Ask TKP: What is the worst game in Tech Football history?

DC stated in another thread that he considered our 42-3 1998 Gator Bowl loss to UNC as Beamer's worst game, closely followed by our 27-24 OT loss to Maryland in 2013. This got me thinking, what is the worst game in Tech football history? 2001-2003 is littered with games we lost to inferior opponents and ruined our National Championship hopes with some of our most talented rosters. Then we have the obvious choices like 2010 JMU, 2018 ODU, and 1998 Temple. Just thought it would be interesting to see what different people feel is the worst and what determined that for them. Here are some that top my list:

1995 Cincy at VT: 16-0
1998 Temple at #14 VT: 24-28
2001 Pitt vs #12 VT: 7-38
2002 Pitt at #3 VT: 21-28
2003 WVU vs #3 VT: 7-28
2004 NC State vs VT: 16-17
2005 #5 Miami vs #3 VT: 7-27
2005 FSU vs #5 VT: 22-27
2007 #2 BC vs #8 VT: 10-14
2009 UNC vs #14 VT: 17-20
2011 #21 Clemson vs #5 VT: 10-38
2017 Syracuse vs #17 VT: 17-31

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For my time, 2007 VT-BC was the most painful loss I've experienced as a fan, followed by some combination of 2010 JMU BOISE and 2005 Miami. The Miami game was just awful to watch, but it was bad from start to finish. The BC and JMU BOISE games were heartbreakers in games it really felt like we were going to win.

edit: I don't know why I made that mistake twice, but I meant the Boise game. I was far more depressed after the Boise game because Tyrod was my favorite football player and his shot at national championship ended in the first game of the season. After JMU I was just numb. The pain of the Boise loss was far more intense.

2005 Miami is my single worst memory of Tech football. That team i still think was the closest think we've had to a national championship team besides 1999 and we were at the height of our national perception as a conterder and elite football program. Vick was getting heisman talk. And then that game was the most hyped up game ever at Lane. #3 vs #5 and the rest of the schedule looked like a breeze afterwards. The place was electric right up to kick off and then we absolutely shit the bed. To not even come close to showing up in that game still just makes me sick.

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That was the first VT game I ever attended... An interesting first Lane experience to say the least.

I agree about 2005. I think 2007 and 2009 were the other two years that we had the pieces to compete for a championship. In 2009 we obviously had the laid eggs against GT and UNC, but we competed as peers with Bama in that opening game, and finished the year with a dominant win over Tennessee.

I remember being at the game as 10 year old. Crazy atmosphere for my first night game. Also the first time I saw somebody flip the bird haha

Can't spell DBU without Bud

Your memory aligns with mine. I was so pissed that I walked straight back to my room in Pritchard and went to sleep.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

There was mega hype.... I could be wrong, but I feel like that game was the first time ESPN used their "skycam". Either ever, or at a college game.

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I just remember pregame there were guys selling Marcus Vick Superman shirts where the 5 was the S for like $30 and then after the game they were selling them for $5. I jumped on that sale.

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What's the context when you say worst?

Most heartbreaking worst? 2007 BC at VT
Most ruined our national title hopes worst? 2005 UM at VT
Most wait WTF just happened worst? 1998 Temple at VT

They'll really get after ya

That's half the reason I asked. Different things make different losses tougher for each person. I have a harder time with the loses where we were ranked in the top 5 than I do with the ODU loss where we were just a bad team. The 2005 acc game haunts me.

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Yes 2005 FSU game was one of the most "wtf is going on?" games I've ever watched.

I'll tell you what was going on...

Refs got the call from Jimmy.

No matter what...Virginia Tech is not winning the inaugural ACCCG. Now, go do what you have to do.

Leonard. Duh.

2007 BC at VT I think qualifies for most heartbreaking and ruining of title chances the most.

If we win that game and the rest of the season plays out as it did, we finish #2.

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We were not going to finish behind LSU in the final polls, regardless. They flat out beat us, and deserved the higher ranking, regardless of number of losses. The pollsters would've done what it took to make that so, and I can't say they would've been wrong to game the system that way.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

We've all had this argument a million times. We would have been one of only three one loss BCS conference teams that season if we didn't lose to BC. Mizzou who lost the Big12 championship to Oklahoma, Ohio State who would play for the National title, and us. LSU would finish 11-2. There absolutely would have been voters who put LSU ahead of us anyway, but losses have always been a big deal in determining these kind of final rankings. Not to mention, they didn't have absolute say in the BCS system. We finished #1 in the computer rankings with 2 losses, we would have have been even higher in those rankings if we had one loss I'd bet. There's no way to know what exactly would have happened, but it's not a sure thing that 11-2 LSU would have gone ahead of us at 12-1. Hell we already finished 3rd in the BCS with two losses.

Yes, we have. It's just my belief that as a result of that pasting in Baton Rouge, we didn't deserve to be in the Championship game over the team that pasted us. The poll voters would likely believe the same thing, and would vote accordingly. Someone (Jerry Palm, among others) would do the math to determine that if VT were Xth or below, then LSU would make it in, and the pollsters would go with that. Totally gaming the system, to be sure, but they'd do it, and sleep well at night.

It doesn't matter, though, it's a moo point. It's like a cow's opinion, nobody cares. It's moo.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

*reads list*


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Not sure how anything is worse than JMU/ODU.
Piss poor production right there.

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Temple always and forever. It would be like a basketball team being an overall number one seed and losing to a 16 seed.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Wait - that's impossible....

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Never happened

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

It's time to kill this offseason.


no no no. You're doing it all wrong. The last few weeks of the offseason are supposed to be used to get excited for the season. Save this shit for peak off season when we're all depressed anyway. Please edit this post and replace it with BillDozer's power hour. mmkay? Thanx

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Seriously, that was one of the worst games I've ever watched. That and the Russell Athletic Bowl against Rutgers were two of the absolute worst football games I've ever witnessed. Both teams played downright awful in each game, and neither looked like they wanted to win. Just absolute stinkers all around.

In terms of humbling losses? LSU 2007, Stanford in the Orange Bowl, and UNC in the Gator Bowl. Honorable mention to Miami in 2005.

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It ended soooo well, but that Nebraska game came dangerously close to living with these 2 on the list of "stinkers" games, although Suh certainly didn't have one himself... that guy destroyed us.

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This is the only answer. In terms of a football game being played, how can it get any worse than a 0-0 tie that you end up losing?

Especially considering Shane had their playbook or something shady.

End of discussion.

That is arguably the worst game in college football history.

"I am probably too rational to be here"

This is the best game ever solely because of that image and the gif version.

Like, step back from the Blacksburg Kool Aid and tell me this isn't just hysterical to a different degree.

I get it. Slow game, no scoring, whatever. But the ODU and JMU games are way worse objectively.

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One gif does not make up for the awfulness that was watching two horrendous offensive performances that I believe saw only one team cross midfield over the course of the game. Just an awful, awful performance by both teams.

At least the ODU and JMU games had some ebb and flow. This stinker was just watching two football teams try to hump a doorknob in waist-high dogshit for 4 hours. It was a game that people in the bar were literally begging to be put out of its misery, which I had never seen before.

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That Stanford loss still haunts me to this day....we looked so unprepared.

6-5, 10-1-1, 2-9, 3-8, 6-4-1, 6-5, 5-6, 2-8-1, 9-3, 8-4, 10-2, 10-2, 7-5, 9-3, 11-1, 11-1, 8-4, 10-4, 8-5, 10-3, 11-2, 10-3, 11-3, 10-4, 10-3, 11-3, 11-3, 7-6, 8-5, 7-6, 7-6, 10-4, 9-4, 6-7, 8-5..........

It was bad enough they just torched us on the field, but then openly clowning on Bud by shifting 3 or 4 times at the line of scrimmage before the snap was... bad. That game did some damage to our reputation that I'm not sure we've recovered from.

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Yep, Bud is a heck of a coach and legend. But 9/10 times when the other team was bigger, more physical, and just lined up and blew us off the ball, our scheme didn't work out too well. Definitely still haunted by Stanford and that 2007 LSU game.

Let's back up here for a second. The Stanford game didn't get ugly until late. They abused our safeties and linebackers in coverage with Coby Fleener.

That was very different from the 2007 LSU game.

Wonder if the game is different if Hosely doesn't drop the pick 6 early ion the 3rd quarter. That would have put us up at that point.


I think 07 LSU is closer if we play later in the year. We were breaking in a new Whip and rover. They exploited those weaknesses. Later in the season those weaknesses were tided up.


That game did some damage to our reputation that I'm not sure we've recovered from.

Quite frankly I don't think many people outside of Stanford or VT fandom remember that game at all. Truth be told I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on r/cfb or by any other fanbase in person and I live in an area with a lot of various southeast college football fandoms. After the game most of my friends (almost none of whom even watched the game, despite being big college football fans) were more or less just like "yeah dude that sucks, Andrew Luck is really good."

I read somewhere years ago that Harbaugh looked out our film and saw that Bud never had the TE's covered when they went deep, and that he waited for the 2nd half to exploit it so that it would be hard for Bud to make adjustments.

Coby Fleener Against VT

If you can bring yourself to watch, they successfully attacked this specifically on two occasions. The first time Whitley goes to bump and run with him and just falls down in rather embarrassing fashion. The second time at the end they definitely found a schematic flaw to take advantage of and sent two guys at the safety and they went opposite directions with nobody to pick up the inside route after the safety cover the outside route.

There's a lot of different answers to this but I have never felt as defeated/deflated watching Tech Football as I did watching GT run literally every single play at will against us last year.

For me, JMU was the worst. I attended the Boise State game that year at FedEx Field. That stung...but then we turned around and lost the following game to a 1-AA team. ODU hurt too...but technically a real FBS team.


Especially since our team was actually good that year.

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[Insert Pitt game here]

This is the only one I will insert.

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Needs something... hmm.

Perhaps a bit of BillDozer:

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2014 against Wake Forest probably the worst I've ever seen a Hokie football team look, but worst loss contextually has to be the 1998 Temple game, and it's not close

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

See I was mentally prepared for bad football in 2014 but not those Pitt and WVU losses

Gobble Till You Wobble

There's bad football and then there's what happened in Winston-Salem that day, which was worse.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

My god, how I hated VT-Miami in 2014. Tech lost 30-6 and Duke Johnson Jr. had over 280 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns. Oh, and Gus Edwards rushed for another 115 yards and 2 more touchdowns. IMO, I would much rather lose on a couple big, explosive plays rather than the death by 1000 paper cuts that not stopping the run feels like.

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So you would take the Pitt game from last year over Georgia Tech from last year?

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I think I would. Tobias Oliver still haunts my dreams. Those long, sustained drives of runs just seem so much more demoralizing.

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I feel ya. I'm split on it. It's demoralizing when you have to piece together a drive and score a TD to only to give up a 90 yard run right after. Also on the other hand, it's demoralizing to not be able to stop the same 2 plays from Georgia Tech. It's tough to be so close to a stop and not get it which is the whole feeling of the old Georgia Tech teams.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

Pitt still sucked ass but there were at least a couple (not many) times we stopped them/looked like we could hang in there or even come back.

GT literally didn't have to pass or punt the entire game.

Well... almost, Savoy just made sure it didnt matter when they punted.

We probably win that game if we don't fumble the punt.


I hated this game too. First game I ever took my wife (then girlfriend) to and we had Miami fans in front of and behind us. They were dicks and there was nothing I could say or do. It was miserable. I quarantined her from Lane Stadium for a few years until I married her after that bad luck charm performance she pulled.

My answer is simple.

Fuck. Matt. Ryan.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

BC has to be the worst loss ever. That was the most deflated and depressed I've ever felt. That one hurts the most because we actually had a pretty good team.

JMU is a close 2nd but in an entirely different way.

I broke a phone on the BC night.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

The rain broke my phone on BC night.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

The fall from the top of East Stands broke my phone on BC night.

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Mine was the impact with the living room wall

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As bad as it was, I figured we'd split with BC that year, and I'd rather lose to them in season than the championship game.

It could have been both, but Matt Ryan was picking defenses apart that year.

That loss may have cost us a chance at the national championship game (though it would have funny getting in over LSU after getting killed by them).


The funny thing is, that 2007 Ohio State team was one of the more beatable NCG opponents we could have had in our "close" years.

In 2005, we would have needed Texas or USC to lose anyway to make them NCG and we would have had to beat whoever of the two didn't lose, unlikely NC for VT in this scenario.

Well, the other stupid thing is, we win that game if we recover the onside kick. Something that should be so simple. But the cards didn't fall in our favor.

2014 ECU. Everyone thought we were back after dominating OSU the week prior.

πŸ‘†This! From the highest high of winning at Ohio State to crapping the bed at home against ECU one week later. So infuriating!

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Being at the 2007 BC game was the worst. Soaked, freezing, and then we fucking lost right at the end. I'm still bitter.

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Thanks Frank!

I was not cold or bothered by the rain the entire game until BC scored the 2nd TD.

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The Brenden Hill dancing game vs Boston College. I was embarrassed to be a VT fan that night. Tons of personal fouls, played like crap, and then Hill put the bow tie on it. It is a testament to the staff and the leaders on that squad to keep the program at a high level after that, because nights like that can be program killers.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Neat that Brenden Hill is one of the most vocal former players on Twitter about the state of the program today.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

This. That was the year Bud took the lunch pail away, and then Flowers, Adibi, and Hall went nuts the rest of the year, and some shutouts happened.


Leonard. Duh.

Crazy to think in a year where Bud had to take the Lunchpail away we ended up with the #1 defense by both S&P and traditional total defense. I still go back and watch us wreck Wake Forest at Wake Forest in November defensively. Same with that Thursday night Clemson game.

I was at that game. One of my favorites.

The Deac fans in the parking lots were pretty cocky, then at game time, the fans in our area were a bit intimidated that we had invaded their stadium.

Cute little old lady Deacon fan: "Don't ya'll ever sit down?"
Leonard: "No, not really."

Leonard. Duh.

Thats when herby turned on us IMO. That happened during a commercial break and Herby highlighted it railed about it. Honestly, i didn't see it as that big of a deal, i thought he was trying to keep people loose. I was madder that Herbstreit climbed on a soapbox and pointed it out after a commercial break.


We are less than 2 weeks from the start of a season - Why bother picking a scab topic like this? I definitely have my own answers to this but going back on thinking about them is just going to result in digging-up some long-buried memories that I would rather not recall.

While I was not around to see it, the October 31, 1896 44-0 loss to UVA had to be awful.
The worst I saw was Temple. We beat Clemson, Miami and Alabama that year, but gave Temple its first Big East road win in 35 tries on our homecoming.

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Just going to say temple because I was there and it was horrible

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It's not the worst overall, but the Orange Bowl loss to Kansas is worse than some of those on the OPs list. Losing to Miami (OH) at home was pretty bad as well.

It's pretty ironic that while we had an awesome record while I was at Tech, I still watched the 2005 ACC Champ game, the Boise and JMU games, and the fore mentioned OB game all in person.

Being at the 2007 BC game and the Michigan Sugar Bowl were pretty miserable losses and terrible games to be at, but not as WTF as the others.

Yea good point on the Kansas game. Don't know how i looked over that one. Also i think i completely wiped away the memory of the 1997 season with that Miami (OH) loss and then the UNC gator bowl embarrassment.

Gobble Till You Wobble

07 BC sucked. I left work and met a buddy at my house in Waynesboro and we got on the road at 3 ish that day. Traffic on 81 was horrendous that day and we didn't walk into the stadium until Sandman started. I knocked a side mirror off of my car before the game, just to watch Ryan rip our hearts out.


Going old school and a little off the radar:

NC State 7-0 VT in 1991

Will Furrer throws 7 INTs (seriously...SEVEN!) against an NCSU defense that wasn't exactly stout. our team was actually decent that year, except for this game

EDIT: specified it was the NCSU defense that wasn't stout

If you throw 7 picks and only allow 7 pts thats a damn good defense.

It's not on the list nor do I feel its as big of a deal to anyone, but the USC/Tech game and the ghost offensive PI. One play/awful call took the wind out of the sails. I want to believe that was Tech's game to lose.

I still hold firm that without that bullshit call, we win that game.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

The phantom OPI call hurt, but we lost that game when we lost Xavier Adibi to a torn bicep. He was spying Reggie Bush all first half, but without him in the second half, Bush went HAM.

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I think losing Adibi was so much more of a reason than the phantom P.I.

However, my conspiracy theory is that the SEC refs wanted USC to win because everyone was talking about how the new ACC would be the top conference. So they let USC win so that the ACC isn't deemed as good, but then USC runs the table and undefeatef Auburn is left out of the National title game. Dumb SEC cant even fix a season correctly.

One that meant something: 2010 Boise State game. Win that and I don't think the lose to JMU the following week and we might have been looking at an undefeated season

One that made my eyes hurt: 2014 Wake Forest - 'nuff said.

1997 Gator Bowl... Only time I remember not belonging on the field with an ACC team. Never in that game for 1 second. Total mismatch

UNC peaked as a Top 5 team that year. They had legitimate talent, leading to Mack getting hired away before the game.

If anything, it showed at the time that we had a little while to go before we were ready to hang with the legitimate powers at the time. Which was a fair statement, looking back.

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"Here's Sorensen now, his strength is not really running or passing" Tom Hammond on NBC... yep that's who was playing QB for VT in a bowl game vs. a top 5 team.

But he had awesome hair.

Were they not top 5 then too? Wasn't their only loss to FSU?


Sounds right

Living in Raleigh at the time, I remember this area getting extremely hyped over that game. Believe me, having seen how this entire region went apeshit over UNC football that year worries me about them if they ever get their act together. They have a large, yet dormant fanbase with the money to seriously capitalize on positive momentum if they ever get it going.

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I read dc's comment and the topic as Beamer's worst game. Outside of the obvious (JMU and Temple), the worst for me are clearly Michigan (it should have never come down to that amazing catch by Danny) and Kansas. We had no business losing either with the talent on the field. Decisions and playcalling in those games were just plain bad. I will forever blame Beamer for those two losses. Seeing both losses in person doesn't help either...

Yea my bad meant to clarify he said Beamer's worst game, but went ahead and expanded it to Tech's worst game just because i knew ODU would inevitably get brought up.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Kansas was a classic VT loss. Biggest game in opponents history- See ECU several times, JMU, ODU. Kansas had never before played in a major bowl, and haven't since. So we needed to match their mental intensity and urgency- and didn't. Scrappy, veteran QB- how many times have we seen that. Ore being an asshole during the week and missing curfew- yep, we've done that before. Vince Hall tearing his knee up on a jet ski- yep Beamer treated bowls as vacations before. Putting in Tyrod, only to have him throw a crucial INT on 1 WR pattern at Kansas's- by far- best player Aqib Talib.. yep, we have seen putrid offense and play calling before.

I sensed doom when Hall did the jet ski knee thing. And we needed to just keep running - we all knew it but Stiney.

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Personally the JMU game is the most miserable, just the atmosphere in Lane the pouring rain and the aftermath. It seemed like everyone was sick that week from spending 4 hours in the wet and cold on Saturday to this day anytime a JMU "fan" hears I went to tech they gloat about that game.

I would actually have to throw the 2011 Clemson game in the mix too though. The game is where I measure the beginning in the true decline of Beamers tenure, it really felt like there was some sort of shift in energy around program starting with that game

The first Clemson loss made sense in 2011, they were red hot with a new offense, big home wins over defending champs Auburn and Florida State, coming into Blacksburg for Logan Thomas' first real test as a starter. Defense held tough but the offense struggled mightily.

The second loss in the ACCCG was the bad one, the culmination of YEARS of our inability to adjust offensively. We were the red hot team heading into that one, ranked 4th or 5th in the country coming off 38-0 bro. Clemson was in an unabashed tailspin after starting 8-0 they lost to GT, blown out by NC State, needed a 14 point 4th qtr comeback at home against WAKE to win the Atlantic before losing to South Carolina. Everything was trending in our favor and we once again were putrid offensively, and Clemson recovered their early season form (for just this game, they'd let WVU score 70 in OB).

I agree about the Clemson losses in 2011, but the first one just felt bad. At home on a Thursday night.

Also I hated the fact that we were just man handled the entire night. Normally I'm not conspiracy theorist but I almost believe there was something to them knowing our snap count.

There were rumors after the fact that Clemson was in fact actually calling out the snap count at the LOS. They knew exactly what was coming on every play.

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Everyone says BC in 2007 and I think I would agree, but I think that LSU game earlier was even worse. I could be wrong, but I don't think Tech even had a first down until after the game was essentially out of reach at 24-0.

"I thought the kid right there you're talking to right there played his nuts off."

I was at that LSU game and in all seriousness, LSU fan turns around to me bout 1/2 way through the 2nd quarter and expressed his sincere disappointment they were dominating us on both sides of the ball so plainly. Not even snarky. Just wanted a good game. Clear, clear sign a) LSU was badass but b) we were miles away from competing with the SEC's best.

Not funny. Not funny. And now the baby is upset.

-Temple. Just simply a horrific loss.
-The 0-0 wtf thing that went to OT.......That should have just ended. Well, given it never started...anyway.
-I know it's a long shot, and obscure, but in 1992 we blew a 42-23 lead late in the 3rd to Butgers.
story here
When you end up at the losing end of a game with it listed as one of the greatest for the other team...well. It was bad.

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In person? 1995 Cincinnati loss. Miserable weather miserable football. I may have "fallen asleep" on the bleachers during the 3rd quarter.

How are we missing the 1997 home loss to Miami....wait for it.... OF OHIO?!???
Fine, it's not JMU but it is the MAC.

Not funny. Not funny. And now the baby is upset.

That Miami-OH game wasn't a bad loss in my book simply for the fact that I still do not know how they pulled off the fake field goal.

(Other than the obvious NCG) The worst regular season game by far was 1998 Homecoming game loss against Temple. THAT game SUCKED!! Temple was a guaranteed win until it wasn't...

There are many others, but that's the one that will always standout as number one.

Let's Go


JMU is still worse. Yes, Temple sucked, but we had a full complement of players against JMU. As I recall, we had Sorenson in at QB against Temple.


We were up against Temple and still lost. It hurt so bad. Temple wasn't just bad for a season or two.

The 2nd half of the Georgia bowl game. After being so hi at half time and then experiencing that 2nd half.

Ah, fuck you. I'd actually managed to forget about that game.

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Thanks Frank!

There was a great, or not so great still of Sean getting sacked by like 3 UGA players with all 5 of our linemen blocking air.


You didn't attach a picture and I can still see this in my mind.

I feel like the answer should always be whenever the last time we lost to UVA was.

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I was a transfer student in 2007 and the BC game was my first ever heart break. I've experienced all the other stinkers since then so my question is this: could someone explain the context of why the Temple loss was such a stain? Like, if we had lost to the Matt Rhule Temple program from a few years ago, not the worst situation in the world.

Was Temple just a total dumpster fire back in 98 or what? Why was it so bad?

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Was Temple just a total dumpster fire back in 98 or what? Why was it so bad?

Yes and they had been for a very long time. They were so bad they got kicked out of the Big East in 2004, right in the midst of when other conferences were grabbing any teams they could for expansion, "due to a lack of commitment to the football program."

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Shittsburg and Temple were bottom feeders of the Big East. Temple went 2-5 in the Big East that year. They really had a shitty team that year. The only other win Temple had was against Shittsburg and they went 0-7 in the Big East.

It didn't help that the Temple loss was during homecoming too. We were riding high up until that point. 😠

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Temple was discussing dropping the program because they were SO bad. Someone had a post in the other thread where they were something like 0-30-something on the road in the Big East prior to that game. We were top 15, Homecoming, building. And SPLAT. Yes. It was that bad. Just think, we went to the Natty game the following year.....

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Weren't we down to Sorenson at QB in that game? I know it was a bad loss, but we had our safety at QB as I remember


At least BC was top 5 and had a 1st round QB in 07. Temple was awful in the BE days, bad enough teh BE kicked them out to make room for UConn.


Two stuck out in my mind: Pitt in 2003 and ECU in 2014...Mainly because those losses were promptly the week after two of the bigger wins in program history. To me there's nothing worse than shiting the bed after doing something awesome and memorable.

Losing to any team in a bowl game doesn't qualify in my mind, because both teams have been good enough to get there. Generally, conference games wouldn't qualify (although if we somehow got shellacked by an awful LOLUVA squad, it might), because you would hope the conference should be somewhat competitive. It's those horrid, shouldn't-be-within-three-score losses that just make me pull what little of my hair that's left out. Therefore, my list:
1. (TIE) JMU & Temple
2. ODU

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Temple was a conference game at the time

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Understood, but the magnitude of that loss was exponential. Temple would have had a hard time beating an average FCS level team that year.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

This is an extremely cursed post, but you're not wrong.

I just hope we don't add to this list in the next 5 months.

2007 #2 BC vs #8 VT: 10-14

because I literally shit myself when I woke up the next day and saw the score.... and the ramifications of the loss of course.

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To try and put some positive in the thread, at least we weren't WVU in '07 losing the backyard brawl as 4 touchdown favorites that would have put them in the national championship.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

loved that one!

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Classic. Absolutely classic. Once we stopped playing WVU every year, their fans were hell to be around. Every week Tech lost, it was "y'all are the Chokies, y'all are lucky you're too scared to play us anymore, Pat White and Steve Slaton for Heisman, blah, blah, blah." Then they go and choke away a shot at a national championship against 4-7 Pitt at home. I was actually in Blacksburg that day watching us play Boston College in the ACCCG. We stopped at a gas station right across the state line in Peterstown, WV, on the way back. My dad and I were decked out in Hokie clothes, and the guy working the cashier was throwing a fit. He said "we're gonna beat your asses in the Orange Bowl." My dad just said "bring it." Fortunately we didn't play them in Orange Bowl because they probably would have killed us given how we looked against Kansas and they looked against Oklahoma.

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Sincerely hoping we wont have any additions to the list from this year.


Two more games I'd like to submit to the worst VT games:

Two of my all-time favorite "How can our offense possibly be this bad?" games:

2011 Michigan. Held Denard to 9/21 passing for 117 yards and 9 rushes for 9 yards. They averaged 1.9 ypc as a team and finished with 184 TOTAL yards. We managed to lose this game (even though we really won, Danny Coale).

2013 Duke. Anthony Boone was 7/25 for 107 yards and 4 INT's. They went 0-11 on third down,
and had 198 yards of total offense. We lost 13-10. If Bud Foster had quit after that game nobody could have blamed him.

Those two were tough to stomach. I can't get over that fake punt call in the Michigan game. That Duke game was also painful. Watching Logan throw four interceptions after being so solid up to that point was not fun to watch, and Cody Journell doing his best to kick the ball into the turkey leg stand was horrendous.

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2010 JMU. No excuse for an ACC team to lose to an FCS team. I know it was raining, I know it was off of a short week, I know it was off the back of a highly demoralizing loss to BSU, but our number 2's should have been able to beat JMU by double digits.


Kinda OT, but my bold prediction for week 1 is that JMU kills WVU. You thought we've been getting ravaged by the transfer portal? You should have seen WVU's offseason. Also, JMU goes into these FBS games looking to do more than collect a check; they want to win. They'll be hungry to beat WVU, and WVU will be breaking in a new everything with the new coaching staff. I can't wait.

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It's like I want this to happen because of my distaste for the cousins but I also can't stand JMU fans and a win over WVU would have them chirping about how they're the best football team in BOTH Virginias.

I have two. The first is the 2003 WVU game. We were ranked 3rd, and they killed us. They still talk about that game to this day the same way we talk about beating Miami in 2003 or Ohio State in 2014.

My second is LSU. I didn't think we'd win, but I didn't think we'd shit up our back the way we did. Arguably the most talented defense we've ever had got absolutely steam rolled, and that was the game where it became obvious there was something very wrong with our offense. I think had we played LSU at the end of the season, we would have done much better.

For some reason, I don't remember the 2007 Boston College game being that painful. I actually had no clue they were ranked 2nd in the country, and it was a prime opportunity for us to get a top five win. I was also in a state of shock that didn't allow me to be sad. I remember seeing grown women crying and dudes fighting after the game. It was probably the ugliest scene I've ever seen at a VT football game.

2010 Boise State sucked until we lost to JMU five days later. Then I kind of accepted the fact that we weren't that good and probably lucky to only lose by 3. It's too bad we didn't win those two games given how we ran the table till the Orange Bowl.

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I've never rewatched it, but I believe that the first drive in the LSU game we actually made a stop and Brandon Flowers (one of my all-time favorite hokies) absolutely thumped an LSU WR after the play for no reason and drew a flag, and it was like the floodgates opened after that moment. If that's not true, I have no idea how I built that up in my imagination.

You're right. And he looked at the ref like "what did I do?" A classic VT meltdown game.

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The worst game was actually a W.

Pitt 2000, because Vick got hurt and couldn't play against Miami the next week.

If you play it, they will win.

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That 30 for 30 about Miami talked about that game as if Vick played. That annoyed me.

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We have so many to choose from. I'd like to quit adding to the list.

This is tough because what is the criteria?- the impact of the loss, the way I felt, most time invested by fans for an awful result?

Here's my list:
1) Worst destruction of NCG hopes- 2005 Miami. We win that game and beat a top 25 FSU team in Jacksonville, Tech gets its rematch with Southern Cal. '07 vs BC a close second.

2) Most head scratching loss? Kansas in '08 Orange Bowl. Should've won game by 27+. Also the most frustrating as I drove from Richmond and spent a ton of cash on that one (senior year at VT).

3) Worst feeling loss- '07 vs BC. Sat in the North Endzone getting soaked for four hours just to watch that awful ending. Also the second to last time I broke something after a loss (2014 SCF Game 1 was the last....had to plaster a hole from my empty bottle of Johnny Walker Black when DG flubbed the puck)

4) Dumbest loss- '10 vs JMU.

5) Most "what the heck just happened"? '04 vs NCSU. I thought the Pace kick was good from where I was sitting.

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#5: Were you also sitting in the top left of SEZ? (Left from the stands not left from the field)

Because I could have sworn it was good.

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Thanks Frank!

Chick-fil-a bowl against Georgia as pretty darn pathetic.

Damn right that had slipped my mind...then I had a flashback of Eddie royal throwing a td pass to put us up 21-3 at the half. My next memories are a blur of Sean glennon turnovers and Matt Stafford touchdowns...and Georgia fans barking in our faces as we pissed the game away one blunder after another. That absolutely sucked


That was a game where we really left the defense out to dry in the 2nd half with all the turnovers and our offense turning to mush. Georgia had a 4 play drive that started at our 1 yard line. What a waste of an elite defense that whole year was. If MV5 hadn't had the calf stomp that could have been a really special season.

Let me edit not Matt Stafford touchdowns so much as Georgia touchdowns...just gifted it to em


I remember refusing to ever let Glennon start at quarterback on a video game for me after that game. Now I understand he was basically running for his life every play because our offensive line was so bad at pass blocking. I'm surprised the coaches never cut Ike Whitaker loose that season given how he would have just been able to run away from the pressure. They did that with Tyrod the next two seasons.

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So I really really hate that loss to Cal, I remember being pissed that DeAngelo returned the punt because to much time was left on the clock. I was pissed that KJ had like 10 Carrie's for 100 yards I the first half and 1 carry in the second. I didnt understand how Cal could best us.

I really got over that once I saw A A Ron Rod Gers in the NFL.

PS: I used to not understand Fitz, Stafford, or Megatron killing us, but well they were pretty good.

1998 Temple. I was so upset driving home after the game that I drove past my exit and many miles later wondered where the hell I was.

I still have flashbacks of Ricky hall dropping that touchdown right in front of my seats as a senior in high school...still haven't gotten over that game.


2019 Duke

Gobble Till You Wobble

Getting waxed by 4-8 ODU at their chicken shit field with no running water. We didn't lose in OT. no we got dusted by a shitty CUSA team. The worst- at least the past 40 years.

This. With an extra week to prepare, I might add

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Temple 1998. It was at home, we were undefeated, and they were winless. Until that scenario happens again, it's Temple.

I think whether you pick between ODU/JMU/Temple or a game like Friday's beatdown depends on whether you consider "bad" to mean a loss to a team we never dreamed we'd lose to, or just a crushing defeat.

The 1998 Gator Bowl loss to UNC or the 2007 woodshed beating at LSU were epic and painful, but UNC was 11-1 and finished 4th in the country that year, while LSU won the national title.

I don't think we were shocked that Duke beat us, but to be emasculated by a program like Duke at home puts Friday's game right up there among the all-time VT losses.

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The most recent one

It might always be the very next one that Fuente coaches.

Is it basketball season yet?

Will always be the "Dancing" game vs BC. At no point was I more disgusted with the state of the program. Even including this week.

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