OT: ESPN is turning the NBA into a Video Game Tonight


ESPN is will provide a special feed (or three) for tonight's NBA game between the Bucks and Lakers on ESPN3:

The Full Court Press Second Spectrum presentation will feature three different viewing modes:

Coach mode: a heavy X's and O's analytical presentation of the game, featuring on-court diagrams of the live action;

Player mode: featuring above-the-rim cameras and graphics displaying the scoring probability of all five offensive players on the court throughout each possession, changing in real time;

Mascot mode: a fun, entertaining presentation featuring special graphic treatments, including a fire graphic on the basket when a team goes on a scoring run, a 3D on-screen brick if a player misses badly, and more.

Here is a video example of the different types of content:

What do you guys think about this direction that seemingly all sports broadcasts are headed?

I can see most of the "Mascot" mode stuff being too distracting, but I personally like the "Coach" and "Player" modes. For someone like me who knows absolutely nothing about basketball, I like the extra information that can help me understand what is going on.

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But will they have a split screen with Zion Williamson watching the game from his apartment?

Coach mode sounds great and I'd give player mode a try too. Mascot mode is a hard pass though.

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I think it's interesting. In general, I find changes to the way we consume content to be fascinating. Not sure I'd want to every game to be like this, but it could be the future, especially once VR goes mainstream.

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Not gonna lie - I think a lot of these look awesome. Will be interesting to see if they can make it more of a supplemented video rather than one that looks dumb.

Danny is always open

This looks awesome but they'll never get to use it's full potential, NBA JAM! I want big head mode.

He's on fire!!!

Tried them all and didn't particularly like any of them but mascot mode was probably my favorite, which I didn't expect.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

That looks awesome. I can't wait to see someone go super saiyan

Reminds me of a modern version of the glowing puck in the 90s. I think that may have even predated the football yellow line and was pretty cutting edge at the time.


I definitely remember that and thinking to myself why it had never been done before. In hindsight the only real reason to have it was because it was near impossible to keep track of the puck on standard definition TV. Even when I had a 32" standard def TV it was extremely difficult to follow, and the glowing puck helped out immensely.

Since the introduction of HD tv signals its become an obsolete need, but it definitely provided a glimpse of future with the convergence of technology and fan interaction.

Give me all of this. I might actually watch the NBA again. Plus my kids would love it!

What a joke! NBA

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Not sure if it was ESPN or just NBA in general but they also have had several Wizards games running two broadcasts. One normal and one geared towards Sports betting. They discuss odds of different things happening. Not my thing since I dont gamble but seemed like a step to support things while Sports Betting becomes more and more legalized.

That 2nd channel concept was discussed in some detail by Ted Leonsis on a segment he did with WTOP a few weeks ago, and he's a huge advocate for the broadcasting approach and the legalization of sports gambling. He said this alternative broadcast approach with real-time stats was (in his mind) going to be huge not only for sports betting but the general fan experience for millennials and the generations that will follow. They have a totally different experience expectation and Ted was making a sound argument for much more data to be in the hands of the fans on-screen and on their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, nothing Ted says about basketball will resonate with me until Ernie Grunfeld is fired.