November New DC Rumors

The previous thread was getting stupidly long. Enjoy the prognosticating and postulating.

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Love me some reckless speculation!

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Yes thank you that old thread was getting unmanageable.

The people hyping up the ODU DC is the most ridiculous lipstick on a pig argument I've seen. ODU is objectively horrible, but somehow the defense is doing really well and he would be a great hire for us? To replace Bud Foster? If our sights are set that low then I'm bracing for a major flop of a hire.

Almost as ridiculous as people thinking we're going to some how land a huge DC to sign onto a coach that could potentially be on the hot seat/a lame duck.

But do we really think that Fu is still on the hot seat or a lame duck coach? Whit has said a definite no previously. The team is currently trending in the right direction with an opportunity to end the season meeting expectations.

The next two years are looking to be set up as two potentially really good ones for Fu, so if he follows through, I would see him here for at least 3 more years.

And if he make some changes as has been rumored on the offensive side, and with a new DC coming in, this is almost a bigger guarantee that he is hanging out for a while.

Anyway, I'm sure that a lot of outside coaches are looking at all of this as well and do not think it would be a wasted opportunity for them.

If Fu does not make a bowl game this year, he is most definitely on the hot seat.

There may be plenty of desire to oust him if we don't make a bowl, but with his buyout, his seat ain't getting warm anytime soon.

Our "trending in the right direction look" can reverse real quick if we don't beat anyone but GT down the stretch

Ah yes, pinning our hopes on perhaps beating a team we haven't beaten in Fuente's tenure is def a recipe for disaster.

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ah yes, making a lazy conclusion not considering the current situation and conditions and how past conditions have about zero influence on the next game.

That said, VT should beat GT. But VT's bowl chances are not pinned on GT alone. They need to win 2 out of their final four games to reach eligibility, all of which are winnable.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Correct, though I think Wake is the hardest game of the season for us. We just match up poorly to them at this point in time.

But if GT is the only game we win down the stretch, I don't think it's out of the question that Fuente is on the hot seat going into 2020. I sure hope that doesn't happen, but if it plays out that way it'll probably be the case.

As the person who did research on David Blackwell and posted about it in the last dc OP, I kind of take offense to this.

First off, no one can replace Bud and whoever we hire most likely won't be Bud 2.0, all we can hope for is to find someone who matches his philosophy, player development, and character with the budget we have.

I'm not going to reiterate what I said in my previous posts about Blackwell, but at the right price, I think he's a solid hire, not a home run, but solid.

He has been a part of program turn around, he has been the dc for elite defenses in the fcs and he's been a recruiting coordinator for Clemson where he brought in top 20 classes before the dabo train started rolling.

Yes, at both odu and ecu his defenses statistically have been bad, but that's looking at the data in a vacuum and ignoring the year over year improvement he had with both teams. Unfortunately, some people don't understand that rebuilds take more than one year to happen and just see the high ppg or team record and pin it all on him.

I encourage you to look at his whole resume and judge for yourself and compare it to candidates on your wish list. How many of them have dc experience? How many of them have been nominated for best dc? How many have been involved in program turn around? How many have recruited at high level and held a position of recruiting coordinator?

I think its telling that he's at Clemson as a young defensive coaching prospect with recruiting potential some 13 years ago and then he basically falls off the face of the Earth from there. I suppose its possible to fall thru the cracks, but this doesn't seem like a route you see too often. Guys with that kind of pedigree seem to typically go to a smaller FBS school or FCS school in a main role as the next step and quickly work their way up. He basically went down and stagnated with some low level programs. So you can't help but ask, if that potential was ever there, why has it taken this long for him to get job interests at this level (Power 5 jobs) ? People can clean up stats in his favor or make any extra comments about why a scenario he's at isn't quite what it appears to be at first glance but nothing about his resume speaks to Blackwell being a good or even solid hire. The only thing you have to hold onto with him as a candidate is just hope. I'd rather put my money on something a little more tangible than hope

Guys with that kind of pedigree seem to typically go to a smaller FBS school or FCS school in a main role as the next step and quickly work their way up.

He did work his way up though? He went from LB coach at Clemson to DC at Fordham where he helped them go from 1-10 to 12-2 in two years!

He basically went down and stagnated with some low level programs.

Then he went to Jacksonville St. as DC, a move up in the FCS ranks where he produced defenses that were top ten in most statistical categories for four years. I am pretty sure Jacksonville st made the playoffs every year he was DC...I would not call that stagnating

but nothing about his resume speaks to Blackwell being a good or even solid hire.

He was a finalist for FCS defensive coordinator of the year twice! Dude can coach. There is no stat cleaning required to see that when given time, he has had success. For some reason people refuse to look at what he did at the FCS level.

Guys, I found David Blackwell's account.

Oh, and for those using his time at Clemson as a selling point... 2003-2008 was during the peak Klemsoning period...

Oh, and for those using his time at Clemson as a selling point... 2003-2008 was during the peak Klemsoning period...

I'm not sure how to say this and not come off as rude, but this is a completely idiotic comment. You know who else was a position coach at Clemson from 2003-2008?

Dabo Swinney.

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You're right, that came off pretty rude. How is it idiotic to point out that he was only on the staff during the period that Clemson never lived up to expectations? Did Dabo retain him? Oh no, that's right, he didn't.

Firstly, I would have been more considerate with my words if you hadn't condescendingly called LouisianaHokie "David Blackwell's account" when he was simply stating facts to support his perspective.

Secondly, it's a flawed and illogical argument for a multitude of reasons that aren't that hard to uncover. "Klemsoning" didn't start in 2003- rather back in 1990 after Danny Ford resigned- and it makes no sense to correlate decades of under-performing teams to David Blackwell, who was a 30 year old linebacker coach. Literally the exact same logic was applied when everyone mocked Clemson for hiring Dabo in 2008. Unless you know the details of what happened in the coaching transition, you can't infer much significance from Blackwell not remaining on staff. What I do know is that Dabo hired Kevin Steele from Alabama as his DC and linebackers coach, so the coaching responsibilities Blackwell had were absorbed by a new, highly-paid DC. Furthermore, Clemson actually continued to "Klemson" until 2011 when they revamped their offense and made significant changes on that side of the ball. And even then they still didn't take the next step and win a BCS game until replacing Kevin Steele with Brent Venebles in 2012.

So how on earth is "Klemsoning" from 2003-2008 particularly significant regarding David Blackwell's present qualifications when damn near every position on Clemson's staff turned over TWICE between that time frame and the year when Clemson won their first BCS bowl game?

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I am sorry that I struck a nerve with you on my comment to LouisanaHokie - it was in jest, as are almost all of my comments if you look through them. That said, I do personally think VT should look to a bigger name than David Blackwell - if you make that hire you are essentially telling recruits that Fuente is here for the short term, until his buyout drops and the program can do a total reboot. Replacing a legend like CBF with the first year DC of ODU who is currently 1-8 on the year doesn't exactly inspire confidence to me. Yes I understand its a program in transition, its still a 1-8 ODU team.

All of that said, I am extremely familiar with "Klemsoning", but I appreciate you refresher course on the name. I did not say that timeframe was limited to 2003-2008, I said it did overlap with when David Blackwell was there. It also overlapped with when an unranked VT beat the #10 "Klemson" team in Blacksburg in 2006, and to a lesser extent when #15 VT beat a #22 Klemson in 2007. Its also worth pointing out that those 2003 - 2008 Clemson teams had ACC records of 4-4, 4-4, 5-3, 5-3, and 4-4 - despite having the 17th best recruiting class in 2005, 16th best in 2006, and 16th best in 2007. I think this lack of translation to results/wins is particularly relevant for everyone pointing to Blackwell's experience at Clemson as a reason for why he should be hired at VT. I also think that the fact that Dabo looked externally for a hire for Blackwell's responsibilities, instead of retaining someone who has already been cited as improving their recruiting, is fairly compelling.

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You seem to have a hard time grasping that there's a big step up between Power 5 conferences from FCS, where most of Blackwell successes are on his resume. That's why people are pausing on the potential hire because they know that gap can be a big hurdle. If I'm a Power 5 school that's going to hire based on FCS pedigree, I want someone like Chris Klieman, a guy that was clearly the class of the field after wining multiple championships at North Dakota St before KSU hired him. Blackwell isn't that. Even if he was, you'd think he would attract more attention from upper level FBS schools but he hasn't. When he did step up from FCS he's gone to bottom feeder FBS level schools with little to no impact.

Here's what happened. It's not people refusing to look what he's done. It's that you have talked yourself into the hire after you looked up his stats.

A few things just to call out:

  • Blackwell left Clemson when Dabo was named Interim HC, not when Dabo was choosing his staff, so it's not clear if this is someone who Dabo wanted/would have chosen for his staff.
  • ECU is his alma mater, probably a key reason he went there
  • I'm not sure how unusual it is for a guy to go from P5 position coach to G5/FCS coordinator, but there are a lot of successful coaches who didn't have perfectly linear paths (Joe Moorhead comes to mind immediately)

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If we pay the new guy Bud money, we can get a much better coach than the guy struggling to win a game at ODU this year. Much better.

I mostly agree with you, DC. If we payed Blackwell over $600k, it be a bad deal and I would say we overpaid for a guy who was only making $250k prior. If I was CF, I would not use the $1 million dollars of Fosters salary on one guy. With VT not overflowing the money, I think it be financially savvy to do something like this:

-$500k on Blackwell for DC/Recruiting Coordinator
-Fire Corn, salary of $500k, hire Wake Forest's OC and pay him $750k ($500k of Corns salary + $250k from Buds)
-Hire an offensive and defensive analyst, $125k each

I like this idea instead of putting all the dollars on one guy. With this we have now added to the staff, improved the offense, and got someone who has a similar defensive philosophy to Bud.

I am also a proponent of using the money to improve and expand the staff in other areas. I don't know about everyone else, but I found it extremely eye opening when it was stated that the money to hire Jerry Kill only became available because Danielle Bartelstein left to take her new position.

I've seen statements in the past that we weren't using the full recruiting budget, but that specific statement made it seem clear that we are by no means flush with cash or sitting on spare funds- and likely have had to resort to some degree of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" in certain areas.

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Hire an offensive and defensive analyst, $125k each

Huh? That's five times what Alabama has been paying their analysts (Butch Jones, yada, yada)

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How about starting a trend of variable, performance-based salaries, say a good base + $1000x(130-NCAA total defense ranking), or $2000x(65-NCAA total defense ranking above 65)?


How would people feel about Monte Kiffin?

Is he still alive?

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He's 79 years old, defensive assistant for Lane at FAU. Even if we wanted him, I don't think he is looking to climb the career ladder. He's coaching with his son for the last couple years of his career, doubt anything changes that.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Didn't Stinespring or Loeffler pick apart his defense in the bowl game against Tenn?

Does it come with Lane at OC?

Either way, nah.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

To rehash the last thread, here is the TKP list of mentioned Foster replacements:

Torrian Gray, Justin Hamilton, Charley Wiles, Todd Grantham, Jeremy Pruitt, Charlie Strong, Vinny Fuller, Randy Shannon, Zach Arnett, Cornell Brown, JC Price, Pierson Prioleau, Glenn Schumann, Nick Sorensen, Kam Chancellor, David Reeves, Anthony Midgit, Lorenzo Ward, Adam Fuller, Galen Scott, Corey Raymond, Todd Bates, Ron Zook (really), Charles Kelley, Jim Leonhard, Chad Glasgow, Marcus Freeman, Tracy Claeys, Chris Ash, David Blackwell, Cody Grim, DJ Durkin, Xavier Adibi, Harlon Barnett.....and Monte Kiffin above.

Now that we're all caught up.....

As someone mentioned in the other thread, don't forget Cornelson since he can stop the run.

Let's Go


Marcus Freeman, please

You forgot about Marvin Lewis & Rex Ryan

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Will definitely be following Xavier Adibi's career. I love seeing former VT players get into coaching.

Put me on board for Schumann or Blackwell....thinking about our current money situation...i also think that this pick will tell us what Whit thinks of Fu's long term projections...

Schumann - Fu will be here for a while.
Blackwell - Fu is walking through a minefield...

Hank Beamer and his vaunted "rabbit chasing defense". Number one at the top of my list.

Hank wouldn't have let that black cat cross that goal line last night, that's for sure.

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and I thought my neighborhood had a problem with feral cats getting into places they shouldn't be

That cat scored more points than the Redskins this week, and last week, and the week before that

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Jerry should sign this cat. Huge momentum swing after he went in.

...Vinny Fuller...Adam Fuller...

You had me at Fuller


Please no Galen Scott or anyone along similar lines. I'm kinda glad he fucked up his chances because honestly his defenses at Memphis were pretty garbage and he was working with a more than solid foundation of the Odom defenses that carried Fuente early in his career.

Give me Gray, Grantham, Schumann, Wiles or if you have to reach then someone like Shannon, Blackwell, or Bob Diaco

In order:

David Reeves
Glenn Schumann
Torrian Gray
Todd Grantham
Todd Bates
Lorenzo Ward

That is all.

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No Grantham, he's too predictable on 3rd down.

I don't want anybody with Tennessee stink on them.

As quickly as rumors and what have ya swirl about these days, it is pretty remarkable how quiet they've kept this search. I know it's not a head coach but would think someone would have let the cat out of the bag to the wrong person somewhere down the line by now.

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Nah man, just make sure there are enough rumors with sauces swirling and no one can take any one of them seriously enough.

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I know it was mentioned previously, but Stephen Godfrey of PAPN said that Whit moves like a ghost and we will not hear anything until it's about to be announced.

Except this is Fuente's decision. Whit signs the check. It's also not going to be his only decision #sauces

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As in he's going to have other input in the decision of DC or he's going to have more decisions to make besides DC?

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There'll be more decisions for Fuente to make.

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I've heard the same, that there are other coaches that are being replaced. So all that speculation of Corny may hold some weight.

There'll be more decisions for Fuente to make.
They won't replace Corny, he's like Fuente's Shadow unless someone makes a head coaching offer for Corny, he's not Leaving VT.

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Why wouldn't he already have offers? He is a well respected offensive coordinator in the industry.

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Why wouldn't he already have offers?

Is this also from #sauces?

No, simply providing an argument that Cornelsen is competent enough to get offers and mull them on his own accord.

I don't buy that he'd stay at VT simply because of Fuente.

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I agree with this. It could be that Jafar Williams is already out the door at the end of the year, and he's going to have to replace the flanker coach.

I just weighted in with this so I could type "flanker". What a nice word.

Leonard. Duh.

I honestly don't know how it works - does Fuente do all the paperwork, too, or does he tell Whit who he would like and then Whit signs the guy?

I figured the latter.

The Board approves the final salaries, and any budget adjustments. Whit gives the yay or nay after Fuente pulls the trigger. That's typically how it worked under Beamer/Weaver.

I doubt Whit gets too involved with non-head coach coaches unless salary is involved.

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HR probably does the paper work. What I imagine is that this is Whit's department, so it runs how he wants it to run and he does move like a ghost. So i assume Fuente follows Whits lead. I would hope the DC is Fuente's decision as the DC works for him.

Except this is Fuente's decision. Whit signs the check.

Yeah, and then you'll see Whit in the back corner of the press conference like this

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How about a certain young man who pushes a truck around the parking lot for a warmup? If you can push a truck you can push an O-line...

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Buzz is coming back to Tech??

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Doesn't matter the context. Fozzy Bear replies always deserve upvotes.

I'm going to throw a name out there that I don't think has been mentioned - Clayton White, currently DC/DB coach at Western Kentucky. Played at NC State and NFL, was a HS coach in Raleigh NC, has coached and recruited the ACC area while special teams/Safeties coach at NC State. Was a 2017 Broyles award nominee.

I've seen the name David Reeves of UAB mentioned in a few places as a "hot DC" right now. What is his defensive philosophy (similar or diff. than Buds)?
Why does HOKIEGUY95 have him atop his list?
Does he have a mustache or a fu manchu?
Any idea on his current compensation vs what VT can realistically offer?
What ties does he have to the Fuller family?

Get well!

Lee Suggs!!

He is very intriguing. Because he took a school that gave up football for several years and when they picked it back up he has two top 10 statistical FBS defenses since then. UAB isn't know for recruitment. It's a very suffocating type D.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: β€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.” - David Teel Tweet 2018

minshew mania is dead, and the mustache and fu Manchu died with it. it was fun while it lasted. :(

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