OT - ACC Network & Cox Cable strike deal

ACC Network & Cox Cable strike deal

ESPN announced Wednesday that Cox cable has reached an agreement with Disney to carry the ACC Network.

The deal means Cox customers will not only be able to watch the ACC Network on their TV sets but also via the ESPN app.

The agreement also means Cox customers will be able to watch ACC Network Extra games on ESPN.com or via the ESPN app.

Cox has not yet announced a channel number for the ACC Network, nor what tier a customer must have in order to get the ACC Network as part of his or her package.

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Huge news. Bravo. Better late than never.

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Too little.

Too late.


Still leaves most of Florida without ACC network, Miami is playing next two weeks on ACCN same with FSU. The ACC and Swofford have really fucked this up.

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I keep seeing people panning Swofford and the ACC for this. But isn't this exactly what they should be doing? They're going for the best deal with each carrier and using games in progress as leverage.

Yeah . . . Not really sure how this is an ACC/Swofford problem when the same thing happened to the SEC Network.

Hard to tell who is it blame here without knowing what the ACC Network is charging the carriers. My biggest beef with the ACC and Swofford is he is using ACC fans as pawns.

At this point though, anyone that doesn't have ACC Network should seriously look at cord cutting. I did it two and a half years ago and will never go back.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Taking away viewership is the only real leverage we have over cable companies

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I live in Charlotte, NC and still can't believe that neither of the major cable providers here (Spectrum and ATT U-verse) have the ACCN. Even just the number of Clemson, UNC, Duke, WF, etc. fans in NC makes it a no-brainer for the cable companies to have the channel. I've been looking for an excuse to cord-cut for a few months and am switching to YouTube TV.

Spectrum has the ACCN.

Hahahaha... I'm drinking.

Leonard. Duh.

Legs for you both. I guess Google lied to me...either way, we had U-Verse. They don't have ACCN and I was looking to cord cut. Seems like they must be losing customers over this

Dude... Spectrum in NC got on board with the ACCN in early August. We've been watching since opening night. .

Leonard. Duh.

Let's start with the network is 3-4 years at best too late.

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So these are two unrelated issues...the second one first:

(1) One can argue that the conference was late to the table re: the network, IF there was a national level partner available. Remember, BTN did not turn a profit for several years until they sold majority interest to FOX. LHN, was not profitable for several years (this contract is probably in ESPN's "don't ever do this again" file). PACN is still only marginally profitable. So unless someone was willing to do an ACCN in the mold of the BTN/SECN at the same time as the SECN, it likely would have been someone like Raycom and we would probably be in a PAC-like debacle. So if you think they screwed up, who was the partner going to be? Personally, I think it would have had to be NBC (same ownership as Comcast) and they (NBC) would have had to decide they wanted to broadcast college sports at more than the boutique level (like they do now).

I've followed this closely forever and no one has ever identified the willing partner that would have brought what we all want to fruition. It's been, "they did it, we should have been able to as well". I agree with the sentiment and the frustration, but put some meat on the bones of the argument. My biggest criticism is that they should have gotten a much better acceleration schedule in the contract with ESPN.

(2) The current negotiations with Comcast have nothing to do with the conference leadership, it's all Disney. If you believe the ACC AD's, they were ahead of year 1 projections at 39 million homes available (now that number is into the 50's) and Comcast will likely be on board sooner than later; unless they have plans to sell their cable tv business to someone else. A penny or two per sub has big ramifications for profit; and that is what they are arguing over. Everyone knows the rate and Comcast is trying to leverage its large subscriber base for the best deal possible...with the one company that has enough content to make or break them. There is a lot of money in this for both; they will figure it out.

I believe that ESPN would have been willing to go in just like they did for SEC when they saw how it worked. Instead Swofford padded his sons pockets at Raycom with a split deal.

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I believe that ESPN would have been willing to go in just like they did for SEC when they saw how it worked.

...Isn't that exactly what happened?

SEC Network launched in the August of 2014. Within two years, the creation of the ACC network was announced (July 2016).

People have complained that it took too long to actually launch once announced, but there have been dozens of articles explaining that the longer lead time was put in place because ESPN wanted to avoid the same mistakes that were made in the rush to launch the SECN. It allowed ACC schools to build adequate production facilities, test them, and get things right prior to launch. There were numerous examples of SEC schools that had to beef up their production capabilities within the first year of their network's existence.

SEC Network launched in the August of 2014. Within two years, the creation of the ACC network was announced (July 2016).

I understand the time it took after the announcement to launch in terms of getting things done right, but why did it take 2 years to announce after the launch of the SEC Network. Seems like the ACC should have jumped on it sooner instead of taking 2 years just to announce.

If the idea was to wait and see how the SEC/Big 10/PAC networks were doing before jumping on board, why not announce the launch earlier and do the evaluation in parallel with the planning?

They did.

I believe Swofford did in fact prop up Raycom...and the AD's approved it. But otherwise, they did do exactly as you suggested. As I said above, I think the ACC might have negotiated a better interim schedule of payments, but the Raycom arrangement hindered nothing in terms of the ACCN.

Put it this way, if the ACCN was a slam dunk moneymaker like the SECN, nothing was holding ESPN back from making those additional profits. What was in it for anyone to wait?

edit: https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/article91504627.html

There is zero evidence to support the notion ESPN was willing to jump into the deep end with the ACC appreciably earlier than it did and plenty of rational logic to dispute it.

Yeah, I agree with this.

I'm not sure ESPN had the appetite for the ACC Network before now, and I'm not sure they'd have made a lot more money.

But I do think they've learned from the other P5 networks, and it seems like to me they're putting best practices to work.

At least I noticed I wasn't able to fast forward through the ACCN commercials when I was watching the game on Hulu last week. Someone has to be making some money on that.

This is like complaining about the score in the spring game.

Comcast pls

We put the K in Kwality

Yeah same boat. Their help support on this has thousands of requests followed by terrible generic posts from their staff every 10 or so comments

There are too many easy comments for this company.



I recall a memorable deathmatch session years ago where a friend of mine was discussing his ISP with the other players. People were complaining about speed or access or cost. He had just moved away from Hampton Roads and was less than happy with his new Time Warner service, and he chimed in with, "I'm a big fan of Cox".

Hilarity ensued.

I wonder exactly how long it will take for us Cox users to actually see the ACCN on TV. This means nothing without some sort of expected date of execution. Additionally, which "package" it will go in will put Cox in a $ tailspin for weeks.

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Cox announces channels and tier

Cox Communications announced Thursday that the ACC Network will be on Ch. 171 and HD Ch. 1171.

Cox customers with the TV Essential tier and above will get the ACC Network.

It remains to be seen if Cox, which has customers in Roanoke and Roanoke County, will add the channel in time for the ACC Network's telecast of the William and Mary-Virginia football game Friday night. Margaret-Hunter Wade, Cox's public affairs director for Virginia, said Thursday in an email that she did not yet have a date for the channel's Cox debut.

Espn app still says no accn for the Virginia game

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Hold up, so Cox can get ACCN on ESPN App, but not FiOS? How'd that

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Anyone seen a timeline for when Cox customers will be able to access ACCN on the app?

This is the current stock answer, as in who knows?
"Hello, Access to the ACC Network via the WatchESPN app and ESPN.com has been delayed. Cox is working to resolve access to ACC content on ESPN.com. For additional information, please feel free to visit our website at coxcommittment.com. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
That is as of yesterday, https://forums.cox.com/forum_home/tv_forum/f/tv-forum/23918/acc-network-.... The page is actually www.coxcommitment.com and is just a bunch of blah blah blah with no actual information.

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Getting the same message for Dish. And since the Dish system is not colocated with my house, and I rely on streaming, I can't watch the ACCN. =^/

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Verizon Fios just picked up the ACC Network. Stumbled on it this past weekend. Now I can save $50/month by dropping my YouTUbeTV subscription.


FIOS had an agreement with ESPN to carry the ACC Network since December of last year. It has had the channel since the launch date.

But... Fios had agreed to carry ACC Network before it launched.

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