OT: First Full Length Aladdin Trialor

I have to admit, I wasn't too enthused with a couple of teaser trailers that were released. However, this one gives me hope that it will be very good.

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Yeah, this looks much better than that horrible teaser trailer. Still not sure about Will Smith as Genie.

The problem to me is that in my nostalgic childhood mind, Robin Williams IS the Genie.

It's not that I don't like Will Smith, I honestly don't think there was a way to get that casting right for a lot of people.

My wife brought up a good point to this regard. I will always say Robin Williams is Genie, but the guy that plays Genie on Broadway continuously wins Tony Awards for his performance, so it can be played well by other actors.


I was going to say, "There's a Broadway Aladdin?" and then thought, "It's Disney. Of COURSE there's a Broadway Aladdin."

It just takes a really, really special performance to follow a legend in a role (ex. Heath Ledger as the Joker).

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You do know that Robin William's wasnt elligible for the Tony award for his genie. It's really like a consolation prize instead of an award in this case.

Why yes I do.

Robin Williams was in the film and was never going to be awarded any type of an award for an animated film in the early 90s.

The guy on Broadway has done such a good job, acting in front of a live audience, that he was one multiple tony awards for the role.

The whole point being that its possible to take a beloved character and have a new actor breath a different life into him and be successful.


Aladdin wearing a shirt under his vest? That's not canon. . . These live actions are butchering the originals

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I wish instead of making it a musical for kids, they made it really dark like Game of Thrones.

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After watching the trailer and realizing it looks to be the same script/songs, I have the old man thought of " I've already seen this movie dozens of times, I'll wait till its On Demand"

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90s Robin Williams is the Genie

But if you can't get 90s Robin Williams, 90s Will Smith would be a 2nd choice

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Love Aladdin, going to pass on this though

So, is this a thing Disney does now? Are we going to get inundated with live action Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Frozen, etc?

I thought it was a little weird to do the live action Beauty and the Beast.

Don't have to hire writers if you just reuse the same script and songs


Name a Disney classic, and it's probably getting a "live-action" remake. Dumbo comes out in a few weeks, then Aladdin, then Lion King. There's an entire list somewhere. I don't think any of the newer ones (Frozen, Tangled, etc) are getting the treatment.

It's called "Let's play with nostalgia and rake in the money".