UNCheat QB Chazz Surratt out for the year.

Surratt was injured in the Miami game last week and tore some ligaments in his hand. This is the same injury that sidelined him last year too. I am not sure if this helps or hurts us this weekend given how bad UNCheat has been so far this year.


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I don't like back up QBs this year, 0-2


ODU and Notre Dame losses were both to backup QBs. Notre Dame is likely going to move forward with Book even when Wimbush is healthy but ODU cant seem to handle anyone else after beating Tech.

You can't hate on backup QBs this year when we have one going too.

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I don't think Wimbush was hurt. He played in the fourth quarter against us.

He missed two practices the week of our game and missed the previous game after getting an ankle injury in their game prior to that.

He was replaced as starter. He didn't lose his job because he was injured though. I don't consider Book the QB2- he was named QB1 for ND the Wake game

Not ours, other teams!!! This is talking about our opponents' QB. Both Book and ODU guy took over for QBs that started the year and could have played against us. Right now I think we should be thanking Dukes medical staff for bring Jones back so soon.

I fully support Willis and our team.

I figured this was the case; Go Hokies.

UNC fans are unfazed by this. They expect one of their freshmen QB's to start anyway.

Good thing weve never been burned by a backup quarterback before.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

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Well, Not all that impressed with him actually.. lets see what he does surrounded by mediocre talent vs 4-5 stars at Clemson.

If Fedora survives he will at least have a great guy as his QB coach.

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Exactly what I said to my unc friend when he texted me about this.

Unc's o-line and lack of defense would do Kelly exactly 0 favors.

I repeat other than the free Jordans and easy classes why the hell do talented players keep going there?

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You pretty much answered your own question

We ain't come to play SCHOOL.

Picture of their recruiters, probably

Right - so he will have a chance to see the team he will transfer to by only traveling to a team that he isn't going to transfer to. Right on Bryant, good call.

Wasn't Surratt scheduled to sit for our game anyway?

Edit: doesn't look like it

You know a QB is bad when you were actually looking forward to playing him. Dang it

oh this guy? I think were good.

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I am disappointed. Something about sacking a guy named Chazz just has a little more fun to it.

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Chaz Bono still available

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I mean, Chazz Surratt is the most UNC name ever, right. Especially with the 2 Zs

We put the K in Kwality

Chazz Surratt... Dazz Newsome...

Your comment checks out.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.