Any updates on new defensive coaches?

It's been several days since I've heard anything substantive and the focus seems to be on ESD, but was wondering if anybody has heard anything on new coaches?

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Crickets. I'd seen people saying that there are other coaches and that their HR paperwork is just taking longer for some reason. Anybody know if that's the case or are they potentially coaches from other schools and there won't be an announcement until after that team's bowl game(s)? Where's the people with the sauces??!?!?

Doesn't have anything to do with paperwork. Where do people come up with this stuff?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Fuente from Dec 11

"We're pretty far down the road in doing that [hiring staff] as we are able to handle all the needs with the university, and human resources-wise will be able to announce those things moving forward. There's a lot of variables in terms of timing of announcements. I can tell you that we're pretty far down the road with the staff."

My interpretation of that is they are waiting for their selections to finish their seasons before making announcements. I'm going to try to catch some of both the Bills and James Madison games today as there are coaching candidates on both of those teams.

that was before Tapp and Claeys were announced

This is bigger than any Bama signing. Dude is for real. This is like Belichick level.


My personal favorite rumor is that the Bills DL Coach, who coached with Fuente at Illinois State, is coming to VT after the NFL season ends. I'll believe it when I see it.

EDIT: I saw it.

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TSL, on their podcast said his salary for the Bills is roughly the same as what Wiles had been making here. If he wants to coach at the college level then its certainly a possibility

Winters in Buffalo could make ANYONE leave.

"When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot." -Ray Kroc

Anybody ever work for a bad boss? Another great reason to leave (in addition to Buffalo winters). Anybody ever work for a great boss? I'd work for a great boss for less money, especially if I was currently working in less than ideal circumstances. Hopefully there's some combination that will bring Teerlinck in and we'll get to keep him awhile.

Gurus on 247 have all but confirmed Bill Teerlinck will be our next DL coach. It's likely more serious than you're giving it credit.

Yepp I've also heard this is a done deal

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

I hope you're right. Given that the same people on 247 also said that we'd see changes at OC, I'm not holding my breath.

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I've heard (not from 247) to look for those after the bowl game. It wasn't a guarantee though.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Could be. Gotta figure that if Wiles wanted to coach the bowl game they probably would've held off on an announcement?

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I don't know honestly. All of these staff changes seem scatterbrained and I can't figure out the pattern haha. But it's of course not as simple as teams that don't have a bowl game. Gotta have someone to coach.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

But they also said Prunty would be the DL coach.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

That rumor started here and TSL, not 247.

My 247 sauces all told me it was Prunty too.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

the leaks to the chat boards have greatly diminished under Fuente.

when big donors are dead wrong about "done deals", info is being held pretty close.

Fuente or Whit?

Both. Similar styles in how they operate behind the scenes. Mostly done to respect their candidates, which is admirable imo.

Boom - frustrating for those of us fans that are looking for info, but much better from a "guy I'd want to work for" standpoint

The 247 mods were the only ones saying that prunty would NOT be on staff as an assistant when TKP was going nuts over it.

If I'm reading it right, our pass blitzing will be bullrush with the DL with the majority of sacks probably coming from the DTs and the Brothers Hollifield, Connor, Rudolph, and Ashby

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So if we ARE hiring Teerlinck, guesses as to timing of that announcement? After the Bills' season is over?

Also, if that is the timeline for him and there's no announcement after college bowl games, I guess we deduce it's him from lack of announcement?

no reason for a position assistant to disrupt a team in a championship hunt or, really, to forfeit a game check this time of year.

Exactly. Also, the more wins the Bills gets this year in the playoffs, the more credibility Teerlinck gets with recruits.

I'm perfectly fine with Tapp acting as the "interim DL coach" until Teerlinck is ready to take over.

Tapp is not the interim DL coach. Dont recall who off the top of my head, but it was mentioned in the latest press conference

no doubt he will be spending plenty of practice time with the DE's - as well as other units. It's been said a couple of times he is going to be getting involved in the defense across the board to broaden his experience with the entire scheme.

for now he and Claeys are getting settled in and will not be the lead coaches for the bowl game. GA's and staffers who have been with the team all season working with those units will be handling things for the bowl.

side note: I hope we bring back these jerseys one day... such a good design

Good design...for 2005.

They're neither classic not contemporary, IMO. Just dated.

If this had just happened a few weeks earlier, we may have had a shot to flip Antwaun Powell from Florida. Imagine the pitch of NFL position coach along with DL assistant that played in NFL and also went to high school in his same district (Norcom-Portsmouth vs Deep Creek-Chesapeake). Wonder if it crossed his mind and he signed with Gators on ESD. Powell was the big miss of this class, similar to Josh Sweat, Darrell Taylor, Jalyn Holmes both in terms of type of player I see him becoming and being the bridesmaid.

There's no glory in practice and lifting but without practice and lifting, there will be no glory!

We might get a better look from guys like that but UF and Clemson are putting guys in the NFL. And if you are a 5 star guy the college you attend doesn't matter a lot (Ed Oliver). We just put Tim Settle in the NFL too which he would have probably been a higher draft pick coming back.

So while it cant hurt, I wouldnt expect getting 100% of the guys that picked a blue blood school over VT.

Per this article, Zach Sparber is coaching the DL in the bowl game.

Also from that article, "Fuente hopes to announce permanent hires for the defensive backs and defensive line vacancies sometime in January."

"Our job as coaches is to influence young people's lives for the better in terms of fundamental skills, work ethic, and doing the right thing. Every now and again, a player actually has that effect on the coaching staff." Justin Fuente on Sam Rogers

Based on the tweets from Davidson and Tapp, it is sounding like we want to re-emphasize recruiting the 757 and hopefully VA. If that is the case, are we seriously considering Loren Johnson as DB coach or to replace Prioleau if he becomes DB coach? I would really like to see LJ on staff in some sort of capacity. It seems like he could definitely help us recruit VA.

...except if he takes PP's position he cannot recruit.

We put the K in Kwality

I wonder if Loren Johnson wants to recruit. If I remember correctly an older article about him had him stating how much he enjoyed shaping the young mens futures. Teaching them about hard work on and off the field.

What are the implications of this?

"Virginia Tech named Kevin Cristello as its assistant athletics director-chief of staff and football operations Friday."

Thoughts on the hire?

Thanks! I somehow had missed that she'd left.

Big shoes to fill.

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he bae

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Only if he pronounces his name correctly.

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Any smoke on this? Profile says

Defensive Backs Coach @.../VT FB Alum/Former Pro Jets/Eagles

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

I'm guessing he is not sending an open twitter casting call out as the new VT defensive backs coach. I'm guessing it's a smaller school.

Very true, but he did like my retweet of it....who knows...

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

Can you even recruit if you are not officially announced as a coach or is it once paperwork filed with NCAA? Because this sounds roughly like recruiting. If paperwork is filed and he is recruiting, don't know how it would be kept as a secret if it was VT.

I don't think a blanket Tweet counts. Contacting kids, coaches, families directly certainly would.

This teerlinck guy is big time. Signing him is a bama type hire. Expect big things to happen if he takes the job


he cant offer anyone until hes officially a staff member of whatever school but there are no rules against reviewing film/ forwarding said film to someone at the school of his choice (or future school) which is pretty much all he was asking for in the tweet. if you are a baller send film. he will look at it and if he likes it he will either wait till his paper work is done and official and he will offer you or send it to someone whom can offer right now on the current staff that he is in contact with that trust his film evaluating ability. this is not uncommon amongst "recruiting/scouting services", high school coaches, people with connects. ive sent film on a couple FL guys to some coaches at VT to look at, one got passed up and was NO after it went up the chain of command. DB class of 22. came back and was told they need to see how his body develops more (I think theyre going to regret not getting on him early but its their call. kids an elite tackler, has great ball skills, and instincts starting on a team that won the 5a state championship his freshman season but is only 5'9 160 right now.)

anyways long story short. Davon is at a small school in west VA he wont be stealing our recruits lol but he can get his college coaching career started and maybe end up becoming a great coach and a potential coach for VT one day with that one thing all us hokies clamor for "experience"

twitter @smithey_daniel
head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

Looks like part of the profile was left off:

Defensive Backs Coach @ABfootball

AB for Alderson Broaddus

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Small world. Never thought I'd see my 'hometown' college mentioned on this site.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

When my kids were in high school, we did mission trips to Phillipi, WV and stated in the dorms at Alderson Broadus. It is indeed a small world.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

WV represent! The only time I went to phillipi was for summer league swim meets, I remember the pool and they had a Burger King we'd eat at after the meet.

For what it's worth, I heard Fu on the post-game show with Laaser, and when he was asked about when we could expect some of the vacancies to be filled, he noted that: 1) School is closed. Why is this important? Because of background checks, due diligence, etc., when working through prospective coaches, and some of the folks that do that work wouldn't be working until after the first of the year. 2) He also said that some of these candidates were still coaching in ball games. At first, it sounded like he said bowl games, but he went back and made a point of saying "ball games, not bowl games". So it sounds like we may have an answer soon after the Bills exit the playoffs on Teerlinck.

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At this point, I'm expecting Teerlinck and Midget. If it was anyone else, it would have been announced by now.

Madison is also still playing.

Who would we be targeting from Madison?

Their DB coach.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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UW Madison? Their DB coach happens to be their DC.

Y'all are talking about two different schools.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I can't imagine that we would let Mitchell go, pass on Prioleau and LJ and hire a guy from Madison who has been there for one year and came from Maine before that. That wouldn't make any sense.

from what I've heard from friends over the holidays (so totally unsubstantiated rumor) is that Prioleau isn't interested in being an assistant coach - he's happy being an analyst where he doesn't have to travel for recruiting all the time.
So we didn't "pass" on him.

But I agree.. I hope we are hiring someone with more top-level experience, particularly proven success as a P5 recruiter.

That being said, this guy did a great job coaching at Maine for several seasons, and now is with JMU who are only giving up 15ppg on their way to playing in the FCS title game this weekend.

I can't imagine we'd let our current DB coach go after his work with Farley and Waller in favor of a coach from James Madison. Madison is an FCS school, so can't think that would in any way be an upgrade. Since most schools have played their bowl games, I'm hoping the delay in announcements really does mean we've managed to get some NFL position coaches!

I disagree with your assessment. I don't think it matters where a coach is or has been. If he's a fit with the staff and the philosophy on D, recruits his ass off, and can coach, I don't care if he came from DIII.

You realize it's not important if you agree with my assessment. You listed your criteria for a coach, but what about a high school recruit's criteria? They're most likely looking for a coach that has experience either at the NFL level (preferable), P5 coaching experience, and has placed kids in the league. If we pick up Matt Birkett from JMU, there's two guys that, on face value, look like were drafted (granted late in the draft) where he coached. But they were both drafted before he got to the schools. So if you're a recruit and you're looking at where you're going, Birkett is a coach who has experience is much less competitive conferences than us, but nobody drafted? Plus, at the FCS level, how do you know if he'd be a good recruiter? You can't convince me that Birkett would be a step up from Mitchell, until he has some sort of proven track record in FBS and/or placing guys in the NFL.

If this is true I would think this would be a big sales pitch on the recruiting trail. Having two former NFL position coaches on staff has to be appealing.

Although, I dont know much about other staffs and maybe this is common and not really an advantage. Anyone have insight?

Don't expect midget

I know LA just said don't expect him, but can we get a full name for Midget? "Midget football" in google doesn't exactly help. D:


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Not trying to call you out, but you appear to be a current student? If this doesn't show how nonrelevant VT's late 90's/early 2000's success is now in 2020 with fans, it's even harder with recruits!

Graduated with my BS in 2015, now working on my PhD in CS. I wasn't into football (at all) until I went to VT in 2010. It isn't calling me out, I just wasn't following until 10 years ago.

Yeah, I had a brief "WTF?" moment, then realized that Anthony Midget played before current recruits were even born. Now I feel old.

But now I want to Google "Midget football."

If there's truth to Teerlinck and Midget, the game to watch is Buffalo vs. Houston tomorrow at 4:35 Eastern on ESPN.

So they could still be coaching basketball... interesting...

Brad Stevens for secondary coach!

I heard him say this too but didn't connect the dots. Good thought.

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The school being closed thing makes absolute logical sense. Except then how come all of these other schools are hiring coaches left and right right after they fire someone? All of these other schools are also closed.

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

Some of them are for head coaches, which seems like it may be more important to get done like RIGHT NOW so they can then work on filling out their staffs. They may be willing to wait on position coaches. But that's just a guess (and you make a good point regardless).

Depending on who the coaches are, it could also be because at least one of them is still coaching. Someone pointed out that Fuente said they're still coaching "ball" games. Teerlinck is done, but Midget is not. Given the timing and wording of what/when he said it, I'm hopeful both position coaches are coming from the NFL. Waiting to see who it is is costing me patience lol

Considering Durkin got hired I'd assume some schools don't do a HR hiring process or background check.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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He also said that some of these candidates were still coaching in ball games. At first, it sounded like he said bowl games, but he went back and made a point of saying "ball games, not bowl games". So it sounds like we may have an answer soon after the Bills exit the playoffs on Teerlinck.

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So...... We're waiting! It's been 3.5 minutes since the Bills game ended.

J/k, but not really.

This is what I was looking for as well.

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So...when we see an update and open this thread...there should be news, right?

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In theory, but being in TKP for a while, you learn updates could be anything, and most of the times, very far from updates Haha

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You called?

Hi Deuce Deuce '07, long time/first time.

I was also expecting the end of this game to result in an announcement of Deerlick as our new defensive line coach. What can you tell me about the ongoing coaching positions that still remain unfilled?

I'll hang up and listen. Thanks!

you just gave me PTSD.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Hey guys...any update?

We put the K in Kwality

When does school re-open? That's the other half of the equation here.

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Administrative offices opened on Thursday. Spring semester doesn't start for a few weeks but that doesn't matter.

Spring semester doesn't start for a few weeks

Seriously? That seems late. NC State's spring semester started this morning

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VT's was always around MLK day when I was there ('08-'12). Either week before or week of.

Classes start the 21st. gotta take my son back on the 18th.


Friggin offseason!

More waiting for news.

I will likely regret this playing with emotions by posting new worthless posts when I too see that there are 25 new in this thread and bounce on in with high hopes.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I feel ya - I been runnin google ragged searching for updates on the new coaches, see new messages in this thread and got all excited that maybe somebody knew something from sauces, but nope.

I see your playing with emotions and raise you one.

Saw on another board that Teerlink resigned from the Bill's. It was literally my cousin at the Bill's (this was the poster on the other board, wanted to clarify that it wasn't my family). So not sure about confirmed sauces.

Previously LowBrau.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!


This word has two meanings with completely opposite outcomes. If that was your point, well done.

yes, however "resigned from" has a pretty clear connotation

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true. and I think it's actually re-signed...

but subtle wordplay.

Not actually true. You need a hyphen to get to the other meaning.

Damn you! I have better things to do with my day than search on VT Football and hit refresh every 3 seconds for the next 6 hours waiting for this to be substantiated!

Not if you pronounce it fr繹m

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Probably an "in-the-family" hire

House was such a great show.

Olivia Wilde > The brunette chick everyone raves about on this board.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

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I like it. Coaching recently in the NFL will help him recruit higher rated players than we have been getting recently on the DL.

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No...he went to Wisconsin.

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He has the look that says, "I dare you to piss me off."

Edit: I am now looking forward to his defensive line Teering a new one in all opponents OL and QBs.

I'm going to need to see him with a goatee

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Why does Fu always hire his buddies???

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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So who is going to be the new DB coach?


heard they would be announcing in the next couple days. I don't know who its going to be but I can tell you that Fuente and whit are working hard to solidify the staff BIG TIME! we are shooting our shot. that's forsure. we went after greenbay packers defensive quality control coach Christian parker but he declined. parker has strong VA ties, coached in the SEC and now the NFL. he would have been a HR hire just as much as midget would have been. As most of you know already Midget was reached out too. whoever it ends up being.... I think we will be happy with the hire and if not it will 100% not be for lack of effort or settling for "fuentes friends"

not that it matters since he declined but if you aren't familiar with him ive linked his bio below.
christian parker bio

twitter @smithey_daniel
head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

I would guess that the DB coach is more than likely on the Clemson or LSU staff or it would be announced by now, unless there is Fuente or J-Ham connection still coaching in the NFL playoffs right now.


Clemson or LSU or JMU

Fuente or J-Ham or Kill or even Claeys or Teerlinck or Scott

nothing would surprise me right now

I would say it's leaning heavily towards Ryan Smith of JMU at this point.

I didn't realize they pushed those finals out to this weekend.


Reasons/sauces for this guess? He's listed as coaching safeties and on JHam's bio it says he coaches safeties. Which do you think would switch if this IS the case?

The list is very long in terms of guys that would be an upgrade from Mitchell, so I'm cool with any one of 200 guys.

What's wrong with Mitchell? Did Farley coach himself to first team all-ACC? Did Waller coach himself up? Not sure about his recruiting, and so maybe that was horrible, but they did keep him on staff for 4 years, so doubt it could've been THAT bad. Mediocre recruiter at best maybe? But you'd still take any one of 200 other guys huh?

Sorry, my judgement is still clouded by DBs running into each other during the Duke game, etc. On a serious note, the play from that position overall SHARPLY declined after Gray left. That used to be a play making position at VT, not under Mitchell, and yes CB recruiting is still an issue. Farley had to move to CB because we couldn't recruit anyone better. Mitchell is not a good coach.

Well, Mitchell has been around 4 years. During that time, there have been 5 starting CBs. Stroman and Facyson, then Farley and Watts, then Farley and Waller. Facyson was good (good enough to be playing in the NFL), but I think he also had lingering injuries throughout his time at Tech. Stroman was also fairly good if memory serves, but both were to some degree leftover products from Gray.

So then there's Caleb Farley and Jermaine Waller (Bryce Watts would be the other but transferred out). They would be the products that were wholly Mitchell's. Farley and Waller were both Freshmen (Farley redshirt, Waller true) last year. Mitchell coached up 2 dbs from a really bad defense last year to one of them being a first team all-ACC selection. Waller had some pretty good stats as well, and again, both were sophomores this year. I would argue that both took substantial steps forward from where they were last year. And if you expected them to be good last year, show me another P5 team that starts a redshirt freshman and a sophomore and has a great (or even good) pass defense last year, then redshirt and true sophomores and has CB play as good as ours was (not that we were all around elite, but compared to two other sophomores). This year, as I mentioned both are still young, but much improved. That's why I think Mitchell was at least a pretty good coach (no idea about his recruiting chops though).

Why do you think he was a bad coach? I'd love to hear specifics.

Fayscon was a baller as a Frosh, his injury and loss of top end speed is why he wasn't a much higher pick.

When we got Mitchell I asked my WVU friend what he thought and his response was "Sure take him, I dont know why Bud would want him"

Waller would have been a standard DB under gray.. a Nickel guy. The fact that he is a beacon of Mitchell's success tells you all you need to know.

Why? Waller fits what we have had at field corner all those years.

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Teerlinck is a steal. Pretty much ensures we are staying with a one gap front that can be legitimately marketed as an NFL style D.

Hamilton, Tapp, and Teerlinck doing an in-home visit with a DL recruit is going to be pretty impressive. A defensive line can make the guys behind them much better. Not sure the inverse is nearly as true

Meanwhile, Charley Wiles is headed to NC State according to Football Scoop. No word on his official position.

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Glad he's landing on his feet.

That was never a question. Charlie Wiles is one of the better DL coaches in the P5. He teaches hand technique better than most. He was never going to be out of work long.

DL coach

Why are people so convinced that our new hire will be someone from JMU?
Here are the bios of the two potential candidates from:
Matt Birkett
Ryan Smith

Let's look at the hires this year.

First off, JHam. His resume isn't glorious or anything, but getting the endorsement of Foster, Fuente, and then all the former players that came out of the woodwork showing support all added legitimacy.

Next, Lechtenberg. People seem okay on this one, not totally convinced, but openminded (it seems from comments I've read).

Then I want to focus on the next few.
We picked up Darryl Tapp - 12 years in the NFL and the past 2 years coaching. People were really excited about this hire!
Tracy Claeys - has a LOT of experience (at the DC position). Seems like a good option to coach linebackers as well as maybe give advice to JHam. People seemed pretty happy about this hire.
Bill Teerlinck - people are really excited about this. NFL position coach with some college experience as well. Instant credibility with recruits. The only knock on him appears to be people not understanding why he'd take a "step down" to coach at Tech.

So now we're looking at our next hire, and given the excitement/happiness people have had about those last 3 hires, people are expecting one of those guys from JMU and not someone else either from the NFL or a coach from another P5 school? Smith seems like he has better on-field products, but given that we REALLY seem to want to get better at recruiting, I can't see him as anything other than a "Meh" hire.

Tapp hasn't been a coach anywhere else and if wasn't an alum people would not be happy with the hire. He was a GA for one year at a directional Michigan school and an a Analyst for one season for Vandy. So again your basing Tapp on just his name and potential hires from JMU on where they worked before?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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So when you heard Tapp was brought on board, your reaction was, "He hasn't coached anywhere, why in the hell did we pick HIM up?" And he's not even a primary position coach, he's "co D-Line coach." My point is that people were excited about the hire.

And I wasn't saying Tapp was a great coaching hire, just that people were excited to have him. I'm assuming Teerlinck will be primary coach but Tapp will be picking up stuff from him and would replace him when Teerlinck leaves (which most people think is the case).

You didn't address any of the points I brought up, only that a potential replacement might be from JMU. Did you read the bios of the guys from JMU? Did you compare their performance to Mitchell? Do you think they're going to be better recruiters than Mitchell? (If so, I'd love to know based on what). I wrote a fairly long comparison of Mitchell to the JMU guys in another post so I didn't re-write it all here. I was hoping the people who read this post would actually go and look at the bios and mentally compare them against what we'd gotten from Mitchell, rather than simply say "you're biased against guys from some random school." You totally ignored what I wrote about our current coaches wanting to get better at recruiting, and that the last 3 hires all bring recruiting credibility. So yeah, in that regard, I AM picking on it being JMU to some extent.

I mean could part of that also flow back to the known limitations of VT's funding support? I would imagine that you have to pay something substantial to bring in Claeys and Teerlinck. JHam won't have Bud Foster money, but he's still getting a raise from what he was at. Not sure how much Tapp's finances will compare to what Wiles was getting. I would guess that Lechtenberg's finances got increased. We have Kill in the back of the house after someone else left and I'm guessing we don't know how comparable his salary is to Bartlestein's.

If they wanted to make financial numbers work, it's possible that they thought they could get a less experienced coach at the CB spot with JHam as the DC (I know he coached safeties) and the support of Prioleau on staff.

That is a very good point - I hadn't considered the money/salary aspect.

Why are people so convinced that our new hire will be someone from JMU?

Because people in the know have said he's a strong candidate. Where there's smoke there's fire.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I thought that had gotten thrown out because JMU was still playing and it was more supposition/inference as to why the announcement hadn't been made (the NFL still has games going as well). Someone had mentioned having sauces related to Teerlinck, but didn't remember having seen anything strong/sauce related for JMU.

I think I read that an announcement is expected to be made next week. JMU plays their final game this weekend, but Houston (people have thrown out Midget's name, granted others have said not to expect him, but not sure if they think it's a stretch or what) plays this weekend and is expected to lose.

Evan Watkins of VTScoop (247 Sports) all but confirmed it's Ryan Smith, JMU's DB's coach, in an article he published yesterday.

Saw a video floating around about RS. Seems to be a decent dude. Fairly charismatic. He had a rerional recruiting title for JMU, so he may have some solid connects throughout the state, which can never hurt.

Tu-rod did it Mikey! Tu-rod did it!

THANK YOU! Someone finally answered my questions about source, as well as recruiting! Also makes me feel a little better about the hire. Smith is listed as safeties, so was there mention of him switching to CBs or would JHam switch (since he's listed currently as safeties)?

Everything I've read said Smith as CB coach, but who knows, this is all just glorified rumors after all.

Tu-rod did it Mikey! Tu-rod did it!

Definitely could turn out to be a good hire, but I'm a little puzzled. I thought the major impetus of this defensive staff overhaul was a focus on recruiting. Smith may have a ton of potential, but some questions still here. And he's a safeties coach - do we know if he has experience coaching corners? We just got rid of Mitchell because of ineffective recruiting, but he was by all accounts a tremendous corners coach. Not going to judge really either way right now, but this kind of feels like a reach and likely plan d.

I don't think it's just to improve recruiting in general, but specifically to rebuild relationships within the state of VA. If that's the goal, then the Ryan Smith hire would make sense, because he's already built those relationships; he's just selling a new product. Also, he's coached on James Franklin, and I'm sure he has some interesting insight into how PSU recruits.

Taking a more pragmatic point of view, we hired one position coach with 7 years of NFL experience and another with 15+ years of coordinator experience, 5 at the FBS level. Our funds are limited, so it might be worth it to take a gamble on someone with VA ties.

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Maybe, but didn't we free up a lot of funds specifically going with J-Ham? It's an underwhelming hire on paper, the JMU guy, and another inexperienced coach with FCS ties only. I was hoping for a more impactful move there, but on the other hand, it's not like Mitchell and his WVU ties did a lot either.

Still think that there should be money floating around to make better hires, or if not then add recruiting staff.

Taking a more pragmatic point of view, we hired one position coach with 7 years of NFL experience and another with 15+ years of coordinator experience, 5 at the FBS level. Our funds are limited, so it might be worth it to take a gamble on someone with VA ties.

Being pragmatic, I would think we need to look at our hires and see where our net gains are.

Lecht for Zohn seems like a toss-up
JHam/Clayes for Bud is a fairly significant downgrade
Teerlinck and Tapp for Wiles is an upgrade
Smith for Mitchell is tough to call anything better than a toss-up, maybe a slight downgrade just on coaching experience.

I like the DL hires, but it's hard to look at that list and get the warm and fuzzies that our coaching and recruiting holes have been addressed, especially offensively. There is very little recruiting and coaching experience listed there. We're going to be relying on more than a little luck that these guys all work out.

From a talent development standpoint I agree, but these changes address team-wide recruiting needs. I think (Yes, It's unproven, but in theory) we'll see an improvement in recruiting in every role, except maybe Wiles.

It's obviously a risk/reward calculation, and you can reasonably argue that the seemingly imminent RS hire doesn't do enough to mitigate the risk of the current staff's lack of experience.

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you can reasonably argue that the seemingly imminent RS hire doesn't do enough to mitigate the risk of the current staff's lack of experience.

This is exactly where I am. We're taking risks elsewhere on staff already. I would have liked to see a more known commodity somewhere.

And with that exact type of risk-taking will come a lot of built-in excuses if this team does not meet or exceed high expectations - 10 wins, Coastal title, top 30 recruiting class - for 2020. Fuente's really cutting his work out for himself and blaming a green Hamilton, or firing Corny finally this time next year, as excuses just won't cut it.

When has Fuente ever thrown any coaches under the bus?

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

If he under performs in 2020, he's probably not gonna have the option then. It'll be too late.

I'm sold.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Probably because CZY at 247 predicted it would be Ryan Smith (and that was in a non-subscriber post).

Smith isn't the Plan A hire. We went after a guy from the NFL but were turned down. Prioleau seems to have turned us down to stay in his current position. We may have been turned down by Loren Johnson as well. Certainly we at least checked in with Midget and Sorensen, both NFL Assistants who may want to remain on that path.

But that doesn't mean Smith isn't a good candidate. Worked at PSU under Franklin, recruiting contacts from JMU in state. Went to W&M. Was probably recommended by the W&M guy from the Packers we went after earlier. He's got solid credentials.

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Let's Go


Impact of the hires may show on signing day.

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For any interested parties (assuming Ryan Smith is the new DB hire from JMU) - through almost the end of the 3rd quarter in the FCS championship game, JMU has allowed 17 yards passing by North Dakota State (granted NDSU has 200+ yards on the ground and are winning, so may not need to pass, but still).

Maybe I jinxed them, after I wrote this, NDSU had 15 yard and 18 yard completions.

Yeah, ND St.'s QB is impressive as a freshman. Has never thrown an Int in college.

It's Monday - where da fuq is the announcement????????????

Inquiring minds need to know!!!!!!!!

The new coach is still coaching. Looking at you Clemson and LSU.

That would fit with what I heard on here last week, that the announcement would be this week.


Fingers crossed for Mike Reed.

I'd be happy with that hire!

It's Ryan Smith.

Did you see an announcement?

Yeah, by the people who knows who it is.

You can keep daydreaming that it's not him if you want. Seems silly.

Am I missing something here? What does VT have to offer him that he can't get at Clemson?

No, you're not missing anything. But I think HokieDoug is.

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Maybe I border on delusional optimism occasionally, but it's a much funner (yeah, I know, I used that non-word on purpose) place than pessimism.

If I'm missing something, why didn't they announce Ryan Smith today? His game is over. Just gives me hope for something I'd be happier about.

EDIT: and it wouldn't just be me - HokieAlum6144 mentioned Clemson and LSU and at least 7 people gave them legs, so I've got a number of other delusionals with me lol

My post was a joke as everybody was waiting on JMU to finish playing for an announcement. So I just posted about the other teams still playing. But I would legitimately love to get Mike Reed in, he knows how to pass out the Hardies coupon's.

You ruiner of dreams! lol

Fair enough, but my points still hold - 7 other delusionals gave you a leg.

The biggest point is that JMU played on Saturday. No announcement was made on Sunday, and no announcement was made today. Seems like it would be odd to continue waiting now that JMU is done playing.

Like I said, I remain hopeful. Maybe foolishly so, but that's just me.

The Bills were through with their games the previous weekend, and it still took til Wednesday for that announcement

Those seven turkey legs don't mean they were delusional. Just means they found the joke funny. Jesus man, you're going to be in for a rough one when this guy finally gets announced.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sounds like you assume that I'm going to cry myself to sleep or something if it is Ryan Smith. At worst I think it's a "meh" hire. Most people on here assume it will be Smith apparently because Evan Watkins said so, and as far as I can tell, no other supporting information. The other background I read was from VTHokies904 above who said we went after Parker from the Packers and Midget (also NFL). So, yeah, I'm reading something into that as well. Sounds like he had it on good authority that we went after those guys. Do you think the coaching staff was like, "well, we missed on the NFL, who's available in the FCS?" I'd like to think the next round of people we'd try to get would be from top tier P5 teams that the coaches had connections to. Then P5 guys with good defenses who maybe had turnover with the head coach, etc., etc. before we wound up looking at an FCS guy. Yeah, I know not everybody on the staff has great backgrounds, but sounds like that's what we were looking for in this hire (and Teerlinck as well).

So, given who we tried for, it just makes sense to me that we wanted this to be a great hire and that we're still getting a great hire from somewhere else. Or maybe I really AM missing out, and those of you who think I'm delusional will jump out of your chairs and go have a champagne toast if Smith is announced. Or those of you who are not delusional think we went from trying to pick up a coach from the NFL and continued whiffing all the way to the FCS.

Everyone knew it was Teerlinck 45 days ago. These things take time.

Better people? People mentioned money, maybe JHam's salary allowed enough to go around for Teerlinck and Reed. He went to school at BC, maybe he prefers cold weather?

Speaking of, what does Tech have that the Bills did not for Teerlinck? There are different things that motivate people. I can always hope that whatever it is that motivates Reed he can find at Tech (at least until some announcement is made).

Given Reed's performance, he could've made a lateral move at any point in the last 3 years. I'm pretty sure that if he had a problem with the people or the weather, he would've left by now. As of last year, there wasn't a single coach on Tech's roster who was being paid a greater amount than their equivalent at Clemson, and I don't expect that to change, so I don't think he's coming to Blacksburg for that reason either.

But, I suppose it is possible that Reed has either (a) grown tired of winning, and is looking for a challenge, or (b) has finally come to the conclusion that the people in Blacksburg are just superior to the people in Clemson. If either of those things are true, then I'm sure Reed will come over as soon as the title game finishes up.

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Well we know the people here are at least nicer.

Virginia Tech has Justin Fuente

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Just announced...Ryan Smith from JMU

Love it

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Love it? What is it you love about the hire?

I love scalping rising talent from inferior programs

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Worked out pretty well for Clemson with Chad Morris.

A lot of the high school talent in VA is coming from the DMV. Given his experience/history at W&M, JMU, and PSU, he should be quite familiar with this part of the country. He's worked under James Franklin, one of the best recruiting staffs in the Midatlantic, so I'm sure he learned a lot there. He's unproven, but has high potential.

This round of hires was clearly an effort to take back the state of VA, and address recruiting/perception gaps. It will be interesting to see how this staff meshes together, and how they put their own spin on system Foster designed.

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Well, apparently I am totally delusional. I hope it turns out well, but not excited about it.

Because you care more about the name on their paycheck than their coaching ability. Like someone who buys an item because of the brand not how well it works.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I seem to remember you calling me out on this before. I'm pretty sure I responded before, but if not, here goes.

It sounds like we were trying to get a coach that had NFL experience. The big positive on that, I would think, is on the recruiting trail. All of my analysis is based on one thing: what are we trying to accomplish. It would seem that we are trying to find someone who will be a great recruiter. Maybe you make the case that we want a good coach. That may be true, but Mitchell coached Farley to first team all-ACC. If the knock against Mitchell was recruiting, it would seem to be further evidence that we wanted a good recruiter, which also points to trying to get someone from the NFL (because then you can tell recruits you know exactly how to coach them to be in the NFL, because you have coached NFL backs). Most people seem to get this. You seem to think I'm fixated on the guy being from JMU, but I am only concerned about that as it relates to how recruits will view it (because that is what everybody says the focus has been on - recruiting top talent).

And brand recognition DOES mean something to recruits. How many 5 stars have been signing on to go to Miami and FSU to lose?

Maybe Smith will be a good recruiter because he is young, energetic, and can identify with the recruits, but is that enough to win 4 and 5 star recruits - the guys we seem to want to have play at Tech? I don't know. YOU don't know. But what I'm pretty sure would have helped is some brand recognition, and not just for the sake of brand recognition, but ALSO how well it works (that is, can also coach well). I've said it before, the guy may be a good coach, but since the point seemed to have been to get a good recruiter, I don't feel like we can be excited about the hire right now. We have NO clue on whether he can close on 4 and 5 star talent.

We think of things differently as fans than how recruits think of things. Ask yourself this: if you were an 18 year old kid, or were the parent of an 18 year old kid who is looking at choosing a school and had legit aspirations to play in the NFL and you had three coaches who offered you (or your kid) a scholarship, one was a guy that had come from coaching DBs in the NFL, another is a coach who has placed a lot of talented DBs in the NFL, or a a guy that has coached highly ranked defenses in the FCS (but no NFL talent), which would you choose?

JMU making it to the FCS national championship gives a solid footing for these coaches

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Well if Fuente leaves for Baylor all of this is a waste of concern.