Cole Beck At The 2020 ACC Indoor Track Championships

Cole Beck has really bulked up, as seen at the 2020 ACC Indoor Track Championships in February. He's the largest of the top ACC sprinters. With that speed and size, you figure he would get on the football field for one or two plays a game, special teams ......

Beck was 4th in the 60M, running a 6.68, winning time was 6.58

Beck was 4th in the 200M, running a 21.16, winning time was 20.84

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You would think the bulking up would be for football, cause it usually doesn't help from a track standpoint. Is he still on a football scholarship, or is he on a track scholarship? Has he been suiting up for football games? Would be nice to see what he can do on the football field, if that is his desire.

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The bulk isn't too bad.
His gait in the 60 isn't bad. Little choppy, but lots of forward motion.
But the 200...he looks like the bulk is either swaying him from side to side or his hamstring was bothering him. Either way, he wasn't nearly as sleek in the 200 as the straight out 60, even on the straight for the 200.

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He is on a football scholarship,,, why? because Alabama and Ohio State's track teams would be 300 people if the NCAA allowed track scholly's to count

Maybe I read it wrong, but I don't think the question was why a dual-sport athlete's scholarship counts against the football numbers. (If that was the question, then your answer is entirely correct.)

I think the question was, is he ever going to actually play for the Tech football team?

If not, then why continue to count him against the football numbers? Why not go fully to track, and focus his training (and his body composition) for that? (Incidentally, that would free up a football scholarship.)

Because taking away Becks football scholarship could mean he has to transfer to another school for track. They have 9.9 scholarships in men's track for a team that's probably close to 40 members. If beck loses his football scholarship, there is probably not much scholarship leftover on the track team, and likely none left.

With that being said, there may have been an agreement between football and track staffs that he would move to track full time if he didn't pan out on the football field, but that is something that would need to be planned for the track staff.

This is likely a dynamic that was discussed by our upper administration during his recruiting process. Great for VT athletics overall if he continues to play both, as it's a HUGE boost for our track team, and much of the same for the bottom third of any football roster, who are on full rides and contribute very little on the field during their careers.

I don't see the logic of wasting a football scholarship on a track athlete. If he's not going to be a contributor for football seems like the track people need to decide if he's worth a track scholarship

All I'm saying, is that scholarship does not mean contribution. He may be adding more value to the team than a starter, but we won't know that outside of the program.

And if the football coaches got in a bind and needed another scholarship, and Beck is not contributing, they will cut him from the football team.

But as outsiders of the daily life of the football team, we have no idea if he important to the football team or not

Major college football is not a social experiment or a motivational speaking group. He has not played a football snap in a real game since he has been here. That is what matters. He is important to the football team if he actually plays real snaps.

found the guy who clearly has never ever played a team sport in his entire life

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LOL. Yep. That's it. That's why Tebow is still in the NFL. Need those locker room guys that don't play to make a team work. And I played youth and HS team sports- just like you did, stud.

I actually never played team sports in high school. but i did average like 9 minutes per game on multiple advanced bracket intramural frisbee champion teams while i was at tech so i'm a pretty big deal.

Maybe it's why Tebow is a professional baseball player though. pretending that glue guys who want to be part of the team even though they're buried on the depth chart (lol) and do the best they can do anyway bring zero value to the team is just so misguided.

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1. Never said zero value. 2. I'm talking within the context of scholarships- as that was the point of the mini thread. Sure, Debnam was awesome on those VT hoops teams, waving the towel, pumping up the guys. He was also a walk on.. which is exactly what your "glue guys that never play" should be. And that's perfectly fine.

you can have the three deep on both sides + long snapper, punter, and kicker all on scholarship and still have a dozen scholarships left over

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Maybe y'all should take this to the Cole Beck Discourse Thread? /s

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I think college football, and any large organization is a bit of a social experiment with many dynamics at play. Although in a different sport, I competed for 4 years at Virginia Tech and I can tell you that some of our most important team members were our worst on paper. I highly doubt that many people who have truly been involved with college athletics would disagree with this statement

Teams that want to compete at the highest level with expensive, limited and ultra competitive scholarships at stake don't use them on glue guys that can't contribute on the field. I highly doubt that many people who have truly been involved with college athletics would disagree with this statement.

He is important to the football team if he actually plays real snaps.

Out of all of your takes, this is by far your worst take.

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Beck is not a D1 football player. He might play on STs against Furman, etc. but he will not contribute meaningful snaps at RB or WR at VT.

You know this from all your time coaching the team his freshmen year? Remember his was hurt last year.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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OK. We'll see. With the new free redshirt rules, if you get no burn, you are not Lee Suggs. I promise you this, and it will play out over time with numbers. I stand 100% by what I said. You won't see Beck play meaningful snaps at TB at VT. If he does, I'll be happy to eat crow. He was a very late offer for a reason, which is playing out.

I think your argument would more valid on a roster like Clemson, where recruiting has led to studs riding the bench. It's not like we have 4 and 5 star athletes getting turned down because we're out of scholarships. We have plenty of "Cole Becks" on our team. But Cole Beck is from Blacksburg and a stud track athlete as well, so he's been singled out for not contributing on the football field before the age 20

Why do you say he's not a D1 football player?

I don't understand his statement either.

Beck is on a D1 Football Roster, therefore by most people's definitions he is a D1 Football player.

Cole Beck

Beck is on a D1 roster and has not played a down. I was not being literal - I know he is on VT's team. To this point, that has not meant much has it?

Maybe you could've said that in your first comment?

D1 is a pretty broad range. He is certainly a D1 player. Power 5 you have an argument, although he had multiple power 5 offers.

Just not sure how or why you can say these statements with no real evidence. There are a million reasons outside of his ability that explain why he's not playing. Maybe he does just suck at football, but you make yourself sound unreasonable by making definitive assumptions without good evidence

Every time Cole Beck asks to play football:

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So that's why he's so fast

Run this backwards and you get the next scene, where the elevator opens and Beck is already standing there waiting for them, on the XXth floor.

He never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Edit: So no one has ever watched The Sopranos eh.

You forgot the "/s"...I hope


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VT fans are the best s/

Complains that a kid that finished 2nd in the New Balance National Track Meet as a junior and a senior is not worth a chance with 1 out of 85 scholarships.

  • When he didn't play as a true freshman = Bust;
  • When he didn't play as a redshirt freshman due to a broken collar bone = Bust;
  • No chance to be a contributor in the three years of remaining eligibility.

Edit: Nevermind I got it figured out. Was looking for the times from the other heat.

FWIW, VT's Jacory Patterson won the open 400 as well.
UNC won the 4x400 with a meet record. That's a little shocking...considering they only had 1 person in the 400 open finals, and the speed that Clemson and FSU should have.

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