's v 1's. Hope we bring our big boy football pants...we're gonna need 'em.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Exactly. Last year McCarron had Lacy, Yeldon, 3 All-American Offensive Linemen, and Cooper giving him a great supporting cast. He's a good quarterback, but not the best we will play all year. I see him talent-wise as a top 3 round draft pick. In all likelihood though, he will most likely go in the first day if he ends up with a 3rd national title. We'll be making sure that doesn't happen on August 31st.

In an effort to add to your point, I'm just gonna leave this here.

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Wait until this season before you judge McCarron. The dude had 10 seconds and a perfect pocket to throw from just about every time. ANY D1 quarterback can do what he did.

The game may get ugly. Both teams will have great pass-rush against restructured O-lines. The team that wins may be the one that gets the most sack fumble TDs and/or safeties.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

Bama will run the ball, a lot. This keeps McCarron upright even if their new O-line makes mistakes (which they will.) This also keeps them mediocre on offense for the first half. They will take chances on defence though, and will hope to cause a turnover to get the upper hand. If they can't (like in 2009) they will look for weaknesses to exploit (injuries) and continue to wear down the defence with substitutions and power running. With their stable of 5-star subs, they will not beat themselves, but try to win through attrition and force the Hokies into mistakes. Lose McCarron in the opener and Saban won't win their conference though.

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Put AJ on his butt several times early and often. Knock him out of any comfort zone. Cause turnovers, get a lead, and make bama have to take chances. Execute perfectly on every play. Visualize and acheive excellence.

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You could probably just leave it at "knock him out."

I'm a little curious about whether Bama has a viable option at backup QB. It looks like Blake Sims is their backup and he only had 5 completions on 10 attempts last year. I've also seen where it could be Alec Morris as their backup who hasn't even played in a game. Oh how interesting things would become if AJ wasn't back there running that offense.

50% completion? i bet saban tore that kid a new one.

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So, I live in East Alabama. I'm having a pool (Above ground) put in this week. When I got off work yesterday I was wearing a basic Maroon shirt with "Virginia Tech" in orange letters across the chest. I go outside to check on the progress and the first thing I hear is "Man, you're going to be upset in a few weeks" I'm not a quick guy when it comes to come backs but I spit out "Nah, but we might upset ya'll" Feeling rather proud of myself all he did was snicker. He was a knowlegeable fan and we talked for some time. He gave us great respect and said even though our season last year ended the way it did he's not going in to this game thinking Bama has already won. He said if we haven't played in recent history then maybe but the 2009 game scared the shit out of alot of their fans and they've watched us ever I do with Nebraska now. So, not all Bama fans are homers and I just figured I'd share this with ya'll. Perhaps it should be in the evaluations of other fanbases thread but here it is. #BEATBAMA

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A big key for us will be our red zone offense. I rewatched the Sugar Bowl against Michigan last night and we only converted one red zone touchdown all night. We DOMINATED Michigan in between the 20s, but once we got inside the 20, we came to an abrupt halt every time. Our clicking offense had to settle for field goals which lead to us getting beat by a couple of lucky jump balls that Denard Robinson (pathetic excuse for a quarterback IMO) connected on. If we are going to beat Alabama we have to convert those red zone possessions into touchdowns because Alabama WILL put up points on us. I know this will be the best defense we have had in recent memory but Alabama's physicality will be something we are not used to.

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Michigan was one of the best red zone defenses that year but I think we still should have scored at least one more TD.

#Let's Go - Hokies

We will have to have big plays. We have beaten ACC teams but not making mistakes, working field position and just beating them out on talent and discipline. That will not work against Bama. We have to have some big plays on our side on top of playing sound the rest of the game. We will need a combination of a long TD pass, INT return, Fumble recover deep in their territory or a ST TD. We will need to be +2 in these in order for us to win.

We can sit here all day and say "We need to be able to run the ball" but that is obvious but also sadly unlikely it will be efficient enough. LT will be throwing the ball more than we want but I think the difference this year will be he will be throwing to the flats more often and shorter routes than Ocainspring liked to call. This will open up some double moves and give us that long TD chance.

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I feel like it's beating a dead horse to say it but we need the old Beamerball. While I don't think we will see as many blocked kicks due to scheme changes, we need the disciplined, no mistake approach that you mentioned. Alabama has their weaknesses, albeit very few and our coaches are intelligent enough to figure them out. The only way to give ourselves a remote shot at winning is to make very few mistakes. We need less than 1 turnover, less than 80 yards in penalties etc. Alabama is good enough that that 1 turnover could ruin us.

Either way: game plan: make no mistakes. play great defense. put pressure on their o-line. score points.

To sum it up in 2 words: Play Football.

I don't necessarily think a turnover hurts us as much as a turnover margin under +2. If we have 0 and they have 2 we have a shot. If we have 1 and they have 3 then I think we still have a shot.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

I can dig it. I just think our defense is good enough to keep this a low scoring affair, thus one turnover can be the difference. But you are correct. I think +2 is the minimum to keep us in the game.

My opinion on how to beat 'Bama: Score more points. ;-)

@ the original poster - the don't deny my pussy line gave me the biggest laugh I've had in a long time! You sir, are a f'ing genius!!

I think everyone has summed it up defensively...pressure, pressure, pressure. If McCarron has time to make all his reads and get the ball to their playmakers, we will be hurting (I'm sure everyone would say duh). Offensively, I just hope we 1) never give up on the run unless time is against us to keep them honest (under 2 min/4th quarter & down) 2)have our gameplan for taking what defense gives (underneath routes just getting 4 to 6 yards even) in a way that would lull their defense to sleep and then have a few big plays/play actions over the top ready. The Logan of last year wouldn't do this. He would force things thinking it was always time to make a big play. I think he'll be ready this time around. And of course limited turnovers, win or come close to winning the T.O.P. battle, and no big penalties.

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I'm just ready for the effing game already. I have dreams about this game and consequently lose sleep about it. I had a dream just two nights ago that we lost 14-7 but they scored on 2 fumble recoveries. WTF! I told my wife about it and she just said "Man, you're gay" She watches football but she doesn't get it like us. I just wish it was 5:29 PM on #31AUG already. Ugh, that last week is going to DRAAAAG by...

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I have the beach this weekend, a river party the weekend after and then football the 3rd weekend. August is going out with a BANG.

...and hangovers

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

It doesn't get more epic than that. Well...until we #BEATBAMA

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We #BEATBAMA with this mind frame!

"War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.โ€~~Judge Holden