Looking Ahead at the Next Few Opponents

Rhode Island
Record: 1-4 with a 31-28 win over 1-2 Brown and losses to 2-3 Ohio, 3-2 Delaware, 3-2 New Hampshire, and 4-2 Stony Brook

While not posting eye popping stats, the Rams' quarterback Priore has done a good job throwing only 3 picks and netting 8.1 yards per attempt on 65% passing. This is a very traditional team with the vast majority of carries going to a single back (Bryant, 6-0 220) who averages just under 4 yards a carry. Two 6-3 receivers (Parker and Coulter) lead the Rams in receptions and TDs getting a combined 76 of 137 completions for 10 of 12 total TDs, with their slot receiver (Dorsey) getting an additional 20 receptions with 1 touchdown. They do occasionally throw to the Bryant out of the backfield, about 3 catches per game.

The O-Line has been decent, only allowing 12 sacks through five games.

Defensively, the rams are led by LB Castillo with 52 tackles and S Campbell with 1.5 sacks. They don't generate a ton of pressure (5 sacks on the season), but are very adept at causing turnovers, picking off 8 passes and recovering 2 fumbles.

North Carolina
Record: 3-3 with wins over South Carolina, Miami, and Georgia Tech; with losses to Wake Forest, App State, and Clemson

Freshman signal-caller Sam Howell has done well garnering a 15/3 TD/INT ratio with 7.9 yards per attempt on 63% passing. On the ground, the Tar Heels are paced by backs Williams and Carter, each getting about 14 carries a game for a combined average 147 yards. Howell has shown some mobility, getting a 15 yard run and a 2 yd TD run, but netting -2 yards over his remaining 54 carries. Through the air, the Tar Heels have 5 players averaging at least 2 catches per game (Brown, Newsome, Corrales, Groves, and rb Carter) with all of the receivers averaging over 10 yards per catch. The trio of Brown, Newsome, and Corrales are also responsible for 11 receiving touchdowns. TE's for the Heels average a little over 1 catch per game for 10.7 ypc.

The O-Line is young, with 3 rSo and a rFr, and has allowed 20 sacks on the season.

Top tackler for the Heels is LB/former QB/piñata/turnover victim Chazz Surratt who has made 46 tackles on the season. LB Tomon Fox has been in the backfield the most, registering 4.5 sacks so far. The Heels bring a lot of pressure from the LB position, with 10 of the team's 13 sacks coming from the linebacking corps. The defense has forced 6 interceptions and has recovered one fumble.

Notre Dame
Record: 4-1 with wins over 3-2 Louisville, 2-3 New Mexico, 4-1 UVA, and 1-4 Bowling Green, with their lone loss coming against 5-0 Georgia.

Field General Ian Book has thrown 13 TDs to 2 interceptions on 65.5% passing, averaging 9 yards per attempt. The workhorse back, Jones, is averaging 11 carries a game, getting 6.9 yards per carry, occasionally spelled by Flemister, who is getting just shy of 5 carries a game with an average of 2.5 yards per carry. Book does tote the rock about 7 times per game, averaging slightly less than 4 yards per attempt. Book spreads the ball around very well with only 3 players averaging 3 or more receptions per game (Claypool, te Kmet, Finke) who have combined for 49 of 91 completions, averaging between 13.6 and 14.5 yards per catch.

A veteran offensive line (2 Sr, 2 Jr, 1 So) has allowed only 8 sacks on the year.

Defensively, they all fly to the ball with no individual tackler over 30 tackles so far. 12 of 13 sacks on the season have come from a stout defensive line, lead by Okwera's 4 sacks. Additionally, this is a ball-hawking defense, who has forced 6 interceptions and recovered 7 fumbles.

Notre Dame does play USC and Michigan before they take on the Hokies.

Wake Forest
Record: 5-0 with wins over 3-2 Utah State, 0-6 Rice, 3-3 UNC, 2-4 Elon, and 3-3 Boston College.

Jamie Newman might just be the best QB in the ACC this year, with a 14/3 TD-INT ratio, a nearly 70% completion percentage, and a ridiculous 9.1 yards per attempt, while also leading the team with 78 carries and 3 rushing TDs. The top 3 backs for the Deacs (Walker, Carney, Beal-Smith) have 133 combined carries for 674 yards and 5 TDs. Four receivers (Surratt, Washington, Hinton, Claude) and 1 TE (Freudenthal) average 2 or more catches per game, with the vast majority of damage coming from Surratt and Washington who each have 6 touchdowns on a combined 985 yards.

Wake's O-Line might be the most experienced the Hokies face, with 3 rSrs and 2 rSos, and it shows. The Deacs have only allowed 6 sacks on the season.

LB Justin Stmad leads the team in tackles with 53 with DL Basham leading the team with 4.5 sacks. The Demon Deacons bring a balanced pressure system getting 7 sacks from their front 4, 4 from the LBs, and 2 from the secondary. This pressure has helped force 5 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries.

Before coming to Blacksburg, the Deacs face Louisville, FSU, and NC State. If they come into Blacksburg unbeaten, it's possible they may be caught looking forward to the following week's matchup with Clemson that would determine top tie-breaker in the Atlantic.

Out of fairness and to offer comparison Virginia Tech

Record: 3-2 with wins over 1-4 ODU, 4-2 Furman, and 2-3 Miami, with losses to 3-3 BC, and 3-2 Duke

Hokie quarterbacks have combined for a 11/5 TD/INT ratio on just under 59% completions and a 7.7 yard per attempt average. Top backs McClease and King have 118 touches on the year for 489 yards and 2 TDs, averaging 3.9 and 4.6 yards per carry respectively. QBs Hooker and Willis have added 78 carries for 119 yards and 2 more TDs. Receivers Robinson and Turner and TE Keene are the only players to record more than 2 catches per game for a combined 424 yards and 5 touchdowns, although 3 additional players (Grimsley, Mitchell, Smith) are close with 7 or more catches on the season for 395 combined yards and 4 touchdowns.

Possibly the youngest OL in the NCAA, the Hokies have 2 Fr, 1 So, and 2 rSo starting, but have only allowed a respectable 10 sacks on the year.

The LPD is lead by LB Ashby with 46 tackles, and DE Belmar and DB Connor with 3 sacks each. As usual for Bud Stout the pressure is dialed up from all over with 10 sacks coming from the DL, 4.5 from the secondary, and 2.5 from the linebackers. DBU is on the board with 6 interceptions on the season, 1 shy from last season's total. The Hokies have also recovered 2 fumbles.

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This year is so weird. I can see us goin anywhere from 3-1 to 1-3 in this stretch. I just hope we build on last week instead of regressing. If we continue calling an offense around what personnel we have, and our defense remains gritty and opportunistic, we'll be ok.

Very worried about Howell tossing the rock to Dyami Brown and Dazz Newsome. Their running game has been quietly effective as well. Javonte Williams is a really solid all-around back. We will need to get pressure in this game and hopefully stuff the run to make them one dimensional. The UNC offense has been pretty capricious, but Howell can turn it on and take over a game. Dyami Brown is listed at 6-1 195, but when you watch him play he plays like a 6-3 220 lb guy.

Dyami Brown is always open. Impressive receiver, wish we had got him.

ACC stats has Howell with 22 TDs, not 15. Maybe that's wrong, it's 8 more than anyone else in the league.

All stats except RI from ESPN, Roster info from Ourlads.

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This actually works great with Hooker taking over.

He gets a game where he can work on somethings with his throwing, as he has a little rust from not playing for so long. Rhode Island will hopefully help us develop some continuity offensively with Hooker at QB1.

UNC will be a good test to gauge how far they have come from Miami.

Based off of how that goes, I might have some hope we could beat Notre Dame and or Wake. I'm more concerned with Wake as Notre Dame isn't nearly as good as last year.


Notre Dame's DLine is really good. I think that is where we will struggle.

Wake has a mobile qb, and that has always been Bud's kryptonite.

L of Ville beating Wake gave me hope that we can. If we can make it through this next stretch with just a loss to a Notre Dame that will be a big win in my book.


I don't know. They put up a ton of points still, I don't know if we'd be able to keep up.

Newman is really strong with the RPO, ND is the best team we'll face.

I think Bryce Perkins will give up a ton of interceptions, he's reckless with the football from what I've seen.

If we lose to RI I will blame you for looking past them!

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They're up there. I don't look past any opponent, just pointing out what we have upcoming. Also, I might be able to make it to the WF game, so that's why I stopped with them.

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Let's talk about UNC... We have no idea how good UNC is.

  • Their losses were against a top 5 and two (what I believe are/will be) top 25 teams, all by less than a score.
  • They don't have a quality win yet, beating one team that is undergoing the largest scheme overhaul of the past decade, and two other teams that are talented, but very incomplete.

UNC is a must win for us if we are to win to the coastal. Beyond that, I think this game (and the game against UVA) is critical, and could have ripple effects lasting the next 2-3 seasons. If UNC or UVA beat us, that team will become the premiere ACC team in the Mid-Atlantic/Carolinas, and recruits will take note.

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UNC moving forward is particularly worrisome for a few reasons:

1. Extremely talented QB for at least two more years.

2. Quicker than expected on-field turnaround so far.

3. They have a really strong DL class coming in. If they start having consistent talent on the lines of scrimmage, that is a very bad look for us as that is a pretty key factor in sustainable program success.

I'm not worried. I'm sure NCAA will impose the death penalty before next season anyway /s

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Fedora left Mack Brown a 2-9 team, but apparently more in the cupboard than Beamer left Fu. Unless of course the transition downturn hasn't hit yet.

I take it you'll gladly go on the record that UNC is going 7-1 the rest of the way then?

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Agreed. It will be a good test to see if the Miami game was Fuente and staff turning a corner with this team.


When you play the guy the team thought should have been the starter all along it can't make things worse, it inspires more confidence in teammates and even Hooker, I think we will be fine, growing pains sure but I think next year we have the potential to be pretty damn good now with Hooker getting experience now

Go for it

The ACC besides Clemson is so up and down. Besides Notre Dame, i don't look at a game left on the schedule that i dont think we can't win, however i also don't see a game left that we can't lose.

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Top tackler for the Heels is LB/former QB/piñata/turnover victim Chazz Surratt


No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

jUsT gO 1-0 tHiS wEeK

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this but actually without any sarcasm. i hate looking ahead. don't evaluate each game in a vacuum, but also don't have such wild expectation swings. there are people out there (not necessarily on TKP) who are saying that since we beat miami we "should" go 9-3 with our only other loss being ND. Obviously I'd be ecstatic, but it's myopic and best case scenario. our team looks very different in October than it did in September, and other teams can look very different come November than they do now.

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Would Notre Dame be more emotionally and mentally drained after back-to-back wins against USC and Michigan or back-to-back losses?

After back-to-back wins, maybe they're hype because they're through one of the tougher stretches of their schedule and ready to keep it rolling to the CFP. On the flipside, maybe we catch them breathing a sigh of relief and not entirely focused.

After back-to-back losses, maybe they're ready to prove something and make an example of us. Conversely, their goals for the season will be shot since they would be out of the CFP hunt and they mail it in like they did in 2016.

I think any of those possibilities are equally possible.

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My fear is we haven't improved a significant amount from the Duke game. We got 5 turnovers and won the game.

+ aggressive defense in the first half
+ safety/corner blitzes and 7 total sacks
+ scoring in the red zone on turnovers
+ some long drives that ended in touchdowns
+ Hendon Hooker making plays
+ 9 plays of 15 yards or more (the most of the season; we had 2 against Duke)
+ no turnovers
+ outside of 1 run, held Miami to 32 yards rushing

- 5 of 7 second half drives were 3 and outs
- allowed 11 plays (incl. penalties) of 15 yards or more in the second half
- allowed 5 plays of 15 yards or more in the first half (incl. the Hail Mary)
- allowed 469 yards passing
- gave up 28 points in the second half

Not to take away from the win and a hypothetical what if scenario if we don't get turnovers, because we did. But, we aren't going win many more games giving up 16 plays of 15 yards or more and having 71% of offensive drives ending in 3 and out.

My fear is we haven't improved a significant amount from the Duke game. We got 5 turnovers and won the game.

BUT we also didn't turnover the ball either, and that is an improvement.

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We also won...so that's all the improvement I need at that particular moment.

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Totally agree with this. Good summary too. One thing I may add as a plus that doesn't show up on the stat sheet is that we finally came out on top when faced with adversity. As concerning as it is that we gave up a 28 point lead, they tightened their chin straps and put together their best scoring drive of the season and the defense stood tall until the last second. That to me, especially considering the circumstances, speaks volumes.

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Yes Howell is a good freshman QB, but Bud excels at scheming against first year QB's. Bud will identify his weaknesses and find a way to exploit them. Hopefully forcing some turnovers or a poor completion percentage. I think the D will come into the UNC game with some serious confidence. Hopefully we can capture the momentum early and keep it going.

Bud does this when he has the horses to do so. Big distinction.

But he just showed he can coach this current roster into being a nightmare for a rookie QB. Jarren Williams was yanked from the game after throwing 3 consecutive INTs. Howell is a better QB, and UNC probably has a better OL and more talented receivers, but Bud has always excelled at finding ways to rattle inexperienced QB's. That was only 1 game, but the defense is showing they can get pressure and turn the ball over when Foster cuts them loose.

Yeah, but then N'Kosi Perry threw for 1000 yards in three quarters...

I think Wake is a good team, but they haven't yet played a team that would allow them to display their potential. Sadly, I wouldn't even put VT in that category.

6 INTs on the season... didn't we have 4 Saturday? Holy Skew, Batman!

This made me go back to look at the game-by-game D stats. We were pretty ineffective against their OL. Only 1 sack, 1 QB hurry, 4 passes broken-up.

Against Duke not much better with 0 sacks, 5 QBH, and 1 PBU.

Wait, what?

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I think RI is a win off course...UNC should be a good chance for us to win, I'm kinda going 65% on us beating UNC.

Notre Dame will be a loss, I don't see a way we can beat them unless our defense is perfect.

Wake is interesting, its definitely a beatable team but they are just playing so smooth, but I think we have a punchers chance at them if all things fall in place for us. Might come down to Special teams..I'm giving us a 35% chance at a win.

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I think GT is a must win of our remaining games, then it's up to whether or not we can win 2 out of UNC, Wake, Pitt, and UVA to make a bowl.

Against the Hokie defense, the Rams averaged 2 passing yards per attempt fewer than their season average. Bryant tried, but couldn't make that up only getting a little over 1 ypc more than his average to date. The Rams line was slightly more pressured by the Hokies who registered 3 sacks. Characteristically, the Rams protected the ball well, allowing no turnovers.

Defensively, Rhode Island registered one more sack than their season average, but were not able to turn the uptick in pressure into turnovers, as the Hokies offense went their second game in a row not turning the ball over.

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Our offense looks much better . We had one 3 and out. Offense is just flowing a lot better .

Defense is extremely concerning. I've never seen a VT defense this bad . Bud needs to figure something out

It's not as bad as last year. So there's that.

They didn't reinvent the wheel yesterday. They threw the ball 47 times for under 300 yards (not good) for like 6ypa (not good). They just spread us out with 4-5 wide and tried to isolate on Quillen, safeties, and LB'ers and their 6'3 receivers (6 and 8) made some really good diving catches. I was as frustrated as anyone with how we struggled to get them off the field at times, but that statement is ludicrous when around this time last year we gave up 14 yards a play to Pitt.

I definitely thought there were some plays yesterday where the coverage looked pretty good, but the height of their receivers won out.

Then there were plays where it looked like a WR went to a spot, turned, waited for the ball, and there wasn't a defender within 5 yards - 5 yards when he caught the pass, not when he got to the spot.

Outside the last TD, we held them to FGs. I don't think it looked pretty, and the numbers didn't look great, and the opponent was bad. But at one point late in the game, they were 2/7 on third downs. They only had 9 possessions all game. Only 3 of those possessions had more than 9 plays (arbitrary number I picked because it's getting at least 3 first downs). But we also didn't force a single 3 and out and only one turnover on downs.

Lot to feel "meh" about, I guess.

Wait, what?

They only had 8 possessions. The box score gives them a 9th from a turnover on downs at the end of the first half.

But we also didn't force a single 3 and out and only one turnover on downs.

URI's last two drives ended with TO on downs. The last one would have been a three-and-out in a different part of the game. They had a 4th and 18 from their own 17, but were down 14 under two minutes.

But yes, we should have had more three-and-outs.

In regards to their defense I'm also talking about in continuation. Of last year because we basically returned everyone from last year and there hasn't been much improvement . They made some tough catches on us . But on numerous 3rd downs bud would play Quillen or Waller in soft coverage when it was the same slant route coming . This was a bad Rhode Island team, let's not forget that .

Don't get me wrong I wasn't impressed with the defense yesterday, but it also wasn't a sky is falling moment either. The stats suggest they were really ineffective for a team who threw the ball almost 50 times. I don't think we will see that again this year.