Will Pritchard Hanging Up His Cleats, Cites Brain Injuries

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Thank you football for all that you have taught me. Through my 13 years of playing this amazing sport, it has come to an end for me. I have suffered numerous brain injuries and have reached my limit. As hard as this is for me, it has been important for me to keep a positive attitude when continuing a normal life. I believe that God has a plan for me, and I still have a lot to do in this world. The lessons that I have learned from this game have helped prepare me to be successful in anything that I do. I appreciate each and every one of the people that have been there for me and supported me throughout my football journey. πŸ’”

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Really liked this kids toughness in hs. Hope he doesn't have any lingering issues later on. Best of luck to him!

I respect him making his decision, hopefully, before the damage becomes too severe.

Take care of yourself. As much as we pour our souls into this all year long, it is just a game, and not worth anyone's long term health.

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best of Luck to him.

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Best wishes to this young man for his future. Was excited to have him as a part of an excellent OL recruiting class; however, I am glad for the maturity he has shown to make the best decision for his health and his future.

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This is brutal. I thought he would be really good, which would allow Hudson out to guard. Pritchard was whipping up on Fuga in the state title game last year (although Fuga was having to play both ways.)

Either way, there is going to be a serious battle at both guard spots and right tackle next year. Even with Smith making HM All ACC, I don't think his spot is secure. Each guy has strengths and weaknesses. I would like a true left tackle to step up to get some depth behind Darrisaw.

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Best of luck to him in the future.

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