Rico Kearney Transfers

We can't get out of the hole can we?

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WTF. Isn't he a true Freshmen and started and had a great game.

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R. Freshman

Damn, best of luck wherever he goes. He played with heart when he got his chances, including an 18 tackle showing against BC.

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Damn not a great sign. Best of luck to him

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Dang. To me this was like the basketball team losing Tyrie Jackson.

Edit: I have no idea what is going on with this particular situation, but when put together with all the other parts of the $h!Tstorm that is VT football, I am further convinced that there are legitimate systemic issues with this program right now.

Is it basketball season yet?

Seems like this means we're expected to sign that JUCO linebacker (can't remember his name) which will most likely give Dax the move to mike. Kearney would have been 3rd string behind Ashby if Keshon Artis wasn't going to pass him.

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Something done broken

Yep... the stench could not be worse in Blacksburg right now

This is clearly a depth chart issue. He doesn't want to sit behind Ashby. So then this is on Foster if something is "wrong" in the LB room. Let's look at the players who have left/been removed from team all but two Travon and CJ came from the defense.

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He clearly might have suffered some playing time, but I would think he would still see significant amounts. He played solid against BC and has filled in nicely. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass paired with the dejected feeling this season but none of this feels right

It may be a depth chart issue but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion about Foster. It could be a Rico Kearney issue. He probably felt he was playing better than Ashby and didn't get to play yesterday and was irritated. Could be a good long term decision for him looking at our Mike depth but seems impulsive to leave before end of season. Those decisions lead me to question his overall character and decision making.

I'd jump to the Foster conclusion faster than I would Fuente is toxic conclusion which is what those two are implying.

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I'm implying that Rico may not have been a high character guy for leaving when the going gets tough. I dont fault a kid for wanting to play, but his decision seems very reactionary based off not getting to play yesterday and letting this news out before the season ends in 5-11 days.

To me, the odd thing is him bouncing before the end of the season. He's next-man up at Mike LB and already played because of injury. He should do what's best for him, but I wonder if the timing is more of an indictment of the locker room than the actual decision.

He spells it out in his text. He doesn't feel like his position coach gave him a fair shot st the starting position.

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Says every player that doesnt start ever. Yes, the program is reeling this year and like Joe said it could be a locker room issue, but having played alot of football and seeing this situation play out time and time again, it is almost always more of an individual issue.

Generally I agree with your view. But given how bad things are, I would not be surprised it is locker room too. The non-verbals between Fuente and his players, in my view, have not been good.

Fuente doesn't control who starts on the defense especially at LB.

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This is the correct answer. This is a Kearney issue, not a VT issue.


But why not wait till the end of the season? I get what you're saying, but announcing that you're transferring with 1-3 games left in the season after making 18 tackles a couple games ago is strange.

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Probably to secure a place before signing day. He may be able to displace a lower star recruit.

I'm not arguing that point, I agree he provided the "why", but the "when" to me seems odd.

This. The when is way off and has me concerned. He just started getting real playing time and you could see he was going to be a big contributor going forward. If that was really his reason, why didn't he make it earlier in the year when he wasn't getting any playing time? Just seems off.

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disagree. lose - lose situation with fan speculation. transfer early in the season and you're leaving your team out to dry, transfer after the season and timing is odd and something is not right in whoville.

could be he was a team player that stuck it out all season to be there for his friends and then after the season made his announcement that he might have wanted to make all along. also, could be that some girl done broke his heart and he can't bear to be in the burg no more. Also, could be west end stopped having his favorite ice cream and he's just not gonna stand for that shit no longer.

anyway point is the "when" isn't as clear an indicator to something foul as it may seem

I can give you that. It's like when you're hunting and you hear leaves rustling. Sure, it could only be a squirrel. But, it could be that big buck you've been waiting on too. It simply makes you a little hyper vigilant as to what happens next. Now that this news is almost 2 months old and we have the the benefit of some hindsight, I would likely lean toward your conclusion.

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double bingo

one, it was a personal decision.
two, totally missed that your comment was over a month old.

haha, leg

I feel like there is a better way to word this. "Whoville" should only be used to discuss our dominance there...

You're thinking of Hooville.

To me, it just reeks of an impulsive decision by a teenager. There's not many reasons to do this now other than a "I'll show them" attitude. Maybe that stems from a perceived mistreatment over the past week, maybe it comes from friend/family comments after the game about his lack of playing time, but either way, I would think that anyone who thought about this carefully would have also been careful enough to manage the timing better. Quitting before the season ends isn't going to endear him to future head coaches.

Ultimately the coaches are responsible for the culture. They are the leaders. This isn't something that you can fix by driving away your players. Time to take a hard look in the mirror.

Maybe maybe not but a RS fresh that has gotten quite a bit of playing time leaving a team with more than normal attrition makes it a legit question.

I'm fine asking that question as long as we look at the entire staff.

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I see your point this might be an individual situation. I think a lot of us are getting the point where the macro trends with attrition are signs of something larger going on in program. Everytime this is broached there is a voice of reason that points out the details of the situation. Appreciate the pragmatism and logic but I'm migrating over to the something is broken camp.


If something is broken, it's broken on defense, because that's where all the attrition has come from.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

Maybe. Are you suggesting his comments are excuses or he is lying? He is saying he didn't get enough playing time/fair shot at that playing time. He played a fair amount and had some success and then said what he said. I'm buying he's a quitter more than anything.

This is clearly a depth chart issue.

I don't think you can say 'clearly' at all, considering the timing. One does not quit the day after a game, prior to the end of the season, especially when he's gotten time this year.

Not sure why he was benched after a 18 tackle game where he looked like one of the few guys on D who cared.

Roster and personnel mgmt leaving lots to be desired right now

I believe he started the next game against Pitt and was pulled for Ashby when he wasn't playing as well and I'm guessing Ashby won the job back in practice permanently

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I can't fault him for leaving if he doesn't see playing time for himself down the road. But I can fault him for doing this before the end of the season. Why couldn't this have waited six days?

It may be more than 6 days and kids see writing on wall. He put on the best performance at LB this year and knows others have been annointed certainly by fans and based on decision more important by coaches. Kids want to play best wishes.

A scholarship open to bring in another slot receiver

In all honesty, let's go get a kicker that can actually make a field goal from over 40 yards. Can't remember the last time we had that.

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Against ND 43 yarder.

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Okay cool. Since that one field goal went in over a month ago, there isn't a problem.

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That's like saying "we won this one game against UNC this year see we can clearly win games"

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I mean is that not a factual statement? Here is the thing our society is filled these days with unchecked falsehoods and outright lies. Unless we call them out it just snowballs.

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our society these days has wholly severed "facts" from value, and unless we call it out, people are going to continue to be pedantic on the internet.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Hyperbole and hyoe have taken the place of sound logic and discussion. The sky isn't falling with FG's and it would be great if people had these discussions with facts not their personal believes and bias.

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Brian Johnson is still young and could develop into a great kicker-I hope he does-but as it stands now, he's 100th in the nation in FG% and 2/7 from 40+ yards. This is bad, and one could fairly summarize it colloquially as "not being able to make a field goal from over 40 yards." Insisting that this line of thought is somehow invalidated because there is an example of him making a 40 yarder earlier in the year is unadulterated pedantry.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

He tries to talk you down from hyperbole, and you finish with "unadultered pedantry". Wow.

For a kicker perfect inside of 40 yards, in a season we're losing blowout after blowout, we're sure talking about our kicking "woes" an awful lot all of a sudden.

We have a lot of tries from far away, and few from up close. THIS is your outlier. Accuracy is expected to suffer with these conditions.

And if he was perfect? We still have 4 wins right now.

This is not a topic worthy of tossing insults.

food for thought...

FIELD GOALS MADE-ATT PCT 01-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 LONG BLK
2018 Brian Johnson 7-12 58.3 0-0 3-3 2-2 2-6 0-1 45 0
2017 Joey Slye 15-22 68.2 0-0 5-6 6-8 2-5 2-3 50 1
2017 Brian Johnson 3-4 75.0 0-0 1-1 2-3 0-0 0-0 30 0
2016 Joey Slye 20-27 74.1 0-0 12-12 7-8 1-6 0-1 47 1
2015 Joey Slye 23-30 76.7 0-0 2-2 8-9 13-16 0-3 48 0
2015 Michael Santamaria 0-1 0.0 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 0
2014 Joey Slye 20-28 71.4 0-0 10-10 6-8 4-6 0-4 49 2

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The fact that we've attempted more FGs from 40+ than less tells me our drives stall short in plus territory, probably because of conservative play calling.

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seriously though why the F do we recruit sooo many receivers ?

So when three of them are out for one game you still have enough.

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And when we've got negative DTs, at least we're good to know we've got 6' receivers who run a 4.7 for dayzzz

You should get the Athletic, Bitter did a great go over with DT recruiting and depth since 2014. Tons of recruits who didn't stay, weren't any good.

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The scholarships are basically split between offense and defense. The # of receivers has no bearing on the # of DTs

oh how people have forgotten that we literally had 1 last year. Phillips was the only legit receiver we had last year, and this year there really isn't much improvement. Hazelton is a stud and stepped in that #1 role, but everyone else is inconsistent at best and garbage at worst. So yeah we need an upgrades at receiver along with basically the entire roster except linebacker.


Even Hazelton struggles to block all the time and has had some bad drops.

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Damn I thought he played pretty well. His position coach is Bud Foster, no?

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

It feels like we are circling the drain right now.

Rumors on TSL that Cole Beck has left the team. Anybody heard similar?

Edit: supposedly to pursue track & field

Wow that's blows. In my opinion he was way more active than Ashby and I thought he was the better player.

He was good in space and had a great game versus Boston College. But, he was very inconsistent fitting into the correct gap, tended to overrun the play, and if someone put a hat on him he was blocked. If VT was running their base look every game (which they can't now) he would have been a terrific whip. But, he was always an odd fit at mike and didn't have a heavy enough shoulder at linebacker.

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Good Luck. But I think we are in good Hands with Dax, Dylan, Kesheon and Rayshad, I believe there are two others I'm missing on the depth chart,

More so, I'm just thinking that the hits keep coming, I wish he would at least finish out the season with us.

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Also Alan Tisdale...true freshman, injured before the year began, out for the season.

I know I'll get down voted for this but ten bucks says he was failing a class or two.....

"Roll Tyrod"

Rico was posting his grades at one point on Twitter. If you go through his historical tweets, grades were definitely not an issue.

Now if there's something more recent, I wouldn't know about.

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the timing may be odd, but I wonder if he is helping out the coaches, showing that another scholarship spot is open. isn't early signing right around the corner.

Something something the numbers always work out, right?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

You can read into this however you like. My personal assumption is that this young man had a very high opinion of his own talents, felt validated at BC, and got extremely insulted to give his spot back up. Good luck somewhere.

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I would have to come to the same conclusion given the information we have.

Dear God maybe it's just this calendar year and we need to get to 2019 before we lose everything

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Pretty sure I can't embed a tweet from work, but looks like Kearney is transferring to UCF. He'll play alongside Goode. Hopefully they both do well there.

Could Savoy be next??

Here you go fam

Edit: I thought that above tweet was a very poor photoshop and it looks to be the picture below. I probably shouldn't judge those skills but that helmet just looks really bad.

That's one hell of a photoshop lol.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

UVA will surely scoop up that photoshopper to head up their promotional images next year..

But why? There aren't 15 UCF logos plastered on the helmet...

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uva photoshop guy may have a slightly easier time next season. Coworker hoo said he may finally pull the football season ticket trigger.

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Look at that great PNG Golden night on the shoulder that looks like was just stuck on in google drawings

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Still says HOKIES on his chin straps.

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Totally does. LOL. Chinstrap is still maroon too.

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I probably shouldn't judge those skills but that helmet just looks really bad.

Probably because it says "UCF".

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

After watching him tackle approximately 100,000 people against Boston College, I wondered how Kearney would have been as a backer. At first glance, he certainly didn't look like a mike given his size, and French highlighted some of his downfalls at mike given his skill set, but he flew around the field and seemed pretty fast. He and Dax made a formidable duo that day against a pretty run heavy offense, and I actually thought Kearney was more disruptive than Ashby. Of course the backer has to be adequate in pass coverage, and I am not sure how he would have held up there, but I was definitely curious.

He and Dax played with a lot of passion and showed leadership as freshmen. They were disruptive and combined for 28 tackles that game. I was really hoping to see the linebacker quad of Dax, Ashby, Kearney, and Rivers in the future, but I wish Kearney the best of luck.

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