Cubs call up Hokie Mark Zagunis

The Cubs sent Schwarber to AAA, place Heyward on DL, and call up 2 players from AAA including Hokie Mark Zagunis. Apparently dudes been tearing it up in Iowa at the plate.

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I don't follow baseball too closely. What are his prospects for seeing the field? Is he pretty much limited to PH duty, meaning there's only a small chance he'll see the field? Or will he have a shot at breaking into the starting lineup at some point?

Most call-ups in this type of situation see the field pretty quickly because they're replacing an injured starter. The Cubs outfield is pretty deep, so his playing time probably depends on how flexible they think he is between RF, LF and CF. That said, as soon as Heyward is healthy and off the DL, they'll likely send him back down unless he goes crazy in the handful of games he gets

Edit: The Cubs just demoted Schwarber as well because he's been nothing short of hot garbage this year. So they really only have Ian Happ as their only healthy every-day OF. Javier Baez and Bryant are guys who can play all over the field, and who knows what Maddon has up his sleeve for the lineup, but I think the chances of him getting a good number of big-league ABs starting as soon as tonight are pretty high

Neat! Might have to keep an eye out for some Cubs games over the next week or so.

I'm bummed to see the Schwarbarian get sent down to the minors after his World Series heroics, but I'm always pumped to see a Hokie get a shot.

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I can't imagine he stays down too long. Probably just a lot of mental stuff he needs to shake out after the way his 2016 went. Gotta knock out those cobwebs so he'll be ready to go by October

Starting in RF hitting out of the 9 spot. Our boy's all grown up!

I wish I didn't have to work tonight and could do more than catch glances of the game.

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Got his first RBI in the majors. Nicely done.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

I don't have to root for the A's anymore!

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If he sticks around, his C/OF position eligibility could really help my fantasy team

Here's a solid article from the Cubs' SB Nation site about our boy.

Basically, he's one of the Cubs' top 5-10 prospects, and if he makes a good show for himself during this stint, he could be trade deadline bait and be moved somewhere where he could find an every-day role.