Deadspin reports that Adidas Basketball scandal is coming to football

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Come for the fun, stay for the great dig at UNC!

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getting a 404 with that link

That was an uppercut to UNC more than a jab. Also not sure I remember UNC football getting looked at for a pay-for-play scheme as the article says, but its hard to keep all of their unpunished scandals straight.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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UNC and penn state are just dirty programs

Recruit Prosim

I hope this goes full tilt on those programs. I love it. Our fans can gripe about star recruits all they want to but I take pride in knowing this should never be an issue at our university. We've had some bad apples but no huge scandals. Doing the right thing will always pay off in the end.

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Cough Seth Greenberg cough

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So much incentive for a money manager to do this if it secures high net worth clients in the future. Really messed up ethically, but I imagine this is very common with athletes all over the country with pro potential.

Man the ROI at UNC was abysmal during this

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Pitt? LoL