FSU Fires Willie Taggart

Florida State coach Willie Taggart has been fired.

The school announced the decision to terminate Taggart's contract on Sunday afternoon, per a release from athletic director David Coburn.

"I spoke to Coach Taggart this afternoon to let him know of our decision," Coburn said. "I met with the team and coaches immediately after that conversation to let them know of the change. It was very important to us that the student-athletes know right away."


Figured this one warranted it's own thread.

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The buyout is more than $17 Million dollars, will be second largest buyout in college history. Charlie Weis was paid $18.9 million to leave Notre Dame. This is the kind of decision making a school with $ can make.

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They don't have the money lots of schools have. There facilities lag most of the ACC.

That's not true. Sure they were slow with facility updating but that's old news now. They are in the process (almost done) of updating facilities to be on par with Clemson and raised $20 million by Alumni donors in order for Taggarts buyout.

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I hope their next buyout is equally expensive.

But is this money the donors were not going to give FSU or is this an early payment of future planned giving?

I find it hard to believe that this does not decrease future giving (& if it does, FSU was not squeezing the lemon very hard to ensure maximum donations previously).

On the other hand, would you argue that the Hokie Club has been "squeezing the lemon very hard"? There are a number of improvements we need to make with our fundraising strategies.

I would be disappointed in previous fund raising efforts if Whit could come up 17 million to buy out Fuente. That would be a clear indication that the Hokie Club was gathering low hanging fruit but missing out on a large amount of potential donations.

Since Fuente has not been fired, I don't know. $$ amount and number of donors are up; hopefully this trend will continue.

I do think that Weaver's constant effort to limit Hokie Club donations to seat selection was not squeezing the lemon very hard. There was one reason to give and once you had good enough seats (personal preference for good enough), there was no reason to give more.

It's a blue blood program with Non alumni donors. They'll be alright. What I'm curious is if they will get the "new coach honeymoon recruiting boost" that Fuente/VT whiffed on

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Spending $20 million to have someone not coach is not something FSU can afford without it effecting other aspects of the school or athletic department.

Their 2019-2020 athletic budget is $108.07 million. 18.5% of the annual budget to have someone not work is not easy for anyone. Even if this is paid out over 5 years, that is a waste of 4% of the budget every year.

I do not believe the football program will be the part of the budget to see cuts for this expense; sorry golf, or tennis.

Fuente/VT whiffed on? I'm curious if you can quantify this statement? Seemed to me that his first two classes were pretty on par for course for VT standards.

Not defending it but my take would be "on par" < Honeymoon boost.

"recruiting boost", if you follow college football recruiting you know exactly what I mean. It's not about being "on Par" with previous recruiting years, it's better than average recruiting. If you want an example go look at Mike Londons 1st couple of years recruiting in Charlottesville. If you want more examples, go look at other programs "on par" with VT or better that have new hires.

I don't think Mendenhall saw this due to his personal beliefs and not having any ties to the area before moving across country for the gig.

Pour some Beer on it

I see plenty of questions ignored, I figured an answer is better than nothing. Were all the same team here

Pour some Beer on it

Ever hear the term "opportunity cost"?

Imagine what could be done with that $20 million instead firing a coach a year and a half into his contract - and probably setting the football program (and maybe the entire athletic program) back another 2-3 years or more?

I'm happy to see FSU choking on it, but anybody with a half a clue who did 5 minutes of research knew Taggert was a terrible hire. But that's what happens when people without a half a clue who think "recruiting ability" is a high priority over actual coaching ability have a voice in coach hiring/firing. If anything, it's those people who should be fired.

TBH I thought Taggart was a pretty good hire. Every place he's been (except Oregon) he's torn the program down and built it back up again. I still think they're firing him prematurely. That OL is such a rebuilding job, they're at best another year out before having a serviceable OL, and that's not Willie's fault; Jimbo left that program completely fucked.

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Oregon wasn't that bad. He got them winning again after they were in shambles. He should have never left that place.


He was only there 1 year and was 7-5.

Yeah after Helfrich went 4-8 the previous season. If he stayed we might not be talking so poorly about him today.


Or we might be. That's the problem.

He has a losing record as a head coach and the best he did at 3 of his 4 stops is mediocrity. He's basically had one good year as a head coach. For the most part, he'd shown is he was willing to leave an unfinished product to take over another mess and turn it into a different, slightly less of a mess.

It's not a coincidence his peers voted him T-1 for the most overrated coach.

He took WKU from 2-10 to 7-5, then went to USF, who he took from 2-10 to 10-2 (USF was one of the more difficult jobs in FBS at the time, and he turned into one of the top G5 programs - since then, Charlie strong has dismantled Taggart's work, but I digress). In his one year at Oregon, he took them from 4-8 to 7-5.

Maybe he leaves too early, maybe he was just out-recruiting his peers at WKU and USF. I still think he could've gotten FSU back to 10 wins in another year or two. I think people don't recognize how bad that roster was when Jimbo left. IIRC there were less than 10 healthy OL on the roster at the end of the last season. One year of recruiting ain't gonna fix that.

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I haven't done the analysis, but Taggert could very well have been the beneficiary of Altobelli affect. Take over a team(s) which are ready to improve regardless of the coach (or maybe in spite of the coach).

I just know his teams have never really looked cohesive to me.

Before Taggart went to WKU, they were on a 26 game losing streak. USF was 3-9 (their worst season ever at the time) before Taggart came in. We can't make any big takeaways from Taggart's time at Oregon, but it's worth noting that he improved on the team's record from the previous season, and Cristobal had the exact same record the season after.

I think you can make the argument that Taggart was able to just out recruit his G5 competition at each school, but I personally don't buy that he's a great recruiter but bad coach (otherwise he would've recruited better at FSU).

I will agree that Taggart was unprepared for dealing with a fan base like FSU. FSU was just in a bad spot when Taggart got there. Taggart's big mistake IMO is that he failed to manage expectations, and he gave the fan base a lot of hope. He talked up the kids, didn't admit that there were depth issues, basically said that OL issues didn't exist. Fans took his word for it, and were soon disappointed. Contrast this to Scott Frost, who on day 1 at Nebraska said 'It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better' - Frost bought himself a lot more leeway than Willie did.

TLDR - I probably won't change your mind, but I think Willie Taggart will be a successful P5 coach in the next decade.

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Unrealistic fan expectations will get after ya.

Really hope to see them face plant the next hire as well.

Also get ready for decommit and transfer season. Any chance Laborn wants to come home?

2 year sit-out? Doubtful.

How would it be two years? One year redshirt

He's already redshirted. It's 2 years to transfer within the ACC - unless he graduates in three years I suppose

I stand corrected. Thanks.

Please hire Venables to hurt Clemson.


No UVA should keep Bronco. I think that's a 4 and 8 or worse program next year with poor recruiting classes coming up. Even with numerous good players this year, they are likely below. 500 without Perkns and he's gone next year along with most of the others

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That's a very fine troll job.

That... and the turnover backpack

I gotta say, even a turnover fanny pack would have been better than that... yikes.

yes, fanny packs are back in. just check with your local trendy 20-something
meanwhile I don't think leather backpacks were ever in...

Don't under estimate the usefulness of a fanny pack...

I've smuggled lots of booze into Busch Gardens by hiding one under my shirt turned around backwards so it was on my back.

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OT, but I got a huge WTF response when talking about fanny packs with my Irish immigrant buddy. Apparently that term means something very different over there

Why yes, yes it does.

Care to inform us not in the know?

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I'm sure Urban Dictionary will tell you anything you want to know about it.

Turns out his system was lethally simple

na just lethal

Nah, just simple...

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Horse has worms. draggin' his ass on the ground.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

A sad, sad fate for all Equindae

Oregon right now...

uh...why is there a decapitated R2-D2 in that confetti gif?

It is a drink cooler. It's just missing a clear top with decals on it. I found one in our neighborhood during a yard sale.

Row the boat.

Freeing Willie didn't come free....

It's been a long weekend and glancing at the small text it looks like it says "FSU Frees Willie Taggart"

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Yeesh, Twitter VT fans offering Justin Fuente to FSU.

C'mon, we were literally a play away from being 6-2, and upsetting one of the better, albeit overrated, teams in the country. Where's the faith?

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Those fans are morons.

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Those fans are morons.

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We are also a play away from being 4-4 lol. Or even another play away from being 3-5.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

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Let's get that rumor fired up real quick.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Too bad I hear Greg Schiano, Rex Ryan, and Lane Kiffin already top their shortlist

I hope they hire all three simultaneously.

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Lane Kiffin just called, said being head coach at a Florida University would be his dream job.

I said "aren't you the head coach at FAU?"

"Brah" he says, "that's just where I post my resume."

Rex Ryan aint doing any recruiting...lol


"FSU whaduppp welcome to the bus!!"

Exactly this. An FSU friend of mine informed me of the news, and I told him two things:

1) "Firing him was dumb"

2) "Y'all are going to end up like Tennessee if you don't watch out"

Taggart is a good coach that will have to drop down to a program with fewer immediate expectations, and in my opinion he will elevate that downtrodden program. But it will take 4-5 years. And they will have to be either lackadaisical in their football passion or very patient as he gets the team going.

It could be Tennessee. It'll probably be Rutgers.

If you think Tennessee will give a guy 4-5 years to elevate that downtrodden program, I have beachfront property in Colorado you might be interested in.

No I don't think Tennessee would be that program, but at some point they really do need to own the terrible decision making they've made over the years. Maybe the next coach will be the guy they're patient with?

I would like some beach front property though. And Colorado seems like a nice place. How many stables are there?

No WAIT, I have a match made in Heaven - Willie Taggart and East Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!

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Inject that schadenfreude into my veeeeeins!

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I was going to say that I kinda felt bad for Taggart because you could tell coaching at FSU meant a lot to him, but then I saw his buyout.

"Sorry, sir, but you're going to have to pay for that sympathy."

If you play it, they will win.

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Actual footage of Taggart when he heard the news.

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If my employer gave me 1/15th of that buyout I'd be lamenting my poor fortune at my new retirement home. I'm thinking somewhere on a lake/river in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia.

Northern, near horse and wine country instead of southern in cow and wheat country. Better barns up there.

May I introduce you to Faquier County, with its gentle mix of backwoods rednecks and snobby NOVA money you'll find what you're looking for

I'm from Prince William. My swim team used to swim against you guys. We always paraphrased your team as 'Fuck Your Area Swim Team'

I don't need to go north to Loudon but I could go northwest to Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick, or Clark. I'll have to have a farrier put on some new shoes so I can walk around for a bit.

Hi neighbor! Where in Prince William are you?

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Hidy ho neighborino! I'm actually in PA now but I am a born and raised Manasshole.

Ahhh... We lived in Manastas when we first got married. That is where my husband almost committed wife-assisted suicide by coming into the apartment unannounced and trying to scare me while I was distracted.

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Lake Ridge checking in here. Grew up in Dale City, definitiely got to know Manassas pretty well

We're in the Gainesville area.

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Had a ton of friends in and around Gainesville growing up. When the urban sprawl hit, it skipped over Manassas and developed Gainesville instead.

Really used to dig Catharpin out 234 too, past the battlefield. Lotta good secluded properties out there. Good pastures, creeks abound. A horse could be real happy out that way.

Swam against your Lake Ridge guys as well. Not a bad spot out there.

Ha, small world. Same here. OPHS '08.

What up OP. I would have gone to Stonewall but I went to Jefferson instead. Class of 2000 fool!

I had two groups of friends from an old soccer team - one group went to Osbourne and one group went to Osbourne Park. And. Those. Kids. Hated. Each. Other. I played with them in middle school and everyone got along but by time we got to high school dang if those guys weren't always brawling.

What? No Page or Rockingham?

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Sorry I just looked at the counties map and chose the ones in the north that were west of hometown. I didn't look that far south, but yeah those could work.

Perfect gif usage, well done.

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I still can't believe that FSU wants to recreate the series of dumb decisions that created the Tennessee Vortex of Football Ineptitude....


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Jimbo Fisher can.

Rip Small William. We hardly knew ye

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I am more impressed with the fact that 20 million in private donations were raised just to fire a coach.

Kind of unbelievable in that context.

Just think how different VT would be if not only we had the population but also located in the state capital.

Pour some Beer on it

Taggart is an okay coach, but never thought he deserved that kind of money from FSU, or really was close to a level of coach FSU should be hiring. I assume Willie had a large buyout do to the time ir wad going to take to rebuild the program. Now FSU is going to reboot with less talent than they had last season. They have a terrible O line, no good option at QB, the only thing they should be doing is getting Akers the ball on every play. But I can't see him staying. Their defense doesnt remind me of FSU, they always had big fast defenses, even when they didn't play well, they were big and fast enough to run in the wrong direction. Now they are imposing. They look like a bottem half ACC defense at best. The only saving grace for them is that the ACC is terrible and 2nd place is up for grabs.

100% all about expectations. At FSU, they don't tolerate a shit Miami team coming into their house and embarrassing them. They don't stand for that. They don't stand for the million penalties, personal fouls, unprepared QBs, etc. Their expectation is to compete for national championships and that is not just window dressing. They don't expect to finish 4th in the Atlantic- under any circumstance. They also know talent is not the issue- they have blue chips all over the field. It's coaching.

Fans don't realize that it takes years to turn a program around, and that their impatience tends to lead to thrashing and confusion instead of improvement.

It's pointless to hire a coach and not let them stay long enough to actually fix anything.

See: Nebraska and Tennessee. Where fans were so "demanding" that their teams spent more years than necessary in purgatory, in spite of the payouts.

FSU needs to absolutely nail this hire or they will have trouble coming back from it. They obviously don't have the patience for a standard program overhaul.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

It's easier to recover with 5 star players all over the field, a 90K seat stadium, top notch facilities, top recruiting area, and national championship pedigree.

It's funny you mention those things. Living down here all I hear about are complaints about FSU football facilities and that recruiting wasn't going well (despite having what seemed like good classes).

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Apparently not.

Not all loses or program status is created equal. It's not just the W/L record that got Taggart fired.

There are a few names on that list which would be..... Curious

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I think we all know it's going to be Urban Meyer.

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I still think he ends up at Southern Cal

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Reports from USC saying going in a different direction, and I find it hard to believe they would hire a questionable coach like Meyer with his long history of questionable ethics because they've gone through ten years of sanctions and recent scandals. One report says that their AD hire points away from hiring Meyer.

Also, Meyer has a lot of familiarity with Florida high schools and southern recruiting so I could see FSU happening even though they denied it emphatically a couple of weeks ago. If you're going to go down the $50million dollar hole (buyouts and new coaching staff), you better hire a sure thing. Meyer is as close to a sure thing as you can get. But I haven't heard that he can work well with the current FSU AD. I'm sure Meyer can work with the FSU booster network, though.

Highly doubt he gets back to the sidelines based on his current health.

Steve Kragthorpe has a pacemaker, but he was also diagnosed with Parkinsons, and is now titled as an Administrative Assistant to Ed Orgeron. He is on the sidelines during games, but keeps his activity low. Unless Urban wants to go CEO, like late Bobby Bowden, I don't think he'd be able to at F$U.

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I hear Al Groh is still looking for a job. Maybe they could poach William and Marys coach as well.

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Does anyone really think Bob Stoops is going to come out of retirement to go to that mess?

Only current coach on that list where it might make sense to jump to FSU in its current state might be Dino.

Funny that your candidate suggestion is named after a dinosaur, when FSU's program now seems extinct.

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good lord...just what we need. Stoops is a great coach and can recruit.

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Wrong thread...
Guessing Stoops from UK

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Stoops will need time to build a program the same way Taggart did. Most coaches in that situation will. I'm not sure if Taggart was the right man for the job or not, but a year and a half certainly isn't enough time to find out. I hope FSU hires anyone but Urban Meyer so we can continue to watch their fan base call for the coach's head after every season they don't win 10 games.

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Now, how many of those recruits can we poach?

The news down here is filled with decommited players.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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This guy claims Bob Stoops is pretty much done. Also claims to have reported the buyout last week and Jimbo leaving as well.

Bob Stoops Plot Twist

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

Just talked with Bob Stoops. Any reports that he's a candidate for the FSU job are not accurate. Said "he's not a candidate". @CollegeGameDay @espnโ€” Kirk Herbstreit (@KirkHerbstreit) November 5, 2019 " />

I tried for like 5 minutes to embed... get off my lawn.

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Dude, I don't even try anymore. I just leave a note at the bottom. I don't know how to embed. Lol

There ya go:

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

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So Stoops is the next coach.

Not a candidate as in "not a candidate" or not a candidate as in "Dolphins coach Nick Saban not a candidate"?

Yeah, but Stoops isn't coaching in the middle of an NFL season trying to keep his players focused on the next game they're probably going to lose like Saban was.

I'm ready to see a minor version of Tennessee's coaching search played out for FSU, it looks like it's already starting to look a little familiar. A lot of currently-employed coaches'agents are going to work some nice extensions out of this.

PJ Fleck just did.....good for him.

Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck has agreed to a new seven-year contract through the 2026 season, the school announced Tuesday.

The school's board of regents still must approve the new agreement. Salary details were not immediately released.

Fleck is 20-13 in three-plus seasons at Minnesota, which is 8-0 for the first time since 1941 and 5-0 in Big Ten play for the first time since 1961. The 38-year-old Fleck had been mentioned as a candidate for Florida State's coaching vacancy, and a potential candidate if USC makes a coaching change.


It's ironic to see someone say "good for him" in this situation considering it's the exact reason we ended up with Fuente's current contract terms, which many have lamented and even bashed Whit over.

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I'm never going to fault someone for getting paid.

Well, we still have Fuente, which was the desired result.

Rather than being a plot twist, I would argue that it never made sense in the first place. Stoops retired from about as stable of a situation as possible in Oklahoma. If his retirement was health-related, it certainly wouldn't make sense to walk away from that situation only to sign up for the disaster that is FSU right now.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I thought his retirement came from Oklahoma and was 'We don't want to lose Lincoln Riley'-related

My recollection was rumored health issues (heart-related I believe).

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I honestly thought it came from a " I'm rich and don't want to work anymore" place.

Pour some Beer on it

It was kind of both. His father died at his age, so the story was that Bob decided he was well off enough to live his life and didnt need the issues of being a coach.

Are the things I've seen that FSU are talking to Coach Brown from Last Chance U true? They can't be, right?!

Lol isn't that guy in prison?

Using /s is for cowards.

If he is, he would argue he can run the program from the inside like a gang leader.