OT-What does a college strength and conditioning offseason program actually look like?

Was wondering if anyone could add some insider input. I know a number of you were fortunate or crazy enough to play college athletics and was curious to know specifics about the actual training. In light of the debate about weight gain and weight loss, particularly as it pertains to the DE position, among others, I was wondering what do they actually do? How many hours a day? What types of lifts/activities? How hard/easy would it be for a scholarship athlete to coast during these sessions? I work on my dad bod 3 times a week and its a constant struggle to get out of bed to go to the gym before work so......in some sense I get not wanting to put in the work. What kind of peer support/pressure exists? Those types of things.

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I have a copy of the program from, I think, 2009 or 2010 the conditioning test to be eligible for any lifting awards looks pretty miserable