2018 Six Pick setup

It's just about time to setup Six Pick again. Last year we went through CBS Sports to deal with sorting out picks. They didn't have the first week's or Championship week's games available, so I ended up having to tally those up by hand. Does everybody want to use CBS Sports again? I'm open to other solutions.

I'm also open to sharing the weekly write-ups with someone if you want.

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Yep, I'm game for CBS again - I think it worked out well last year!

CBS was great

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I'd support a move to another pick 'em host if that prevents you from having to do any manual totaling, but it seems the free sites don't give you a lot of options.

As long as I can submit my weekly 1-5 to 3-3 picks, I'm ok with any platform you decide makes it easiest on you.

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Thank you for continuing this. Well done taking over last year. BCO set the standard, and you didn't let us down.
Here's to another year of meh picks and owning the Commonwealth Cup!

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I'll say that I liked how it was done last year but it really doesn't matter I forget every other week.

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Looks like they will start at the start of the NFL season this year as well. Meaning the first week will either have to be done manually or pick another site to run the league on.

Yahoo picks the games for you...and it's around 20 per week.
ESPN does straight picks, no spread.
Fox might be a choice. You can choose the games, and do against the spread.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank