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Mod Squad agrees that going back to a single recruiting thread (rather than a Discourse/News split thread approach) would be useful. The thread will be locked and restarted at ~350 comments and on the first of the month.

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Bummer, I really appreciated the separation.

We did too, but in practice enough people weren't adhering to, at times understandably, the difference between the two.

For example, within the first few hours of the July News thread being posted there was 100+ comments that were all discourse and arguing about something. From that point on the rest of the month was two threads with all the same conversations going on.

It is the right choice. Recruiting news is worthless without discourse. If folks want the list of who is offered etc., a maintained list would be more appropriate.

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I strongly disagree but it's not my decision. I would have liked if the recruiting news thread could be VT specific recruiting updates (offers, making top # lists, commitment dates for targets, and insider info- you know, actual recruiting news). The discourse would be the place for all the other noise and commentary (UNC commits, Tony Grimes' dad's tweets, etc) that become increasingly annoying when the recruiting thread shows 75 new posts with zero substantive information.

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Yeah that stuff makes the recruiting threads not fun. I can understand the merge back, but I didn't hate that the discourse thread was a "Bitch about recruits/recruiting/negativity" thread to help minimize that negativity in the recruiting thread.

But what you want isn't what we were getting. And, you're asking people not to discuss on a discussion board platform...not gonna work. Again, the simple facts are not meant to be gathered from a message board.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

The differences between most of those discussions are negligible IMO... And the discussions that wreck a recruiting thread are the same ones that wreck the discourse thread.

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difference is before i could ignore the discourse thread and still read news

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Good move, but will will the discourse police do with their spare time, now.

In all honesty, while discourse and discussion are going to be generate regardless of topics, it's the nasty debates that cause threads to spiral downward. It's one reason I try to keep a low appearance in recruiting and the virus threads because while it's informative at time, it is the conversation that goes sideway that keeps me from actively engaging in those threads.

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We're going to try it out and see what happens. We will iterate as we move forward.

I enjoyed the separation but understand the reasoning for getting back together. I really appreciate the unofficial spreadsheet posts at the top of the page each month. Who maintains that page? It'd be cool if there was a way for the community to add to it if they see that someone receives an offer or something.

Someone on the 247 board handles it. If you want to request changes or additions I think you'll have to do that on their board.

Since a few new replies are favoring the one thread I feel the need to speak up in favor of the two thread crowd.

You'll never get all of the discourse out of the news thread. But with two you can get maybe 75% to go in the actual discourse thread. And then you can have livelier discussion without having to worry about overloading it

I'm not passionate either way, but I agree with this take. 100% is unachievable and shouldn't be the goal. A significant reduction of discourse talk in the news thread would serve its purpose. Don't let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of a large improvement.

For my money, you cannot separate news from discourse. When there's news, people want to talk about it, and will talk about it. Having a conversation split across multiple threads was not ideal. With a rotated, single-thread approach, the conversations remain in one spot, and when the thread gets out of control, we will start a new one. Let's see how it works out.

I'm in the crowd that appreciated the separation. Mostly because I don't think it's a good look to have posters talking down about the school and staff in threads where recruits are being repeatedly mentioned by name. The threads tend to show up in google results.

I also understand that we can't get people to adhere to well defined community guidelines around here. So, to expect people to follow along with the intent of the separation is futile. I do feel that it cut down on the noise in the recruiting thread.

Any chance that the recruiting news thread requires approval from mods. So they can literally manage it to only news? Then have the discourse thread for discussion. The approval would allow some folks with news to share it, while the noise can be safely kept out.

As Joe said in his above comment, we plan to iterate if needed moving forward. In the meantime, I would guess most of the "news" will be original parent comments. If you don't care to see all the conversations that form from each parent comment you can always just skip around between the parent comments or collapse the chains under them. That would remove a lot of what the news-only crowd isn't interested in via already available features.

What if we just have a monthly bitching/opinion thread and call it the Outside room? Then moderators can tell people to "Take it Outside!" When it gets out of hand.

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No issues with this, cant say the attempt to split them up was a good idea but still got muddled and kind of made it pointless at times with people getting confused and posting in the wrong ones. Always love to see the site trying different things and mixing it up cant go wrong experimenting to find the best solution!

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