Colorado State HC declines pay raise, cites accountability

CSHC declines pay raise

I ran across this and, with talk about accountability with players and coaches a hot topic in several threads, thought it was appropriate to discuss.

Cliff notes version:

  • Mike Bobo (HC) declines automatic 100K pay raise due to 3-9 record and missing part of the season due to illness.
  • Pay stays at 1.8M this season. Still scheduled to make 2M in 2020.
  • Cites as reason: "It was just something that was on my heart and being the head coach I wanted to take personal accountability for the 2018 season"

My thoughts: Refreshing to see something like this. I think it's generally low risk, as 100K (to him) would probably not be life changing, and he's still on track to make the same amount in 2020. But this builds good faith with administration and is something that (hopefully) his team would take notice.

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More shocking is I can't believe the head coach of CSU is set to make $2 million.

Let's Go...

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Price of doing business...

USA Today has a "coaching salary" table. While $1.8M is the highest disclosed salary in the Mountain West (Air Force's salary isn't public information for whatever reason), it's not demonstrably higher than the second highest, as Bryan Harsin is getting $1.65M from Boise State. And at least 3 AAC coaches (Mike Norvell, $2.6M from Memphis; Ken Niumatalolo, $2.163M from Navy; Luke Fickell, $2M from Cincinnati) are making more than him. Colorado State is trying to invest in their program, in an attempt to keep up with their in-state rivals in the Pac-12, so at least it makes a little bit of sense even if their chances for success are slim.

On the other hand, the only P5 coaches with a lower disclosed salary than Bobo in 2018 were David Beaty, who was paid $1.7M by Kansas, and Justin Wilcox, who made only $1.5M but led Cal to their first bowl game since 2015.

Good on ya mate. Much love