2019 Basketball Ticket Exchange Thread

List extra tickets you're looking to offload, or inquire about tickets you need. Do not post any tickets above face value. Understand that Orange and Maroon Media, LLC is exempt from any liability from transactions that are initiated here, and will not assist in brokering any transactions.

The best way to exchange email addresses is to encode them, for example: joe [AT] thekeyplay (dot) com.

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I'm looking for 2 tickets to the Syracuse game. Please contact me at boayue [at] vt.edu

Looking for 5 tickets to Wake Forest game

Looking for 3-6 tickets to the Syracuse game on Jan 26th. Please email me at joey.shutt (at) gmail (dot) com

Selling 2 tickets to the Wake game Saturday
Section 10, Row U
email me at jthompson3241@aol.com

Looking for 2 tickets to the @Pitt game on 2/16. Preferably close to VT bench. Email me at jthompson3241@aol.com

My wife's curious about Wednesday Night's game vs. GT if anyone has 2 tickets available.

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Looking for 1 @ Pitt email mlecain2001 at gmail.

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I have 2 tickets to the GT game tomorrow. Located in the NRV.

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Have 1 student ticket that I am giving away for free. Msg me clayw94[AT]vt[dot]edu

If anyone knows how or is selling ACCT tix please contact me dmark96 at vt.edu

I have one extra for tonight against Duke.

email wcrowe at cedarrunvet dot com

I have a ticket for Duke tonight. Can meet at Cassell.

zsowder AT vt DOT edu

I'm looking for 4 to the Miami game Friday. Apparently we have to pay for a ticket for our infant and just can't afford the prices they've hit now on ticket sites.

Edit: nevermind we got it figured out

One of thousands looking for tickets to Friday's game but want to cast as many lines as possible to see what I might find. 2 seats anywhere in the building. Thanks fam! Go Hokies!

clayw94 at vt dot edu

Looking for 3-4 seats, anywhere is fine. bmeade90 at vt dot edu

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Sold out before we ever got to my support level. Just got the email as well.

Apparently Tech was only allotted 1,000 tickets for the sweet 16 and elite 8.

Another one of the thousands looking for tickets. rstraz at gmail dot com

I've got 1 for Friday nights session.

Section 400 Row 0

ThePailHolder [at] gmail [dot] com


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So I need the football ticket exchange to be up.

For SALE: 4 tickets to ODU game: WEST Section 2 Row NNN

Oddly, I just got the seat numbers and they are 80, 82, 84, and 86. Can someone please confirm that these seat numbers do not exist in Lane!?! Don't they only go up to like 30 in Section 2?

Trying to track down the issue with the seat numbers. Please comment if you are interested.