2020 3* QB Noah Kim Commits to Virginia Tech

Story HERE

While he may be a low 3-star on recruiting websites, this kid has been absolutely prolific for arguably the best high school program in Virginia. He has started since his freshman year at Westfield where he has more state championships (2) than losses (1). Mind you, that sole loss came in a game that he was forced out of after breaking his femur.

Happy to have him on board!

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If the blurb you wrote was all the information available on this kid, I'd say it was enough to be seriously interested in him. Sounds like a winner! Welcome home.

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I mean I guess, I'm a little concerned he didnt keep playing after a broken femur. I mean we need some Jack Youngblood type of players if we want the be a title contender.

And he's only won 2 state titles.

He could have won 3, so...

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I hear it's called the "Kyler Murray NFL Combine Routine."

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We clearly have a pattern/type. The most underrated ability for a QB is accuracy. This kid is a natural passer and although I can read his measurables as well, he is just a junior in high school. If you are 245 and can't throw it doesn't matter

We like qb's who are winners, have some ability to throw on the run (this kid is strong here) and some height to grow into. I think this is a situation where the kid is playing in a high level program and his interest level will grow over the next 6 months.

We continue to stock the QB room with good and maybe not elite (yet) talent. I am optimistic that much of this talent has the opportunity to develop to very good to potentially star QB's.

If we can get QBs who can execute what we need to do, make the right read and throw it accurate, we will win many games. If we win many games, we get more attractive to the croots and have the shot at the elite.

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We clearly have a pattern/type. The most underrated ability for a QB is accuracy.

Kadum and Kim probably fit the "high floor, low ceiling" mold. QP, Hooker and Burmeister fit the "low floor, high ceiling mold" and the last thing I would call those three is accurate.

I agree with the rest of your post. The thing I like about Kadum and Kim is they seem mature enough to handle a backup position with grace but will be mentally ready if they get thrown into a game. Both of them will not be a transfer risk if they don't play early in their career.

I see your perspective and get why you would classify in that manner. I tend to think that is type casting QB's based on measurables vs. actual football playing ability.

I do agree a more athletic QB is ideal, however a kid who is athletic may never develop the mental aptitude and/or the ability to throw accurate on time passes. That is a pre-requisite to being successful in today's college game - athleticism or being 230+ is not. Granted the less athletic you are the more you have to compensate with the latter.

I don't know how you could say a kid is not a transfer risk before he has stepped on campus unless you know them personally and even then I think that is a leap. Lots of things can happen over a potential 4-5 year career.

I believe this kid has the experience of playing against good competition, throws the same type of routes and his adjustment to a college system won't be as rude to him mentally. I think this is an underrated quality for recruiting QB's.

My main point is recruiting kids (specific to Qb's) who play at good to great competition in HS, have natural throwing ability with accuracy, decent to good athleticism (these kids are not statues), run an offense similar to our system and have been QB's their entire life is a recipe for success. Not all kids work out, but filling the pipeline with this type of player will lead to finding very good QB play year after year with the potential to find some great ones sprinkled in there.

Kadum seemed like a guy that is going to will himself into starting. He might not win it but he isn't going to give it to some one else.

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If he gives us grounds for Kimsanity, I'll be very very pleased. If he gives casual football fans cause for Kimsanity, I'm gonna celebrate until I bleed pure soju.

I don't consider it the most likely outcome, but I'll go all in if it happens.

Anyone else remember the Boise State QB back when they were putting together back to back undefeated seasons? Kind of seems like a similar profile with good accuracy but a non-ideal physical profile. Could be a diamond in the rough kind of a QB.

Kellen Moore? yeah I remember him, he was the only lefty in the NFL (QB) until Murray was drafted.

What lefty QB with the last name of Murray are you taking about?

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Shit I mixed up Kyler and Tua next year. I knew there was some highly regarded lefty QB.

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Kellen Moore, and I choose never to think of him and that game at FedEx ever again. Thanks for the reminder though... /s

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"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

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5 at best!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."