VT vs BC Kick Off at 3:45

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I can dig it.

Weird time, but it's a weird channel so whatever. Better than a nooner or a noon-thirtyer.

This has been a weird season, so it fits in with the pattern.

Probably a make up for Raycom losing out on the ECU game.

But with GT at UNC being the 12:15 Raycom game, who knows which set of announcers we'll get.

Oh... it's the second Raycom game that day? Interesting...

And it's not one of the days that was listed at 3:30 that we saw in the other topic.

I'd analyze it more, but with Raycom not being a part of the mix next year, there's no precedent to set.

Love it. Gives me time before to enjoy Blacksburg AND after.

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yes.........no more than 3 nooners for the season (and that's if they really bone us with a nooner on black friday).

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The 8pm slot for ESPN has already been set, so maybe ESPN2
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If we get anything other than a night game on Black Friday, Whit needs to tell them no more Friday games. My wife might kill me if she can't hit the shopping because of tailgating.

Stores are open Thursday, Friday at 5 am, Amazon has Monday cyber deals...
Why would a 330 game interfere with that? Or even a noon game? Are you required to be in attendance?

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I HATE that we play on Black Friday. I don't know how we ended up getting this game on a Friday a few times over the last few years (don't crucify me, I know it's because of TV, Conference, etc) but I would really appreciate it if we got this game back on Saturday for several reasons.

I've gone Black Friday shopping as many times as Miami's won the ACC, so I don't mind playing on Friday. Plus I enjoy being able to watch all the other rivalry games the next day.

Exactly. I like non-Saturday games because they allow me to catch the bulk of that week's college football schedule without the stress of Hokie football.

I don't Black Friday shop either, but it is tough to get in Thanksgiving with two families AND do the game on Friday. Typically the inlaws do Thanksgiving on Friday so any Friday game is always a no-go for me.

I know I am not the only one that has to split Thanksgiving between Thursday and Friday. Even for those people who host people on Thursday for Thanksgiving, it is a lot of effort to get people out of the house, and on the road on a Friday for a game.

I'll really be dead on my feet if there's a noon game. We have a tradition of going out to shop at midnight, getting an early breakfast, then napping, followed by football. Not that the tradition isn't up to be changed this year, but... *crosses fingers for evening*

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Works for me!

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The first and maybe only game I am going to and was soooo worried it was going to be a nooner....

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I'm not an ACC fan, though. I'm a #GOACC fan. I'm going to CookOut.

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is this going to be on MyfoxDC 6? in the DC Metro Area

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Glad it's at 3:45 instead of noon. Leaves more time to tailgate.

about 3 hours and 45 minutes more time.

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Big, if true

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At this point the only one that really seems like it's going to be a true noon kickoff is Pitt

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Really liking this game time.