Ask TKP: How would you frame this season?

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I would frame it as fumbles have ruined what could have been a great turnaround season.

Touchdown Tech!!!

I frame it as nu metal. Negative and positive at the same time 😂

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Frustrating loss to start and finish


Positive due to the growth of the team during the second half of the season knowing they will return. But more negative due to the staff thinking RW was the fit, not playing to a team's weaknesses, and our current position in recruiting.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Fire Corny

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Missed opportunities, but obvious potential. We improved relative to last year but did not capitalize on what could have been. 5 TO's to BC and only lost by 1 TD. Lost to ND in their house by 1 within the last seconds. Couldn't quite contain UVA at their best. I agree that introspection is needed with respect to coaching staff, approach, and strategy, but I like our odds in 2020.

45-10 loss to Duke and losing to UVa while Bud Foster retires

To elaborate, there was some to like but damn, when things weren't working they went off the rails.... Badly. Losing to UVA in the manner we did just sucks. This team should have been better prepared than that and they just weren't. UVa wanted it more and that's the worst part about the end of this year. When the chips were on the table we didn't fight the hardest.

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I'm ok. Yeah, it hurts. Of course it hurts, but... Were still projecting/trending up. We're going to be stacked next year. I would, however, like to know who the fuck our defensive coordinator is going to be.

The word "Frame" is key here...

Horrible to start then Horrible to finish

That shouldn't take away from what Fuente and Co. did for 7 games with this young group. However, I will be disappointed if there aren't changes on the offensive side of the ball this offseason.

Is coronavirus over yet?

I saw only 4 good wins -Miami, UNC, Wake & Pitt. Plus 3 bad losses-BC, Duke, Hoos. So IMO it was very much an average showing when you consider how easy the schedule was. Anything less than 8 wins would have been very disappointing. The improvements after Duke (even with the regression in the last game) is encouraging for maybe a better than average season next year. Only things that may hold back the team are Corny and transition to new DC. Hope next year is at least a B grade with progression to an A team in 2021.

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But seriously, I'm hoping for a Belk Bowl appearance so that I have an excuse to visit family in Charlotte.

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Not storybook. expected.

Watch out for these young guys over the next two years. They are going to keep getting better.

UVA was rough, but frankly those guys wanted it more than we did and you could see it. I'm pretty done with corny.

Love you bud. You weren't always perfect but you were ours.

Like going to a restaurant only for the food to take a long time to come out. When it finally does it's pretty fucking amazing. But then you go home and find out six hours later you got food poisoning. The food was good enough you want to go back but the ending spent bent over the toilet makes you hesitant to return.

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I slightly tweaked this...

Like going to a restaurant only for the food to take a long time to come out. When it finally does it's pretty fucking amazing. But then you go home and six hours later your sick. The food was good enough you want to go back but you're not sure if the food made you sick, or if you just caught a stomach bug, or if you just developed some random food allergy out of nowhere. The ending spent bent over the toilet makes you hesitant to return, or at least to order the same meal again.

IMO The thing that's so difficult about this season is the uncertainty around the future. Are we about to make a (relatively) huge recruiting breakthrough with the class of 2021 and #TX2VT? Are we in the middle of a turnaround, or are we going repeat this season? What does VT look like post-Foster? Will we still have a stout defense?

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Positive trajectory with some absolute heartbreakers.

Future depends more on the DC hire than any offensive staff changes. I really truly think we're going to have something on offense next year after an off season of development for our extremely young offensive line, plus adding Hoffman, and getting Hooker the majority of the snaps with the 1s.

Downvote me if you want. I've seen a lot less catching them after this game.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

We went 6-2 after Duke. Obviously it's blows to lose to the other college in va, but we still made a major turnaround. I'm happy and optimistic about our 2020 season, we return a ton of starting talent and will win a lot of games, but dang this hurts

With this

Virginia is the reigning national champion in basketball and they now hold the Commonwealth Cup for the first time in 16 years.

If that doesn't piss you off as a Hokie, nothing will.

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Actually, I'm ok with it because 15 years is a fucking long time and I have a life outside of football. It was bound to happen eventually. We'll get them next year.

Notre Dame beat Navy 43 years straight. Florida beat Kentucky 30+ years straight. We don't need to settle for 15.

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Well, looks like we need to actually. Just gives us a chance to start a new streak.

Get Angry, Bud!

Navy and Kentucky aren't Notre Dame and Florida's rivals, or peers.

That we won 15 against UVA required them to suck a lot during that time, and also took some miracle wins by us.

If a fan base is expecting to beat a roughly-equal program (meaning in terms of stadium size, recruiting territory, conference, etc.) 30 years in a row, they're going to be really disappointed.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

I'm not expecting us to win 30 years in a row, but I also don't think that 'the streak has to end at some point.' Every game is independent of the previous game. This notion that 'we're due' for a loss eventually is absurd.

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If there were some vulnerable years, it was this year and last.

Next year, I think we're by far the better team.

They've just got it on loan. We're going to need it back in November...and those smug motherfuckers better not put one scratch on it.

I love you dude, but you should relax more. Watching you post this season is like watching a remake of Sybil.

Leonard. Duh.

Hopeful. Honestly, I am actually pretty hopeful for next season. UVA was no pushover (picked preseason to win the division), and they played REALLY well. Wake was much better than anticipated, Pitt was competitive in the division. This season we played some pretty good teams and won twice as many as we lost. We don't lose many people and very few of the ones we do lose are key contributors. Regardless of the coaching staff, the team will look a lot better next year and has a really good chance to make some national noise. I feel like Fuente is a good coach and has a chance to be great. The strides the defense has made has to make Bud proud and the team as a whole showed great growth.

Get Angry, Bud!

Look at the stats for today's game. Nearly 500 yards of offense. But so did they. And, we had 4 turn over (3 if you remove the hail Mary). And 8 penalties for 141 yards.

That's why we lost. Not due to corny and his play calling, but the blind naysayers won't take their head out of the sand.

Those two things aren't mutually exclusive.

Can you honestly look at our offense in the first half and say Corny did a good job?

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I look at Corny's time at VT as a whole, and can't say I'm confident that he's the answer at OC. There have been far too many stretches since 2016, where the offense is silenced by the other team.

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I don't want to defend Corny's first half performance, but he did adjust in the second half putting 21 points in the 3rd. The single FG in the 4th was unacceptable. I don't think corny is incompetent, but question if he can adjust at the speed necessary to go toe-to-toe with the top DCs in the country.

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I don't understand. We had turn overs on drives in the first half that stalled us. Also, credit to UVA for having a good game plan the counter us, but we adjusted and had nearly 500 yards of total offense DESPITE having 8 penalties for 141 yards AND 4 turn overs. What more do you want from Corny? Also, not that I agree with your assertion about a bad first half, but now are you now judging a game by only one half and disregarding the other altogether to come up with your assertions?

You are missing the broader point, but you tend to do that regularly. For almost the entire game, despite the 500 yards (mostly on big plays) the offense was inconsistent and regularly played to the strength of the UVA defense. This is a trend of Corny's during his entire tenure here at VT. The first half of today's game is a microcosm of that

Is coronavirus over yet?

You are missing the broader point, but you tend to do that regularly.

More ad hominem. Nice.

Actually - I don't think you know what you're talking about. I posted STATS. Facts. Play calling for an ENTIRE game whereas you only are looking at (I think) a half and getting irrationally angry about that. And you didn't post any facts / stats. So I think you need to reconsider what you're trying to argue. I'll wait.

For beginners, I'm not angry. I don't actually get angry over football games. I have a life outside of all things related to VT football.

I could roll stats out all day long. How about the stats Brian put out last week about Stiney's huge offensive numbers without answering the simple question about whether or not those were team offensive scores he was throwing up or offensive scores? I don't care if we ended up with 1000 yards of offense today. It was an entire first half of Corny calling inside zone after inside zone, inverted QB veer after inverted QB veer for 6 whole points.

The third quarter we finally begin to exploit the secondary, only to stop doing it in the 4th quarter. The offense was largely inconsistent with a handful of big plays. That is not good play calling regardless of how many yards you gain. Its a recipe for the defense being on the field way too long. That was the case today... Along with the harsh reality that the players themselves made mistakes.

Is coronavirus over yet?

To note - you didn't actually answer my question. Just more obfuscation by not actually admitting anything. Case in point.

I'm not going to argue anymore with you because i've already hammered your point and you've done nothing but blubber about how you think you know better when you really don't. I further think that you very simplistically think you can call madden-type plays and it will automatically work. That's not how reality is no matter how much you wish it to be.

And there it is...

Edit: I happen to coach football.

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Sure you do, buddy.

You know dude, its one thing to disagree with someone on an internet message board, its quite another to just be an a$$... You just crossed the line.

I spend 20 hours a week for 10 weeks in the Fall with middle school and high school kids. And that doesn't even begin to count the number of hours I spend running kids who don't have rides all over town to their homes when its dark outside. Not to mention the hours that get put in during the Summer months. I do this all on my own dime, and on top of an already busy and heavy vocation.
I've been around the game for the last 20 years in some way shape or form. So while I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an expert, when I post something about strategy I'm speaking from a little bit of experience.

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Lol pot calling the kettle black. You've done nothing but insult me with personal attacks and then you start crying when I doubt your credibility? Please. Save your alligator tears for someone else cuz you ain't fooling me. Stop starting arguments if you can't handle it back. Simple as that, Chum.

This is a trend of Corny's during his entire tenure here at VT.

Amen...its more than a coincidence at this point.

Saw good potential and development of players over the course of the season, but will need to see what Fuente does with his upcoming hire(s) to decide how I feel going into next year

Extremely proud and a little disappointed...

Extremely proud of the turnaround, the way we battled back when we were left for dead, and massively improved play from specific players (Farley, Belmar, Floyd, Dax ... to name a few).

Also extremely proud of how the D played down the stretch for Bud.

But a little disappointed (maybe a little more than a little) that we couldn't pull this one out...

1st & 10 at the UVA 44 with 5min left, perfect position to drive for a game winning TD or game tying FG. And then somehow everything falls apart. Tre drops what would have been a 1st down, then back to back false starts leaves us with 3rd & 20. Those 3 plays lost us the game IMO.

Overall very proud, disappointed in that series. Love what we have coming back next year and proud of the unbelievable turnaround for sure.

Yeah, tough to see that come down to execution. But UVA brought that front 7 and for the most part until the end the extremely young Oline handle them well. I'm really hopeful about next season with all the talent coming back.


Danny is always open

I can't find the comment but it amazingly went how I said it would sometime this past summer; "Soft schedule. 8 wins but could easily be worse with a couple of bad bounces. The kind of season where no one is really comfortable to say if we're making real gains or not".

In retrospect, I should have put my talents to better use and said "Undefeated". You can blame me for this season

I said something similar - with the weak schedule, I expected to bounce back from last year and earn a 9 or 10 win season, with probable loss to ND and another random loss or two. I didn't expect BC. I didn't expect LOLUVA.

But, we weren't ready in week 1, melted down against Duke, and lost to LOLUVA.

All told, this season was below expectations. Halfway through the season I would have taken this but all told this wasn't what I was looking for in the weakest division in CFB with nearly the weakest cross-division competition we could ask for with one of the weakest OOC schedules in recent memory.

So I'd say this is about a 6-6 season, which is not good.

Need time to digest... It was a roller coaster of a season, but instead of lots of ups and downs, there was just one. It was more like a Drop Tower. The high was really high, probably the best I've felt about VT football since after the WVU in 2017. The low was... very, very, low.

Looking at the big picture, the question is, is this the start of a turn around, or is it the new norm? If next season is a huge success, then this season will be remembered as the jump-off point for Virginia Tech Football 2.0. If next season is another 8 win season then we have problems.

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Meets Expectations. Shown real grit along the way. a lot of teams collapse midseason.

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Unpopular hot take here, I'm happy the streak is over and I'm happy bud is retiring. Here's why, now this is Fuentes team no more streak from the beamer era, no more bud foster bailouts, this young team is now fully his and he needs to take ownership and lead this team forward with no more holdovers from the beamer era it's time for a new leaf a new page and a new streak to start next year in lane. This teams young and motivated and made great strides this year despite serious adversity and deserves credit for the turn around. Today we got beat by a superior quarterback who made the big plays we instead we wilted in the end. It sucks but we have to take the loss with respect and move on to prepare to send bud off with a win and gear up for a big season next year where we should be the favorites for the coastal and Fuente needs a big year as well.

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This was a roller-coaster season, even by Hokie standards, but honestly the only real surprise is the big loss to Duke. The team grew after that and played great football overall. I expected 7-9 wins like most and we landed right in the middle. All those years of pent up anger from the streak would have to cause more motivation than I can imagine. Many times a great QB will put an average team on his shoulders and Perkins did that today, and that can't be unexpected after how last year's game ended. While today's loss hurts, I definitely don't think it outweighs the growth of a young team that is well-positioned for 2020. We have some play-makers on O and D and have almost all of the two-deep returning. The true freshmen will benefit immensely from a year in the weight room. The future is still bright for Hokie football.

Kept the bowl streak alive, amazing after the start so I will take it!

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I was happy going to work eight times this year, that's two more than last year.

Looking forward to the bowl game and next season.

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For someone who thinks all the hate Fuente has faced is unreasonable I'd still say this season has been a disappointment. Maybe only a minor disappointment but a disappointment nonetheless. 8-4 with that schedule is disappointing. To include a blowout to Duke, battles with ODU and Furman and a coastal clinching loss to UVa in with a meh record certainly makes it a disappointment in my book. I'm still cautiously optimistic about the future and think that the trajectory from the halfway point of the season forward is a huge positive.

All in all if I'm Whit, I tell Fuente: "Its gotta be better, good job salvaging respectable season in the second half. Think hard about who you want to hitch your wagon to on the offensive side of the ball for the future and let's win the coastal next year."

We had one of the easiest schedules in program history and still got crushed by Duke and lost to UVA. Enough with the excuses, we should have done better.

Below expectations. 8-4 against our schedule is underachieving to me.

I believe we beat 2 teams with winning records (Pitt and Wake). That's pretty soft for a coach in his 4th year, with a roster full of his players and coaches.

3... amazingly Miami has a winning record... including a W against UVA

Hey, the season is actually defined by how we perform in whatever bowl game we play. It will essentially be an indication of our roster for next season. The big X factor is what happens with the defense. I hope we don't regress due to a totally new scheme.

The season we lost to UVA for the first time in 15 years

Puzzling. Like, how was it possible that Willis won the QB battle this summer assuming Hendon did Hendon things in practice?

We were literally playing our 3rd string QB for the first month of the season and if we beat BC and Duke, the UVA loss today wouldn't have mattered for the Coastal.

Let's Go...

Good point about the BC and Duke games.

"Vick, dashing back . . . here he comes again . . . Electrifying . . . and have you ever seen anything like this?"

a disappointment and dissatisfying

If you given me the option before the season for: a) us to just take an 8-4 season with close losses to BC and ND, a blowout loss to Duke, and losing the cup to UVA or b) play the season out, I would have played the season out

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I've said before that the first bullet under Fuente's on-the-field job description should be

1. Beat UVA

There's where you start your performance review.

If you play it, they will win.

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We're on track. If there was ever a year we'd lose to UVA, it was this year. It says a lot about our resilience that the game meant something. I think we're tougher than we were this time last year and I think we get back to 9-10 wins next year. I know progress is never linear, but we've got a very capable core of players who keep showing up and showing they're getting better.

Consider me bullish on our players and our coaches. I believe we have the right combination to make an impact. Now let's nail our D-coordinator hire.

Fuente said last year was the year for UVA to finally win. Our progress can best be described as one step forward and two steps back.

Nope. Two steps forward, one step back. I don't think you're remembering just how bad our defense was last year. That improvement alone is encouraging. Two shut outs in November is encouraging. Our o-line is only going to get better. Yes, today's loss is horrible, but we're in a much better spot moving forward than last year.

Annnnd we're downvoting. I guess it's time for all of us to step away from the keyboard for a little bit.

I was happy to finally beat GT under Fuente. Beating UNC, Pitt and Miami left me feeling great. The Notre Dame game was a heartbreaker. I would put the UVA loss in a class by itself. I don't quite know what to say here except that was not the way I wanted Bud to go out. That's for sure. I am not going to elaborate on the Duke and BC losses. That seemed like a century ago. We are still very young. I like the Kill hire and I saw some positive turn around with the offense after he came along. Is Kill mainly responsible for the improvements? If so, should we replace the coaches he is having to coach? If this is actually the situation.

Give Perkins some, if not all the credit for UVA's win. Without him, what did they do today? He graduates this year. What kind of season do you think they are going to have next year? What kind of one do you think we are going to have? Not so good and better/good respectively. Corny gets one more year in my book. Let's get our new DC in place before firing him. We have only one senior starting this year. I'm looking forward to next season. Next year will be the start of us breaking the 15 year streak.

Yes we play different coverage if we don't need to account for him running but a lot of those WRs were wiiiiiiiide open in the 4th. The WRs and play calling from uva deserves some credit too

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I saw a stat where Perkins accounted for 96% of their offense.

We return 21/22 starters going into next season, and really turned the jets on down the stretch. I'm cautiously optimistic, but we were wildly inconsistent. Coaches need to coach up.

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The 2013 VT team won 6 games in a row at one point in the season.

Yet nobody cares at all about it anymore.

Our improvement over the season will be long forgotten 5 years down the line. The 15 year streak being broken is going to stay for a long time.

We beat 2 teams with a winning record and had one of the worst SOS in the country. Predicting 8-4 before the start of the season would've been a borderline disappointment. One of the four losses being against UVA shelves this season firmly in the 'disappointment' category.

Last season was really bad but I'll always have the memory of the team pulling a win out of their ass against UVA, against all odds. This season...I can't really point on anything I will remember down the line (maybe the 6OT win vs UNC?). I will remember the streak being broken though.

All negativity, aside, we will have almost everybody back next season so there's no excuse not to be better. Hopefully this season will be a stepping stone for something better next season (I feel like I say this waaaay too often, but it's true)

Ancient history. 2019 was never anything but a stepping stone.

This season wasn't a complete failure in my opinion.

After Duke it seemed like we had truly bottomed out as a program, heading towards an even worse season than last year which seemed impossible heading into the year. However, beating Miami, UNC, playing ND tough, beating Wake, shutting out GT and Pitt put us in a position with Hendon Hooker where we saw the team rally together was something special relative to the trajectory we seemed to be on. I wish we had sent Bud out with a win against UVA, I wish this season won't eventually be remembered primarily as the year we broke the streak, but overall we recovered some confidence in the program. It wasn't a perfect ending for Bud, but from Wake through Pitt he had a fitting end to season where we got to see some of those old LPD muscles flexed.

Returning a ton of starters has us in a good position for next season, and a chance still remains for a 9 win season which is a success for me if only relative to where we were after Duke. Landing a top QB for 2021 has us with some much needed momentum on the recruiting trail. Things aren't all bad, but losing to UVA, the streak, Bud's last game against them will certainly add a nasty aftertaste to this season no matter how we finish the bowl game.

Ultimately, we went 8-4 with wins and losses that I doubt anyone picked exactly in the preseason, but that's where we are right now. We are a middle class P5 with one foot in the upper middle class with the talent to get there, and a conference that allows us the opportunity to maintain that level with relative ease to somewhere like the SEC or B1G.

Things could be really trending up, but there's no way to be certain. I'm sure we will have a bit of a nervous offseason, with some cautious optimism that could be fueled or tempered with the DC hires, staff changes, and recruiting wins/misses.

"Mixed Bag"

From a Record standpoint, 8-4 was about where I thought we would be.

From a progression standpoint, I think there were a lot of mixed results.

First off, both BC and Duke were below average teams, BC needs to beat the Fuck Narduzzis just to make a bowl. Duke only beat 1 other team in ACC play.

-The Offense was clearly so much better with Hooker, HH overall played well and should only get better with more experience. But you can't help but question why on Earth it took so long for the coaches to go to HH. Very questionable judgement by Offensive Staff.

-While the addition of Kill clearly appears to be a positive, the fact that there have been reports that he essentially ripped the Staff and at hinted that they had very limited tape-breakdown ability is frankly quite scary at this level.

-The OL play generally got better and lots of youth their to continue to develop. Question is what will the scheme be there? They seemed much more aggressive down the stretch, but will that continue going forward?

-Defensively, really a bounce-back year by en-large. Great to send Foster out on a positive, but makes me wish he was coming back. Really unknown going forward who will be the guy and if the scheme will change. Also, still very thin at several positions on D--was really obvious how much not having Farley hurt us in the 2nd Half of UVa game.

Still with mix of poor and sometimes bizzare playcalling and clock management decisions.

Beyond the obvious change at DC, will be interesting to see if any changes are made on Offense.

Losing to the shitasses in Hooville puts the season in the bad column no matter what else happens. I'd rather have lost the bowl streak. That being said, I'm excited for next year...

The season had ups and downs to an extreme, but one thing is for sure: this upcoming off-season sure as heck better be an improvement over the last two off-seasons.

The offense really needs to get better faster. With Foster no longer roaming the sidelines I expect our defense to take a step back. In fact, I would count on the defense being a huge rebuild which will take a few years. Offensively we really need to get going or else the next few years are going to suck. This season is difficult to frame. It's either a bellwether for bad times ahead or the last hiccup before Fuente's offensive dream comes to fruition. From day one he's talked about controlling the game through his offense. IMO we have yet to see that. Maybe we're getting closer to that. I'm not sure. But if we don't get better faster on offense it might get ugly.

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The whole "control the game" thing annoys me. You can either control the clock by running the ball and shortening the game (which was our main recipe for success the last several weeks) or you can be aggressive, take shots, and go hurry up to catch the defense off guard and dictate the tempo. For some reason since the 2016 ACCCG against Clemson, we haven't really been super aggressive on offense and just let it rip. Playcalling is always hyper-conservative and usually gets us behind the chains. When we can't run the football consistently either, like we saw today, we get this weird result where we can't really do anything effectively and are simply playing not to lose. We really turned it on in the 3rd quarter and started throwing the ball and playing with some tempo. Then we reverted back to turtle mode. If we're not willing to take some shots and be aggressive when we can't just milk the clock, we are going to see results like today. Sometimes the offense needs to win the game.

If ever there was a day to be aggressive on offense and attack, it was today against a team absolutely gutted in the secondary. Why we kept feeding the ball into the teeth of their defense instead of attacking their weakness is going to bother me all off-season.

This was a very winnable game and I don't the players were put in the best position to win, and that sucks.

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What we were doing worked for most of the game.

Yes, a different game plan may also have worked, but our offense had some failures on execution. Also, the defense.

It didn't work the entire first half, it worked in the third quarter, and then when it could have kept working in the 4th we went away from it and stubbed our toe. I have no idea where you get this idea it was working most of the game. We scored 70% of our points and 100% of our TD's in a single quarter. The other three we combined for 9. That doesn't scream "working most of the game" to me, in fact it suggests quite the opposite.

We played well most of the year. The end result isn't acceptable. The offense was great but that stagnantness arrived at a terrible time and idk how we don't look at Corn here

(add if applicable) /s

I understand the frustration from the fan base. After the Duke game I lost confidence in the whole lot. I've come back from the ledge and won't be upset if Corn is retained. One thing that is easy to lose sight of is players aren't the only ones who can get better. I think Cornelsen has improved this year and I think the addition of Kill can help him continue to improve.

I think Hooker is still limited in his ability to go out and throw the ball all around the field. Part of that is inexperience setting protections and a very young offensive line struggling with the same thing. Hooker throws a good ball and I think he's been accurate but he seems to be reacting as the play develops and is not at the level where he knows what the defense is doing before the snap.

Our offense is dependent on success running the ball on early downs to force the defense to defend the entire field on manageable down and distance. Even through our win streak we have been terrible on third down, especially third and long. As French warned us, uva brings a lot of different pressure looks with their linebackers. Hooker was not good at identifying where the pressure was coming from and how long he would have before it arrived. The play calling was conservative when we got behind the chains because Corn and Kill know this and our philosophy values ball security.

The playbook continued to expand all year and we got better throughout the year. There is a lot on tape for opposing defenses to have to prepare for now and I expect us to further develop that next year. Hooker will improve pre-snap as will the offensive line, especially with Hoffman. That will open up more in the passing game. I'm truly excited to see this team next year.

Losing to Uva absolutely sucks and I will be upset for 364 days until we beat the shit out of them in lane next year.

An upward trajectory following a bottom of the barrel bounce versus Duke. Losing to ND and UVA doesn't bother me from a program progression perspective. Both were away games against teams loaded with junior and senior starters. Bryce Perkins was the best offensive player UVA has seen since Aaron Brooks, and he is gone now. The Hoos will regress, we will improve and start a new streak. We were a gnat hair away from winning the Coastal this year, and I believe we win it the next 2 years in a row. Very bullish on the program's future, hope this ages well.

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To be honest this question kind of bothers me, we still have one game left. Does the streak ending suck? Hell yeah it hurts like a bitch. Does it suck we won't have a chance at a NY6 bowl game? Damn straight. But this team went from a complete disaster to an emerging young team that still has a chance to show how much they've matured from this year by making a statement for 2020 in whatever bowl game they go to. That will tell me more than anything about Justin Fuente and the direction of this program, and not what happened today. I want to see if they phone it in for the bowl game like the last team to lose to UVa in 2003, or do they come out and make it a point to create a whole new narrative.

Agree. Lets win the bowl game and go in to 2020 with bigger plans. Hopefully this loss is a strong motivator.

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I don't think we'll know until after the bowl game. If we beat a tough opponent there's a case to be made that the team is on an upward trend and this game was more a matter of not having our best CB (Farley didn't play). If we beat a lame opponent or lose to a tough opponent, I'm not sure what that says. Clearly losing to a lame opponent would suggest there is a major problem.

Up to this point, I would frame this season as a young team learning how to play as a team and fight through adversity.

From where we started I think we ended in the right direction. This has been the one year that UVA was a tough opponent. It wasn't like they were garbage all year long and ten somehow shocked us. We honestly lucked out of the win last year. They lose Perkins who is the heart of their offense. I do think Mendenhall is making them a less soft team, but they still don't have the talent we have. As Gayle pointed out, 1-15 isn't some upward trend.

I am excited for the future of our team. After last years defense I don't know how people can be upset about this year, save the Duke game. We were in it with BC after turning the ball over 5 times, 2 in the endzone. We were in it with UVA with 4 turnovers, one directly leading to a TD w/a little over a min left. Two games, 9 turnovers and we were in both of them till the end. Players are human and make mistakes. The other team gets a vote and sometimes beats a block or gets a lucky bounce. Sometimes that's the difference in the game, see last years game v UVA. The only question I think we really have for next year is the DC and how the defense will adjust.

I think we are continuing to trend up. Our 2021 class is looking good so far. UVA isn't going to turnaround recruiting b/c of one win or one decent season. They are still going to get slapped by Clemson. And if they go to play bama in the OB they are gonna get slapped again.

I'm still excited for the team. I don't know enough about OC stuff to say Corny should be gone. I mean games we've won recently he looks great. I dont' think that any of the games we've lost, i didn't see the Duke game, where I questioned what he was doing the whole game. A play here or there? Sure, but an entire game? No. If they change him they do, if not, they don't. Our program isn't going to die w/him in there in my opinion. Plus I don't know what OC we would bring in to be better. I think he has a bit of a longer leash after they way this team responded after Duke.

Looking forward to one more game this year, and I'll be on leave at home to watch it which will be awesome. Go Hokies!!

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That's a very well reasoned post man.

Young team, had some growing pains for sure. I was bummed early because they were not playing like hokies.

playing like hokies > sum of parts.

After dook they figured it out and I am at ease with this season. The excellent play this year (AD) by true/redshirt freshmen has been remarkable IMO.

The future is bright, let's knock it out of the park with Bud's replacement.

This season was on par with what I expected. 5th youngest team in the country and 21 of 22 starters returning next year gives me a lot of hope. I'm really looking forward to next season. Barring unforeseen changes, next year will be my breaking point with Fuente if we have a mediocre season with all the experience we have coming back. I don't see anyone else in the coastal having close to the potential we do.

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I'm going to hold off on judging this season until I stick with Marvel memes next season and see how the two compare.

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For those of us that are #old, this feels a lot like the 1998 season. A few heartbreakers, tough loss to UVA, and flashes of potential.

So you're saying next year is a magical run?

I'm down!

Is coronavirus over yet?

Disappointments and lows, then clawing back to highs, then a disappointing loss.
Still an achievement to come back like this after the Duke game. Hope we get a nice
matchup in the bowl game.

Much worse than last season. I'd rather go 6-7 for two-three seasons in a row than to lose to UVA once.

This season was an improvement over last season. However, the question that I keep asking myself is how do I frame our football program under Fuente thus far? My answer is that I still feel like we lack an identity and vision for the program. If Fuente had a clear vision for the offense, why did it take after the Duke game to start Hooker at QB? It is obvious that the offense drastically improved with Hooker at QB. Fuente states that his vision for the team is to play smart and tough. Why did it take after the Duke game to play more physical and disciplined football? This is year four under Fuente. I should not be asking myself what is the vision and identity of the program under Fuente thus far. Additional uncertainty is added to this question until we know who the new defensive coordinator will be.

Simple: the loss to UVA does one positive thing.... a new reference point!

For the last 10 years (at least) we have focused on the bowl and the UVA streak. I for one, see our reference point differently going forward.

This program needs to redefine its goals. TBH, until now, anything else but the bowl streak and UVA was all that was realistically possible. We have bigger fish to fry. With all the youth, talent and depth on this team, we need to focus on Coastal Championships, ACC Championships and YES, National Playoffs and titles!

Are we there today? Nope. But with almost all returning 0 and D lines for 2+ years, talent and further development at skill positions - time for us to see a bigger world than UVA.