Virginia Tech Football's Best Cornerbacks

I'll start the thread, let's limit to just corners for now as adding other DBs might make this to vague of a discussion. I'm doing this both based on a combination of production and talent/athleticism/playmaking ability.

My top 10:

1. DHall
2. Flowers
3. Jimmy Williams
4. Macho
5. Ky Fuller
6. Charlton
7. Ke Fuller
8. Jayron Hosley
9. Roc Carmichael
10. Exum

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I was always a sucker for loren Johnson

also id put tyrone drakeford on the list somewhere

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Brandon Flowers

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1. Flowers
2. Jimmy Williams
{Big Gap}
3. DHall
4. Jayron Hosley
5. Drakeford
{Big Gap}
6. Ky Fuller
7. Ke Fuller
8. Macho

What's great is that your list is drastically different than mine and that speaks volumes to the depth we have had at the position.

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Yep.....and how wrong your list is ;)

I think both at peak coverage performance and consistency and longevity it's Flowers. He was never bad, he had one bad game his entire career and he was covering Calvin Johnson, who is a top 5 all time athletic talent/mismatch at WR.

Then it's Jimmy Williams, his peak was high, but not a great NFL career, but he was fantastic for us.

Kendall third, his play as a freshman and sophomore showed both incredible man coverage ability on an island and versatility to move inside and cover the slot which freed up a lot for our defense, especially in 2013.

I have a difficult time ranking DeAngelo Hall and Jayron Hosley into this, they were both absolutely fantastic and iconic playmakers. They always seemed to make the flash plays, and were absolute ballhawks, but were also more inconsistent in coverage. Though I have to admit, I don't remember DHall in a game to game coverage capacity as well as I was quite young.

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Needs more Tyronne Drakeford, Antonio Banks and Torrian Gray.

I believe Banks and Gray were primarily safeties, but yes Drakeford needs to be in the top 10 for sure.

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^^This. The list needs to go back to the vintage era and reflect the guys who really made Tech into DBU. I still have some Independance Bowl turf in my home office. This play was awesome :

The backstory is the first half clock had run out on Indiana. The refs decided that the Hoosiers called timeout before the half ended so they added time and then the Hokies blocked the kick to go into halftime up 28-13.

The guy blowing up #16 for Indiana on the return is Torrian Gray. He was probably more FS than CB but was awesome.

Banks and Gray were my two favorite players when I was in school. Those guys could play.

Good List but I would Eric Green on this list before Roc Carmichael..Him and Vinnie were the leaders of that secondary back in 2004

Eric Green was excellent. Almost forgot about him.

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Vinnie played safety back then. He was moved from Corner.


How can you forget about a guy who led the NCAA in PPG?

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Just make sure you spell his name right, k?

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No basketball players on a football list /s

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Kinda always thought Macho and Antone were both overrated in their coverage.

Also yeah Torrian needs to be in the top 10

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I don't disagree, Macho got a lot of press because of his play making ability. He had what...5 non offensive touchdowns in his career?

But I will say, i think it was like his senior year...teams absolutely REFUSED to throw Macho's way. so that's a thing to consider too

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Lest y'all forget Damien Russell!?!?


I loved Jimmy Williams but he is way too high on this list ahead of two Fullers. He spent more time pumping up the crowd with upward arm flaps than anyone in history. I saw him still pumping up the crowd multiple times after the ball was snapped.

"Dick to Hyman? DICK TO HYMAN!" - Guy in Lane Stadium crowd when Richard Johnson hit Josh Hyman on reverse pass in 2004.

Same. This is my one big gripe with Jimmy Williams, and no one seems to remember it happening.

I'm glad you do. Did any of the defensive coaches ever get after him?

Jimmy was dumb as a rock and it's the reason he wasn't good in the NFL. He forgot coverage all the time, and didn't understand his responsibilities. DJ Parker used to have to get him straightened out on like every play. His athleticism on the college field was what really made up for a lot, and you just can't do that in the league.

Cody Grimm was half the athlete, and made it longer in the league because he understood everything.


Cody made it in the league because he was a hell of a overall football player. Might not have looked like it, but he was actually athletic as hell.

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Funny Cody Grimm story:

I lived in the Village during my time at VT. During the summers, the Village pool on Saturday was like spring break. Cody Grimm and a couple other football players were pounding beverages and playing pool volleyball. Cody was insanely competitive and went full Greg Focker spiking the ball as hard as he could into a girl's face on the other team. Her nose started bleeding but Cody's team got the W.

Completely agree with you. All I'm saying, is Jimmy could have been very special at the next level if he had his head on right.


I dont know how smart Jimmy is but he is a cool person. I played bball with him on weekly basis a few years back and you would never know he was a big deal (in Hampton he is still a big deal). Definitely one of the better athletes Ive ever played against (even in his late 20s)......Im a prisoner of the moment....Kendall Fuller gets my vote....I wont hold injury against him.....

His situational awareness was lacking a couple times but his athleticism was crazy. I recall him saving a uva TD with a flying horsecollar tackle in front of me in my freshman year.

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While I agree with the arm flapping thing. Jimmy was a consensus 1st team All American, while the Fullers weren't, its hard to ignore that.

What about Ronyell Whitaker, Keion Carpenter, or Pierson Prieleau ?

okay, safety, and safety

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

All I can remember of Ronyell Whitaker is him costing us games.

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I'm pretty sure you mean The Game

In my opinion he didn't belong on the field as a freshman. I don't recall the circumstances leading to him covering Peter Warrick

I don't recall the circumstances leading to him covering Peter Warrick

If I remember correctly Warrick and another player were caught shoplifting and Bowden decided Warrick was too good to kick off the team (unlike the other player). Pretty sure if Bowden hadn't made that call, Whitaker would not have been covering Warrick.

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Charlton got hurt in the 2nd Half, didn't he?

This was just an amazing athletic play by Warrick. I've always thought that 'yell thought that a PI call > touchdown, but Warrick just happened to make the catch.

Mama Fuller?

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I think Macho is criminally underrated when discussing our best corners ever. Dude made plays consistently, it seems. I know he didn't have the pro career as others but, dude was beast. In the end, I think I'm going:

  1. Jimmy
  2. Flowers
  3. DHall
  4. Macho
  5. KyFuller
  6. Kendall

Seven through ten is splitting hairs take a pick of: Midget Poindexter, Gray, Carp, Charlton, Whitaker, Flowers, Roc, Green, or Stro.

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I'm going to be honest. I'm not sure where all of the praise for Roc is coming from. Roc was good, but we have had better corners such as:

Kam - (he was pretty good playing corner, but he was an even better safety)
Roland Minor - (i wish he kept his head on straight)
Kyshoen Jarrett

Adonis(i know he left early but there were some thoughts he could have been a first day pick if he kept up his great play)

From previous post

1. D Hall
2. Ke Fuller
3. Flowers
4. J. Williams
5. Ky Fuller

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I'm surprised how many people have Kyle above Kendall. Ke Fuller made things look so easy it was boring (when not injured).

Both are incredible though.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Kyle was both more consistent and made bigger players. Won the GT game in Atlanta almost by himself. Higher draft pick.

But where would Kendall have been drafted if not facing uncertainty from his injury?

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Kendall goes first round without injury. I have no doubts about that.

I really think Flowers, Jimmy, and Dhall are in their own group. Ronyell Whitaker, The Fullers, Jayron, Macho, and Ike Charlton closing it out. I think if the Fullers had been surrounded with as overall dominating defensive units as Flowers was, they'd be up there. Or it could be that my first 2 memories of them are the final 10 seconds of the 2012 Cincinnati game and then the Michael Thomas touchdown in the 2015 Ohio State game, but that's honestly more of a personal pessimistic problem.

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To be fair to Kendall, he played the entire 2015 Ohio State game with a torn meniscus.

I know that's why I said it was more of a personal problem and didn't include the gif.

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This guy gets it. Brandon Flowers, Jimmy Williams, and Deangelo Hall were all-timers and would have started for the most stacked secondaries on any team in any conference in any year.

My next few might not be in that category, but I always remember both Fullers and a Macho Harris bringing me great confidence. That Macho played opposite Flowers was the icing on the cake.

The rest, I'm sure there are four other guys, probably even a few of our greats, that I've forgotten, but it's mix and match after these six for me, with Jayron somewhere in that group.

I think Antonio Banks was pretty good back in the day.

1. Flowers
2. Hall
3. Williams
4. Ke. Fuller
5. Green
6. Harris
7. Ky Fuller
8. Drakeford
9. Hosley
10. Facyson
11. Stroman


Frank Beamer anyone??


You're late to that party.

My memories of Flowers is him not wrapping up. He went for big hits all the time, has some great highlights. But I don't remember those plays like I remember the extra yards allowed because he didnt wrap up. I've always felt he was much better in the Pros.

Brandon Flowers

Everyone else except for DeAngelo Hall. His effort against UVA in the last loss was just embarrassing to watch. He was hard enough to root for based on the scuttlebutt about how much of a cancer he was behind the scenes. I am glad he has grown up and started treating people well, but I have no love for "MeAngelo."

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Had a guy named Kevin Mcadam I think he played safety though, he was a transfer from somewhere in California. He was a ball hawk! I think he played a few years in the league.


He was a JUCO guy...and I think he was a QB first (although my memory may be grouping him in with Nick Sorenson). He played for the Falcons for a while and stuck with them during the time that we had a ton of Hokies come through the Atlanta team (Vick, Hall, Jimmy Williams, Keion Carpenter, Matt Lehr, Dave Kadela).

A lot of people forget about him but during that time period, being a fan of cory bird and cody grimm, but i agree McAdam was a good one...

I remember him as a Rover from a California JuCo. I also remember him as solid but not in the all-time conversation. But my memory isn't necessarily to be trusted.

Was going to say Frank Loria, but research shows he was a safety.

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