When do we unload the "redshirt" clip?

Based on this 247 article, the following true freshman are not eligible for a redshirt this year: Tayvion Robinson, Keshawn King, Norell Pollard, Mario Kendricks, Doug Nester, Bryan Hudson, Brion Murray and Nick Gallo.

The following players can play in two games and maintain their redshirt status: Tahj Gary, Jesse Hanson, JR Walker, Jaden Payoute, Dean Ferguson and Amare Barno

The following players can play in three games and maintain their redshirt status: Joshua Fuga

The following players can play the rest of the season and maintain their redshirt status: Jacoby Pinckney, Nyquee Hawkins, Elijah Bowick, William Pritchard, Jaden Cunningham, Knox Kadum

By my count, there are 13 players that may be available against Pittsburgh if Fuente feels inclined. I'd be interested to see how Fuente manages the guys in the middle that could make a difference (e.g. Payoute).

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Which group is Jesse Hanson supposed to be in?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Two games left. Good catch.

Does anybody have any insight into how Bowick and Pinckney are doing? I really really like Pinckneys tape and I know everyone was bullish on Bowick too but I haven't heard much about them since the season started.

chatter was that Bowick is hurt

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I know what you're going for but why break up a good thing?

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Whatever they're doing, they need to keep doing it.

There are 3 games left, so the guys with only two games will need to be managed somewhat

But honestly I don't see many, if any, getting much PT in the remaining games. Maybe Gary. Maybe Payoute.

Pitt, @Blacksburg North, @Charlotte and @Orange Bow...

That's 4.

I would say that if any of these guys are the best option they would have seen the field at this point. Now if one or two of them have mad a significant jump in practice during the season (which I would think is very hard to do given limited reps) then by all means play them.

I don't think any of these guys are going to add to what the team is right or else they would already be playing.

Then again... Willis was the starter for the first 4 games so......

My first thought was the same as yours. It's Fuente's job to put the best team on the field, and considering how hot his seat was getting after Duke, winning games was a bigger priority than preserving red shirts. I'd love to see these guys get some playing time, but I'd be surprised if it comes from anything other than garbage time or an injury.

If we somehow end up in a blowout win again, these guys will get some 4th quarter PT, but the most likely PT for these guys will be in the bowl game. There are always some guys shutdown before the bowl due to injuries (often to get a jump on surgery), and there will be some guys who announce they are transferring, which will probably open at least some special teams playing time. (And I know the T-word is a dirty word, but there are a lot of guys who see writing on the wall for their PT next season and will be looking to transfer in search of more PT. Wish them the best and take advantage of the scholarship it opens up.)

We clearing the bench in the fourth Q against Clemson since we'll be up 77 to 3.

Don't buy into this ridiculous hype based off of one game.

It will be 60-14.