OT: Duolingo users?

Any other TKP people use Duolingo? I am looking for some people to help keep me challenged so I don't stop practicing. The league randos are a little too random for for me and I'm hoping some TKP randos will be a little better motivation.

Trying to get proficient in German and improve my French.

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I'm trying to get better at Spanish. I'm wmoughon

I'm yakoaohw

I added you.

I'm trying my hand at spanish too. matt215170

been slowly starting on german. no idea how the social aspect of it works, but I'm TheraVE07

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it just shows you how much XP people you follow have in a given week/month/all time.

Ive used it before in spurts of weeks, but I always get out of the habit. I'm hoping seeing other names consistently with points serves as an extra push

jgladish17. Also working on german

I know enough spanish to get me in trouble, but as much as I work around mis amigos, especially on larger sites, I really need to get to a somewhat conversational level. I have it on my phone, but haven't used it in a while.

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I have started and fizzled out of Spanish, Italian, and French. Italian is by far the most fun to speak, but I feel like I was subconsciously giving all the words a hit of Mario Bros.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Thanks! I hate it.

me too, but it's extra lolsy that it totally butchers that song the 'Neers claimed for their own. Lyrics would make for a great gameday sign

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I enjoyed duolingo. My issue is that when I try to understand where I went wrong during a lesson, the app is poor at explaining that. Even if I have a question on the lesson itself, the app doesn't explain that either. yes there's a forum for users that may explain it, but that isn't the same as asking a teacher.

I just got a 100-day streak in Japanese. I already knew some basic Japanese before starting, but DuoLingo has been very helpful at improving my vocabulary and kanji recognition.
My username is David614094

I just dropped a 39-day streak (my Sunday afternoon nap turned into Sunday afternoon coma).

Oh well, starting again today.

I spent some time with Spanish a few years ago, but just redownloaded to learn some Italian for a trip to Italy next year. I'm eejulia

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I've found using the web version is a lot better for understanding the grammar and why you may have missed one. The open forums really help with that

You can get that with the mobile version too. After you finish a sentence or whatever it's call click the comment bubble thing before hitting continue and it gives you the forum. And I agree, those are extremely helpful.

How do people use this, and do they find it effective?

I use mobile and desktop (i prefer typing on the desktop as I make fewer mistakes due to fat-finger typos).

As for being effective, I find it really useful in refreshing my French since it gives me words I used to know but can't quite recall until i hear or see them. I've been able to test through a bunch of levels and skip the tedium of going over things I already know really well, but still get the benefit of the refresher.

For my German, the repetition is really helpful, though it does get a little tedious. I'll go through a lesson and feel like I know it really well, only to come back and do the higher level and realize I didn't know it as well as I thought.

My biggest complaint is that sometimes they will throw a new name into the transcribe sound lesson and I'll be confused as to if the new word is a name or some big of vocabulary I've forgotten. Though I suppose that isn't an uncommon task one has to deal with, so it is probably useful long term.

I logged in today.

Yeah, I can see it as a decent refresher.

I didn't know if they have some conversation support that hooks you up with native speakers. I might be interested in some kind of conversation exchange.

I keep seeing mentions of Duolingo events, but I have never done one or looked into one. I haven't seen anything about native speaker interaction.

Does it help with pig latin??

I started the app after seeing this thread. Thanks for the idea. I'm starting to learn Italian.

Username is SteveBrick2

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And I fell off the wagon again this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

Be careful if you decide to quit or take a day off because the owl will harass you. Relevant meme:

Give Memrise and/or Mondly a try. The latter has a great, free lesson book that comes with it and you will learn more and faster than you would on duolingo.