OT: 2nd pick, 12 team ppr... who ya takin'?

Gurley, Bell, Barkley????

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If Leveon Bell isn't picked up first take him. This is his last year in PITT and they are going t run him into the ground. He should have a good Fantasy last year in Pittsburgh. Go heavy on RBs early. Wait to get a QB until 9th round, Over 20 good starting Fantasy QBs this year.

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I still think AB is just so much more of a sure thing than any other player that he's worth taking #1 overall even though he isn't a RB. Especially in a PPR...you're getting a damn near automatic 10 points out of him every week and most weeks a ton more on top of that.

I say this as somebody who had #2 last year and got burned hard by David Johnson.

This league does bonus points to the wr/rb that has most receptions for the week as well. AB is definitely one of my top choices.

Normally I'd agree, but he limped off the field today and has been struggling with a quad problem for 2 weeks. He's also on the madden cover this year.

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Yep. Speaking as a Steelers fan, I'm avoiding AB like the plague in fantasy football this year.

Cosign. I also had number 2 last year and luckily the guy in my league who had the number one pick took David Johnson. I took AB and went undefeated.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Gurley or Bell, whomever isn't taken #1

Also LT is catching all sorts of TDs up in BUF scrimmages FWIW. Not worth a draft pick, but if Clay gets dinged up, LT may get some serious burn.

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Keep an eye on Njoku in Cleveland as well. Tyrod's TEs always put up numbers in fantasy and Njoku is way more talented than anyone he had in Buffalo.

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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, he had LT3 in Buffalo.


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I'd go Bell 1A, Gurley 1B, based on NFC defenses vs AFC defenses, and take whoever isn't already picked. I'm not 100% sold on Barkley, yet, but outside of Philly, it isn't exactly a murderer's row of Defensive lines he'll have to run through in the NFC East this year, but that OL is worrisome. With 3 new starters, you could churn through a decent portion of the schedule before they gel.

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My east coast league randomized our draft order today, I've got the #1.

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Gurley or Bell? Last year in this league I had the 1 and took David Johnson, still ended up in second place as I took Fournette and Hunt in later rounds.