Trevon Hill Signed With Miami

It will be weird seeing him in a Miami uniform.

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Excited to see him pancaked at every opportunity.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Doug Nester is waiting for you on line 1, Mr. Hill.

He made a pretty theatrical mocking of the turnover chain during the 2017 game. In 2019 he'll be gunning to wear it.

Is this a long-con to obtain and then destroy the chain? Have we groomed Hill to stage a very public falling out so that a rival state can't help but recruit him to flip to their side only to have him destroy what they love from within?

I doubt it, but I hope we did.

Click here to destroy wall.

Now the same guys that pancaked him in practice can pancake him in a game

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Let's just hope he never gets a turn at the turnover chain against VT. Or maybe anyone.

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Awesome. We definitely know which one of Miami's D-ends struggles against the run now.

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Waho's suck
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As long as he isn't here I could care less where he is. Hope things improve for him on a personality level. He will be a better fit in Miami with his personality.


You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Given how this all played out, you KNOW we're going to have more than 1 play drawn up for that game with the explicit purpose of embarrassing Hill on the field.

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I would hope that our coaches are not as petty as half of our fanbase appears to be and are more focusing on winning the game then "embarrassing" a former player...

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So given that fact,

you KNOW we're going to have more than 1 play drawn up for that game with the explicit purpose of embarrassing Hill on the field Running all over the weakness of the defense

I'm sure Hill has Oct 5th circled on his calendar. Hope we aren't spending any energy on this and just focusing on getting better.

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Good riddance, perfect fit... any way to speed up his graduation so he can gtfo of Blacksburg?

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

That was the bigger problem. Who cares where he was going to go. The fact that he was still in Blacksburg and still around current players was the bigger problem.

The fact that he was IS still in Blacksburg and still around current players was IS the bigger problem.

And still close with plenty of current players.

When you think about it, it's more and more odd: he's gonna be socializing with VT players, attending VT all spring so he can graduate, which allows him to transfer without restriction and play immediately, leave Blacksburg in May, and play against us less than five months later.

Also, he (& Kumah, no?), as a regular old student, could ostensibly attend the spring game as a fan. A fan with a camera phone and a notepad. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but seems less than optimal.

Then again, this whole fucking mess that we are all expending way too much time and energy on also seems less than optimal...

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

eh if hill was a student of the game he'd understand the defense and his gap fit and not just how to rush the QB. He wont learn anything from the spring game that he hasn't learned in his time at VT. also the spring game is open to the public. Manny Diaz himself could show up with a note pad and camera phone if he wanted too and wed more than likely be none the wiser.

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Considering I saw him Saturday night in bburg, you are correct on the change in tense haha

Normally I'm all for players moving freely if they've graduated and are eligible for transfer, but this pisses me off to no end. VT stood by him when he was expelled from high school when probably no other school would've taken his commitment. After we kicked him off the team, we still allowed him to use the program's facilities in order to stay in shape and willingly communicated with any other schools that inquired about him as a player and a person.

I see this as a move out of direct spite to VT. If Fuente and Bud are ok with this then they are better men than I.

Especially knowing some of the instances of his poor behavior. He was given so many chances. One of his outbursts in a practice would have had him kicked off a lot of teams by itself. He has an anger problem for sure.

Pretty much everything he's done since he was dismissed has been slathered with spite towards VT. I do not doubt for a second he did this as one final 'screw you' to our coaches.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

VT stood by him when he was expelled from high school when probably no other school would've taken his commitment

I agree with the sentiment, but plenty of schools would have taken his commitment. Heck, Miami just took it knowing about getting kicked out of his high school and VT

Have we ever known Miami to care about morals or ethics?

Strongly disagree with you. There might've been a school to take him, but the very vast majority wouldn't have touched that situation with a 10-foot pole. As we've seen with plenty of other situations, schools will take someone after enough time has passed, but I can almost guaranteee we wouldn't have taken Hill if he wasn't already committed. Not to mention that we had to jump through some serious academic hoops to get him through admissions after he never received his full credit amount due to the expulsion.

This past situation is also different because he wasn't kicked out of school, so A) the optics aren't nearly as bad and B) he just has to pass his classes this semester to be admitted to his new school.

I agree with you about the majority of schools, but there are stories every year about schools taking a kid with character issues. But there's always a school who thinks a kid will help them on the field and they'll overlook a lot.

Seriously, respect your opinion, but we'll have to agree to disagree.

To your last point, I wonder if he's lost access to the tutors/study help the athletes typically have abundant access to and if that may be a risk for him.

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If Hill did actually make fun of Fuente's autistic son (not saying I believe it or not, just what some are speculating about) then I have no idea how he held it together.

I really hope that isn't true, because that's about as low of blow as you will ever see.

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Fuente doesn't have a son. It's speculated it was a strength coach's son.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

that's even worse if he called Fuentes daughters his son and then said what he said.

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Welp, I'm clueless. Either way, hope that isn't true.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

It was indeed a strength coaches son. And Trevon was on extremely thin ice due to prior incidents so Fuente pulled the pin at that point. I will not repeat the comment out of respect for the strength coach.

Hill is still a hokie in my mind, I wish him the best, and I will cheer for him to do well ....

After this season. Good luck in 2020 Trevon

You're more charitable than me. He went against the family, and that's not OK.

"the family" like something out of the godfather.

No like this family

Coach Fuente and Coach Foster...because you're doubly f***ed

Quick question. I see we are all taking about pancaking him and the such. Is there any guarantee he sees the field? All we hear about year after year is Miami's talent on defense. Did that suddenly change or was it all just hype?

They're thin at DL. He probably comes in in a pass rush package for them but with their depth might be a 4 down DE there.

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Okay. So yeah, run at his side with the beef package.

Itll be interesting to see how long he can keep it together in a locker room. with NO culture to fall back on. NO leadership, and a place that isn't HOME to him. like LA mentioned early, VT really stuck their neck out for him, if he couldn't maintain himself for a place that was his home with and for his brothers (that alot of which he grew up with in the 757) what is he going to do in what is essentially the streets in Miami. The foundation and culture and locker room and brotherhood he had at VT probably allowed him to keep himself together about as much as he could do so. Without the structure that was VT I can only imagine how long itll take before his antics run him out of town in Miami and further damage his own what was once bright future. some kids cant get out of there own way. unfortunately I know a few like this. and its all to familiar. I feel sorry for Trevon, but at some point hell learn he has dug his own hole.

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Without the structure that was VT I can only imagine how long it'll take before his antics run him out of town in Miami

Are we sure this kind of thing is an issue at Miami? It's not like the turnover chain is a symbol of hard work and good behavior.

confused by your question? It's not like the turnover chain is a symbol of hard work and good behavior.

that's kind of what I was insinuating. I don't know it to be a fact. just the general perception of the U. (one im ok with not changing as each school has its own presumed culture and most times embraces and Miami seems to be no different)

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

I think he's referring to whether the bad behavior is an issue that will run him out of town?

Yes, what he/she said.

I can see what you're saying. Even if their culture is rotten they won't tolerate it being compromised. I suppose if I were to be more clear I would say his antics are probably totally inline with their culture.

It will be strange to see a former Hokie in a Miami uniform.

Can't really say I want to beat Miami more than I did before this announcement though.

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I don't know. I wanted to beat them pretty badly already.

Other than the fact ESPN will talk this story to death come game day and focus the cameras on him every chance they get, I wouldn't really notice him out there at all. As for his choice, I don't have an issue. Our coaches were done with him and he is doing whats best for himself at this point. Cant imagine the list of P5 schools that would give him a chance to start can be very long for next year.

So what happens when Hill picks a fight with the new punter?

Easy, the punter uses his toothbrush shank that he made during his first stint in the pen.

That's funny as shit right there!

I hope Quincy trucks right through him into the endzone.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I am a proponent of once a Hokie always a Hokie. But I am not gonna lie, the pettiness of Hill has me way more bitter than it should. I also didn't realize that he was still on scholarship here in the spring. After reading Mike Barber's tweet, Fuente really did him a solid. Going to Miami and being petty on twitter has me rooting for him to crash and burn in the Florida heat.

Just did I quick scroll through the replies on his tweets. Breath of fresh air that I didn't see any Hokies saying anything. Take the high road and hopefully this is the last ever time Hill is discussed on here.

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As for him staying in Blacksburg and having any say, I would think other players are giving him a sidelong glance with him going to Miami.

Go to another school in the ACC and that's fine, but Miami? I don't think there is any love for Miami from any Hokies, fans or players.

Why are we still talking about him? He has made it known he doesn't want to be a Hokie anymore so why spend more time and energy on him?

Because #offseason

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Fredo Hill

This seems like top 3 least graceful departures in VT history with Marcus Vick and Cody Journell also being in the top 3.

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i forgot about journell. did they ever figure out why he felt the need to do something so stupid?

Which time?

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I don't think it's possible to figure out. After talking to him a few times, I'm not sure he could differentiate between smart and stupid or right and wrong. That kid was certainly one of the bluntest tools in the shed.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

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Trevon has a history of bullying and disrespecting persons who can't help their situations. VT has given him opportunity after opportunity and he continues to pretend he is some victim.

If he owned his "truth" as he said he did - and let's be clear - it's plural - not just the ODU incident. I doubt anyone on this board would want anything to do with him.

He hasn't learned a thing since HS (never was a fan of us letting him in) and I think has gotten worse. Maybe one day Trevon will find some humility, but I doubt it.

I would normally just say move on - aka who cares, but LAHokie is spot on here. Total hypocrit who doesn't care about anything beyond himself. This move should be used as motivation. Sometimes the only way to beat a bully is face to face - here is to Oct 5th Trevon.

"I still believe in Trevon and want him to do well as far as continuing to keep him on scholarship so that he can get his education and have an opportunity to play," Fuente said, calling Hill's dismissal something he had to do. "That's what we want for him, is to still have an opportunity to live out his dream. That's why we've kept him on financial aid so that he does have an opportunity to go play wherever he wants."

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This is why Trevon should be gracious to Fuente and company. It would have been much easier to just cut ties and get him off campus (away from the team).

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I think this is how you deal with people who aren't buying what you're selling. You tell them what you expect of them and what they have to do to represent your organization. If they don't agree with that, they don't have to be a part of what you're doing and you deal with that by taking them out of your team or letting them leave. But I like that Fuente is maintaining the standards of the program he's hired to run. Whatever Trevon did, or did over a period of time, was enough to get him kicked off the team. His antics and vindications since then and prior to are on him, not on Fuente or Virginia Tech. Make him own that shit. Regardless of what he did, I think we can all agree that we wish he wouldn't have done it and could have worked to be a better individual and teammate. He did not, and that is his burden to bear. Sleep in the bed you've made. We wish you the best in whatever you do and won't hinder your path forward, but it is no longer with us. Know that all we've done is try to help you in any way we can. This shit is on you man. Good luck with it.