ACC Releases 20 game conference schedule matrix

The Hokies avoid playing Duke and UNC twice in the same season, get Miami and UVA as rivals. 20 game ACC schedule starts next year.

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We play Duke 2 times next season. If I'm reading it correctly as repeats

my wording is kind of off, but i meant that we don't have to play Duke twice AND UNC twice in the same season.

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Yeah, but no more Duke, UNC, and UVA twice a season while skipping the easy schools.
20-21 is set up for a run, no double UNC or Duke.

Louisville and UVA are rivals in BB? Also both of ND's rivals seem off. But, I guess you have to make it all work out.

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I would have expected Notre Dame to have Boston College and either Pitt or Syracuse because they have historically played each other. Completely agree with you that the two they were "assigned" are just to make the numbers work.

UVA and Maryland were cross division rivals in football and the other permanent rival in basketball. Louisville simply got inserted to replace Maryland.

Oh and Fuck Maryland. 😆😝

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I am not a fan of an increased conference schedule. Takes away flexibility from coaches and schools in terms of OOC schedule and creates pressure for a longer period of time "in season" especially when its not being done universally. This now means the conference controls at least 21 games of a typical 31 game schedule with the ACC/Big10 game thrown on top of the conference schedule. Not sure why we need two rivalry teams. Most schools really only have one historically. I would consider Miami our rival in football but definitely not basketball.

Eh, I'm fine with the two permanent "repeats", especially since it allows a simple 3-year rotation. And at that point, the only other change that would make sense is swapping out Miami for GT, but who would replace us for Miami?

Also, 3/4 of Tobacco Road would have a shit fit if they didn't get their second permanent "repeat" (I don't think Duke cares about Wake).

I came into this expecting to believe we got screwed somehow....

And yet, I can't find a reason to think that way. It looks pretty fair to me.

That being said, I'm gonna guess the NCSU forums are in full meltdown mode over not being paired up with Duke as a 'rival'. If I were the ACC, I probably would have had Duke, UNC, and NCSU as a trifecta, but I guess they had to shoehorn in Wake somehow.

It looks like they're trying to set themselves up for all-sports rivalries going forward. Lots of football matchups being carried through to basketball (Clemson-FSU, UofL-UVa, VT-Miami)... Wonder if there is a long term goal here

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

I think they kept the "rivals" the same as they are now. And I don't think that State cares that much, playing both Duke and UNC twice every year would be a huge handicap.

Did there used to be 3 rivals? Seems like we have pkayed H/H with BC for years. And now they rotate in. (No argument on my end).

I think we might have had 3 rivals back when the ACC had only 12 teams. Pretty sure they whittled it down to 2 around the time ND, Pitt, and Syracuse were added.

normally I would expect the ACC to give us two games at Duke and two games at UNC every year...just waiting on the correction after Duke and UNC review and provide comments.

NCST and Wake are the only teams that have to play UNC twice and Duke twice in the same season. And no one has to play Duke, UNC, and UVA twice each in the same season.

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I don't hate this.

10 Non-Conference games available a year
- 3 from a tournament
- 1 from ACC/Big Ten Challenge
- 6 open games

We could fill up the schedule with a decent slate and never leave the state.

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The in state schedule is never going to happen. Dollar wise most of those schools would want to much for a home slate only and there are very few coaches that are going to give up home court when making the OOC and if that was a permanent rotation of schools they would also likely expect home and away. They throw Radford a bone once in a blue moon only because it doesnt actually disrupt the schedule or cause real travel. The others outside of maybe Liberty would require at a minimum overnight travel. In many instances you will find behind the scenes that the OOC slate comes about more from who the coaching staff has connections with from past jobs etc. and are either giving a smaller program/coach a chance to make their budget for the year or just because of affiliation in some other manner. Not a coincidence that the school that employs Ace Custis as a coach is now consistently on the OOC schedule. Its a marketing opportunity and an opponent that should not pose much of a challenge in terms of winning.

There would actually be 11 games, as there are 13 now, and 31 overall. Breakdown becomes 20 Conference Games, 1 Big Ten, 2 or 3 at a tournament and 7 or 8 non conference.

There would actually be 11 games, as there are 13 now

Actually there are only 12 this season. Something I've always wondered, since it seems like some teams play 30 and others play 31, is there a rule that causes that? Or were we just unable to come up with a 13th opponent this year that for the schedule?

my understanding they held the 13th open this year hoping to get Kentucky to commit to another game. They scheduled Washington as a filler but still held a game open.

We had Kentucky committed to play at Madison Square Garden but Kentucky backed out. Per Buzz