Some reactions to the Kill hire- design schematics

I have taken upon myself to watch a little film on Jerry Kill's offensive football at Minnesota, circa around 2012. I will discuss with Joe on if I have the bandwidth to conduct a more extensive film interview during the bye week (I am traveling to Arkansas and Saudi Arabia over the next week.)

Some initial thoughts:
1) Kill had very limited offensive personnel with the Gophers. His best offensive players appeared to be Texas recruits.

2) Kill's quarterbacks were big and physical. His "better" passer was only completing around 50% of his passes. Hence, they were leveraged heavily in the run game. Most of the passing attack worked shorter routes in the middle of the field. That may be a byproduct of personnel.

3) In order to enhance the value of the quarterback run, Kill's quarterbacks attacked their fakes on read options. Following the hand off, they would attack the line of scrimmage looking ahead rather than at the back. They would also physically engage potential tacklers and force them to account for the QB. That also meant his QB took some extra bumps, but it opened things up for the tailback. Honestly, watching Kill's teams, it would seem that Quincy Patterson would be a more talented version of his QBs.

4) Kill used the quarterback under center and a TB/FB combo much more than we currently see from the offensive staff. It doesn't necessarily translate into huge production, except it made their naked bootlegs more effective. Minnesota was a very strong bootleg team, with the quarterback being as much a threat to run as pass. The bootleg was effective because Minnesota made a concerted effort to run the ball down hill.

5) I could see Kill advising more pistol and I back looks for King. Perhaps giving him more time to read the blocking would enhance his effectiveness. While he looked terrific versus Furman, he got into the line so fast on several runs that he missed some nice holes.

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QP truthers boutta rise up again

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Not to highjack but TOS claiming a roomie source that says QP unhappy and wants out after this year.

If true, can't say we didn't see it coming.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Why can't we say that we didnt see it coming? Are we to assume every r-FR who doesn't win a starting job will be unhappy and looking to transfer?

I mean, the kid has so much potential and if he can't be developed enough to win a starting gig here he would (should) want to go somewhere he can be developed. So yes, it shouldn't surprise us when R-FR who got tons of hype from scouts who want to play in the NFL want to transfer. It's a career move.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Especially, I would think, if the starter is not exactly lighting up the scoreboard.

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I agree. He probably sees how much Willis as a fifth year senior is struggling (and IMO has even regressed since last year) and wonders how long it will take him to get on the field and how quickly he can develop under this staff. This staff has been unable to really develop a QB so far and has relied on transfers heavily. Definitely not good if he leaves but I can see why he would be frustrated.

Yes precisely. We (college football fans in general) need to not look at transfers as a "oh he's just mad he's not getting playing time" state of mind. These guys are making career decisions. If a player at any school feels like he can't make the next step at his current school then who are we to judge them?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

It would be kind of cool to see the ULM "two quarterback system" with QP running IVR and have Willis as a "tailback" who can roll out (Link Here).

QP himself said he knew he needed development time when he committed and had no expectations to start for at least a couple years. If he's unhappy, I'd bet it's unrelated to football or at least unrelated to being a backup at this point.

Yeah of course. But he's in the QB room on the reg and knows what he's getting out of this program. If he doesn't feel like he can develop even as a starter then he should transfer.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

when you say he has "so much potential," I can't help but wonder if that's something people believe based on his film and spring game performance or just residual hype from Elite 11 and Trent Dilfer quotes.

Many fans seem to have this idea that QP was a near lock to put up Heisman candidate numbers here, but that was hyper-optimistic promotion generated to serve the recruiting and player training/development industries rather than a realistic outcome based off of historical evidence.

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Respectfully speaking, does it matter? Most of his hype was based on recruiting scouts, the elite 11, Dilfer, etc. There you are correct. But I honestly don't know that it matters.

If he thinks he has a better shot at the NFL by transferring then he should 100% do that. And we can't blame him for that.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

When it's his 3rd year in the program and he hasn't thrown a meaningful pass and is 3rd string after being a highly-touted recruit, then yeah it makes sense

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When it's his 3rd year in the program

It's his second.

he hasn't thrown a meaningful pass


3rd string after being a highly-touted recruit

He's third string behind a redshirt senior and another highly-touted recruit who's older than him.

Totally confused his experience with HH my b

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Quincy pls

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(add if applicable) /s

Starting job is completely open next year, i could see if he's beaten out in the spring, but it seems awfully premature to have made up his mind he's leaving at this point

That may be a byproduct of personnel.

Having a coach recognize the strengths and weaknesses of his personnel and tailoring the gameplan accordingly would already be an improvement. I think Corny has square pegs and round holes and has been trying to file off the corners rather than square up the holes.

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has been trying to file off the corners rather than square up the holes

Honestly, filing the corners sounds easier than squaring the holes....

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If there's one hole and 85 pegs?

Management material!

Be safe on your trip to Saudi Arabia!

I usually try to swing by our Saudi Arabia facility when I'm down in Arkansas too.

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Thanks for the quick take!

I think this hire is a good sign that the coaching staff is still doing everything Thames can to be successful.

Yeah at least it looks like they're not just London around twiddling their thumbs anymore.

Could be just the bridge needed for a better team

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I know close to nothing about offensive line play, but is there anything scheme wise that would differentiate Kill's Minnesota teams from the current Virginia Tech o-line? And in point 5, you mentioned King, but how would McLease fit in knowing that King probably is a season away from having the body to be an ACC feature back?

Maybe I'm missing something, but what does any of this have to do with the Kill hire?

He's not being hired as the Offensive Coordinator nor is he being hired to retool the offense. My sense is he'll be like an uber-quality control guy.

I thought he was hired to make us better at football.

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My read is that Fuente is so deep in the weeds, he needs someone who can come in and look at the big picture, and identify systematic issues. My guess that is 10-20% of Kill's recommendations will have an immediate impact with 80-90% intended to address systemic issues.

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I expect him to be in the booth with Cornelsen and a function as sort of a running game coordinator. He can have a head set with no mic, similar to what Hite had the year after he retired from the staff.

A sort of running game coordinator? Hmmm, that's not my sense at all. My sense is he's more of a big picture consigliere focused on organizational performance than of a gameday contributor.

Cornelsen said the ground game and establishing the run will be the first place he'll go to ask for feedback from Jerry Kill -- Bitter Twitter

Let's hope that Kill's first suggestion is for the OL to, you know, actually run-block on running plays, instead of trying to trick the defense into thinking it is a pass.

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I'm looking for that crazy redzone package with Tre Turner on the outside, 6 OL, both TE's and Hooker as QB and Quincy as Bull Moose Power Back.

"Jerry, what issues do you see in the run game?"

"You've got 3 freshman and no upperclassmen on the line, your best back is a freshman, 2 of your 3 TEs is an underclassman and 2 frosh WRs are getting significant snaps right now, correct?"


"What was the question again?"

Getting asked for feedback is not "a sort of running game coordinator".

I think folks are way overthinking this. Other programs have similar positions - even multiple of them - and nobody here ever said those guys are "sort of coordinators". Has anybody ever said "boy I can see the influence of [insert former head coach name] on such and such's offensive or defense now"? I don't think we'll see any significant schematic changes as a consequence of the hire.

I think he's just an extra set of experienced eyes.

He makes the same as Lechtenberg did last year. Frame this as you wish. Timing-wise, the reason he is here right now is to fix the run game.

Or someone in the booth with him that will open hand smack him when he makes bad calls. After about 5, it's closed fist time.

If we see Kill with bruised knuckles or a broken hand, we'll know he's been putting in real work.

Bud Foster said in the latest press conference that while Kill looked at tge defense, he spent most of his time with the offense. Coach Corn said something along the lines of Kill would be to help establish the run game... granted this press conference was after these comments, but it does seem to confirm the speculation

one day, we will have a ground attack again. the sooner, the better

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I gotta be honest here, this hire is bizarre and smacks of total desperation.

It seems almost identical to when the Redskins hired Sherm Lewis out of retirement to call plays for Jim Zorn mid-season in 2009.

If any of you don't feel like bothering to Google that classic move, let's just say it didn't go well.

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Is Kill retired? Is he calling plays?

Kill retired from coaching due to health issues. He has been an AD since. But that is more about circumstance. If he is an extra set of hands, and a voice of reason or even devil's advocate then it's closer to coaching than he was.

I sincerely apologize for not finding the perfect "weird-midseason-hire-of-retired-coach-that-looks-like-desperation" analogy for you.

Where on earth did this hire come from and what exactly is this supposed to achieve two games into the season? This looks an amateur hour move of the first order.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

This is overly critical IMO. I'm in "wait-and-see" mode but I'm not ready to crap all over this move yet. I've been a pretty vocal, and admittedly pessimistic, critic of Fuente and the offense in particular but I'll take a more optimistic view on this move for the time being. I don't think it hurts us at all to get more coaches working on the game plans and evals. I hope this hire yields some positive results in the near future but we just won't know for a while, perhaps until next season is a few games old.

Regardless of whether you think this move is "amateur hour" I think we can all agree that our coaching staff needs a little help and this hire seems to be addressing that. I don't know if this is necessarily the right thing to do but I think it's more likely to help us than hurt us. We'll see.

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"I sincerely apologize for not finding the perfect "weird-midseason-hire-of-retired-coach-that-looks-like-desperation" analogy for you."

Then don't say it is "almost identical". If you don't have an analogy, don't make it. But if you're going to say that it "almost identical" to a specific scenario and the only two facts in that scenario are quite different from this one, I'm going to call you on it.

I don't know if Kill will end up being a good hire or make a difference.

But I'm pretty certain if I said "This amazing. This is just like Saban bringing X because of Y and to do Z." And Y and Z were very different than VT's hire of Kill, you probably would criticize the analogy.

Where on earth did this hire come from and what exactly is this supposed to achieve two games into the season? This looks an amateur hour move of the first order.

So... maybe read the article above?

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Who is king down in Arkansas these days anyway?

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Aren't the 19 kids and counting from Arkansas? They might as well have their own kingdom.

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French, thanks for your inputs and stay safe on your travels.

He could be a real boost to the run game, let's see how things translate. I think he would be a real asset in the game planning. Our first half gameplan is not good enough heading into ACC play in any of the three games from an offenssive standpoint. I hope he can help there.

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I like the sound of a potentially more physical running attack. If we can get back to grinding teams down on the ground, I think we will get back to winning more consistently. I really wonder how much longer Willis is going to be the QB. I have a hard time seeing him remaining the starter the rest of this year. For one, he's basically a non-factor in the run game, and we have to pare down the passing attack to keep him from throwing picks, so it's like going out on the field with having an arm and a leg tied. Also we really need to get continuity at the QB position going into next year. I shudder to think of breaking in a new defense and new QB at the same time. I say we get Hooker and Patterson more involved and eventually have one of them take over this season to aid in the run game.

Also speaking of more pistol and I-form, I seem to recall us running a lot of pistol in 2016 and 2017, and then it sort of disappeared last year. We seem to run exclusively out of gun formations now and not quite sure the reason for it.

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I'm not particularly closer to Minnesota, but I'm in the heart of B1G country, and everyone had the most positive things to say about Kill while he was in South Canada. He is a quality human being with an incredible work ethic.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

South Canada? Ever been to Arizona? You got Canucks everywhere.

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I hear he Kills them with kindness.

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I think having a proven set of eyes evaluating the program is a good thing and it speaks volumes about how bad JF wants to win. Fingers crossed this hire helps get our program back on track.