Week 1 opening Vegas lines for College Football

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For those who just want to see opening week lines for ACC teams...

Florida -7.5 vs Miami FL
Georgia Tech vs Clemson -34
Utah State vs Wake Forest -3.5
ECU vs NC State -19.5
South Carolina -7.5 vs North Carolina
Duke vs Alabama -31.5
Virginia Tech -2.5 vs Boston College
Syracuse -17.5 vs Liberty
Boise St vs Florida State -4
Virginia -2.5 vs Pitt
Notre Dame -19 vs Louisville

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My take/picks:

UF/Miami FL - I like Miami plus the points if Tate Martell plays
GT/Clemson - 34 point is A LOT for opening game and ACC game but brain says Clemson, so I'll take Clemson
Utah State/Wake Forest - I'm taking Utah St and the 3.5 points
ECU/NC State - Fuck ECU.... Take NC State -19.5
South Carolina/UNC - Mack bringing in good players but for now, I like South Carolina covering
Duke/Alabama - Bama rolls big time.... take Bama to cover
Virginia Tech/Boston College - Honestly... who knows I'd probably hedge my bet on this one and take BC and buy a half a point with BC
Syracuse/Liberty - 'Cuse.... I like Dino's team to cover
Boise St/Florida State - who effin' knows with FSU's QB debacle.... I'd probably still take FSU to cover since they are home.
Virginia/Pitt - Fuck UVA but I think perkins pulls out the victory and covers
Notre Dame/Louisville - I like Notre Dame to cover with better team and new coach at Louisville

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Take Boise, UVA, Syracuse, ND, and VT to cover. Everything else is a little too difficult IMO.

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This is me, if I 100% trusted Ryan Willis to throw on routes breaking to the middle of the field, putting in my bet for VT to cover the 2.5.


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That reads like a rather large IF

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I will take VT -2.5.
Great test for our run D with Dillion and a mobile QB in A.Brown. We are going to find out fast if VT has improved in sound tackling. I want to be optimistic in Floyd and Dax improving on filling holes, I just hope Farley, Conner and whoever the other starting CB has watched tape of B. Flowers aggressive play.

Syracuse and ECU cover, the other ones I wouldn't touch.

Take Clemson and Bama in the first half...should be easy money against overmatched opponents

That is a lot of points for a week one match up. At 0 reason to risk an early season injury vs non competitors, I wouldn't be surprised if both of these teams are running their 3 deep after half.

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I wouldn't be surprised if both of these teams are running their 3 deep after half.

I think the spread accounts for that in these two games

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If you say so, not touching 30+ points with a single one of my dollars week one.

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I'm not saying I'll put money on them, but look at 'Bama's first few games last year:

Louisville- 51-14 (-37)
Ark St (granted, weaker competition)- 57-7 (-50)
Ole Miss- 62-7 (-55)
a&m- 45-23 (-22)

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Fair point

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I think our game against BC depends on how we start. If we start fast and score a couple early touchdowns to make them get out of their game plan (which I imagine will be run heavy) then I like our chances. But if we start slow which, IIRC, happened a lot last year then I'm nervous our defense will crack first and lose confidence and we'll see the team sulk home with their tail between their legs

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We roll BC....then start the season 3-0. Cutcliffe is a gentleman, he brings a bag of Werther's candies to hand out to students in Blacksburg...but still goes home with a loss. Game in Miami shakes out to be a big game. Vinny Testaverde and Jimmy Johnson show up to watch from the sidelines.