UConn pulls out of the 2020 football season due to COVID

Seems like everyone has just been waiting for the first school to pull out before the dominoes start to fall. Well, the first domino just dropped.

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I would like to think this is not a domino, cause literally no one cares or bats an eye for UConn football. BUT, they are an FBS program, that had games scheduled with other FBS programs. I do believe the P5 will play this year, if only for money.

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UConn moved to independent in football this year after going back to the big east for all other sports. Independent teams not named Notre Dame were going to have a tough time filling a schedule this year.

just the fifth first domino in the last two months!

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This isn't the first domino, but probably also won't be the last.

Seriously, if you want a team, you better be quarantined. The COVID is highly contagious, and you know what happens to dominoes if they're too close to each other.

Uconn plays football? Who knew...

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Lee Suggs is probably aware. Watched him get hurt against them.

2001 could have been a great squad had Suggs not gotten hurt.

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You got that right! I was sitting right in front of him on the student side when he had that awkward tackle. I wasn't too worried at the time because he got up and jogged gingerly off the field and it didn't seem that bad. Then boom next day his acl is torn....team was never close to the same after that...what could've been even with grant Noel at qbπŸ˜”


That Grant Noel-led squad almost took one of the best teams in college football history into overtime, despite Noel throwing the same number of passes to the other team (4) as to his own receivers.

I occasionally reminisce and wonder what might have been if a certain player had been available, but usually it's Vick that comes to mind, not Suggs.

Aside from that Miami game, Noel was not that bad that season, and who can blame him? Miami fielded a semi-pro team. That's why I think that team could have been very good with Suggs. The defense was unbelievable that year with the exception of the Pitt game where everyone was horrible (had Syracuse been a win the week before, I think that game is different).

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He was "not bad" in that he was the very definition of a game manager under center. Excluding the Miami game, he averaged 14 of 24 passing for 175 yards, 1.6 touchdowns and 0.7 interceptions per game. Solidly mediocre.

The infamous earnest wilford 2 point conversion drop....from my angle we thought he caught it and went absolutely nuts. And then 5 seconds later dropped my head in my hands with sadness. Still that blocked punt for a touchdown was the loudest I've ever heard lane Stadium. It was so loud I couldn't even here myself screaming...if that makes any sense. That Miami team was absolutely loaded with nfl talent all over the field including hall of famers. One of fosters best days in my opinion...only if we had a certain number 22πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€”πŸ€”


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Eric Green snapped his ACL blocking that punt. We really could have used him during that three game losing streak in 2002.

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Uva knows.

I'm certain there's a bonus clause in Randy Edsall's contract that deals with not playing games.

He gets a bonus, they aren't going to have a losing season.

UConn played football ??

OT, but remember that time UConn randomly made the Fiesta Bowl? It was a crime that the Big East got an automatic bid some years.

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Yep. Scum bag Randy Edsall made Donald Brown get up in front of the team in the locker room after that game and tell them he was leaving to go pro. Drum roll.....Edsall secretly takes the Maryland job weeks later. Scum. And couldn't coach a pop warner team.

Yep, thanks for pulling that. Edsall= not a good guy. I golf regularly with a decent level Maryland Booster. Hates Edsall- has many stories.

Oh, I know a few, and they aren't fans either.

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He is up there with one of the most confusing hires ever. I put him right after Nebraska hiring Bill Callahan, and Nebrasja hiring Mike Riley. I can sort of get on board with why their predecessor were fired, but you fire the ACC coach of the year for Randt Edsell???? You messed up.

It was a crime that the Big East got an automatic bid some years.

Well unfortunately not so fast my friend... the Big East was actually one of only three P5 conferences to have a winning record in BCS bowl games (9-7). The others were the SEC (17-10) and Pac-12 (13-8).

The ACC (5-13) doesn't have much room to talk. Unfortunately, we contributed more to one of those columns than the other as well.

You're correct. I always forget how well WVU and Louisville performed in BCS bowls after we and Miami left. When it wasn't those two, the Big East usually got rocked. Unfortunately, we weren't world beaters on the BCS stage either though.

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After VT and Miami left, the Big East was 6-4. WVU and Louisville combined to go 5-0. Of the 5 times when those two programs had a down season and failed to win the conference, their representative fell flat on their face more often than not, with UCF being the only victor of the bunch in a 52-42 thriller over Baylor in 2013 (the final season of the BCS), and the only one of the 4 losses coming by less than 27 points being 2008 when our #19 Hokies "upset" #12 Cincinnati 20-7.

So yes, WVU and Louisville did exceptionally well when they had the chance, but everyone else was pretty awful.

Everyone had a down year when uconn went, it was a 5 way tie in the BE.

Is there anyone tracking the # and status of Covid cases among college football teams, in particular the P5 teams? I'm looking for a single source that is attempting to track it. For example, Clemson and UNC had a bunch of players test positive early on, correct? How are they all doing? Are those teams back to workouts or are they still delaying workouts? Would also be interesting to get a feel for how many cases there among staff members when there is an outbreak among players.

There was a reddit thread that was tracking it. It hasn't been updated in a while because a lot of schools stopped reporting, at least that's what I heard.

I wondered if there were schools that would have a tactic of exposing their team to it early, that way they won't get it during the school year and could finish the season without interruption.

I think that is going to be the big thing, as we are seeing with MLB. Some teams are having to forfeit games in the middle of the season.

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eh... I put more stake in the Ivy League cancelling their entire season than UConn doing the same. Edsall will probably claim this as UConn's first undefeated season since ... [checks sports reference]... 1924(?)

I don't think has that big of implication on the season. There has been talks of UCONN dropping down to FCS or dropping football altogether. The program is giant money pit for their athletic department.

Yeah in any scenario where we have this season, they end up cancelling. Umass probably cancels next with New Mexico State soon after. And with the Big 10 conference only, there's really no reason for the MAC to play.

It's honestly probably better for everyone else if these smaller schools cancel. Then there will be only be ~90 or so schools to keep track of rather than the 200+ including FCS.

I don't know about you, but I'm always up for some Tuesday Night MACtion.

With the covid discussion thread, and this one, I didn't think we needed a third covid related thread. But this is...not good.

Colorado State football players and athletic department staff say coaches have told players not to report COVID-19 symptoms, threatened players with reduced playing time if they quarantine and claim CSU is altering contact tracing reports to keep players practicing.


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Any guesses as to repercussions? Do we think someone will lose their job or is this an apology scenario? I'd think maybe an apology. That seems so crazy - if one kid got it and died on that team, I could only imagine the legal liability there.

I'm not sure about legal liability. You couldn't prove that they got it from someone who was forced to play when sick or showing symptoms. But I'm sure there's some civil liability there, if they came down with it a few weeks after practices started.

I was thinking more like a wrongful death suit from parents. Even if they got it somewhere else, those practices make it much more dangerous, especially the altering tracing reports. They could also argue that if they're telling people to hide symptoms (and presumably not testing anyone), it really seems like it adds liability of some sort - don't know if there's a civil version of reckless endangerment or something.

Yeah, wrongful death would be a civil suit. That would most likely meet "more likely than not." 100 sweaty kids breathing heavily, making contact for a couple hours, sharing a locker room, AND being told(threatened) not to report anything.... Yeah, more likely than not especially if they were practicing social distancing outside of practice. Good(bad) luck to the coaches winning that one.

NCAA should make an example of them

Has the NCAA said anything about what to do with athletes that have COVID or COVID symptoms? I can't remember. I don't think there's a rule about practicing or wanting someone to practice while sick, but i haven't read the rulebook.

With as many times as we've heard about athletes playing through the flu and other diseases, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the NCAA doesn't have any rules about it.

Maybe under something more broad like player endangerment? Like not giving players breaks to drink water (I think I heard of that happening a couple times).

DII & DIII cancelling all Fall Championships.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.


Half the FB programs opt out. A quarter of them quit because of China virus. This leaving 20-30 teams.

VT somehow slinks through what is left of the schedule. at 6-0. Both Nd and clempsun party too hard in FL and the flu runs thru them like a shit thru a goose.
This leaves us and nc state in the ACCCG. We beat them 62-13 in front of 7 people.

We are Picked for the Natty game and defeat Wyoming 26-23 after a last minute option run by Hooker!

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China virus.


Because we also say "Florida oranges, California raisins, Michigan cherries, Washington apples and Virginia ham?"

Just being snarky, I fully understand the politics of the phrase, but also hate that describing something by its origin (China) and its nature (Virus) became politicized in the first place. While the expression accurately describes the thing in a more pedestrian and simple way, it can also arouse racial prejudice amongst people who are prone to thinking in that way. I say this as the father of three adopted Chinese children who have thankfully not yet been subjected to abuse due to their national origin and physical features. FWIW, I only say "coronavirus" or "Covid-19" when describing the illness, but I do hate the cancel culture that tries to limit free speech. It sure is a complicated world these days.

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I am glad that your family has not been subjected to harassment due to COVID. I know multiple people of Asian descent (none of whom are even Chinese in any way...) that have endured a number of racist comments in the last 6 months and are sick of it.

I agree - my brother is married to a Chinese girl and they were worried about fallout from this (I can't remember people had said something to her and he's not really the type to talk about that much). I feel like some people almost think it's okay to be anti-Chinese and vocally so, saying stuff like "Chinese piece of shit" for stuff that's made there (regardless of actual quality), never mind a ton of consumer electronics are made there. So I cringe every time I hear "China virus."

Don't think I'd call this "cancel culture." China virus was a phrase designed and initially used specifically for a political purpose. There are rules on this board, that we all agree to, against discussing, or at the very least unnecessarily injecting, politics into discussions. So we can all enjoy being here. Someone getting called for breaking the rules that we all agree to is not being "cancelled," it's the community policing itself. If he chooses to not live up to the expectations of this community, he should get called out for it.

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To your point that's what they are called. Oranges from Florida are Florida oranges. They don't have another name. The virus has a name, Covd-19, Corona Virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). No mention of place. Calling it the China Virus is in itself making it political, being obtuse, and acting like a petulant child simply because you want to call it whatever you want without repercussions. And then saying it's the other side that it making it political is washing your own hands of even attempting to be right about the name. It's lazy. It's mindless. And it's meant to invoke a response. And saying "well, this is they way we've done it..." Goes straight down those same lines. The N word was prevalent in the day of the Spanish Flu as well. We've grown beyond that. It's not cancel culture that is limiting free speech. It's offensive and wrong to do these things. If you prefer to ignore that and continue to do as you please, be prepared for the reactions. You don't simply get a free pass for saying what you want just because.........

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even Florida oranges isn't a name of a particular type of orange. It is part of a branding/tourism campaign from the state of Florida similar to Georgia Peaches or Virginia Peanuts. The whole point is to get people to associate "mmm orange juice" with Florida. The renaming of Covid-19 is intended to serve the same purpose.

side note: The most common varieties of oranges in Florida are Navel, Hamlin, Pineapple, Ambersweet and Valencia.

Sorry I guess I'm not woke. That is where it came from. Been naming viruses from its place of origin for years. Not always correct but the region they thought it came from.

Every corona thread is political on this site.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

As of 2015, the WHO policy is that new diseases are not to be named after geographic regions due to negative impact on tourism, trade, and the people of that country/region. Yes, diseases from years past have geographic names. They don't any more. I know people who have been attacked by racist assholes who think they're Chinese (they're not) and they're to blame for COVID-19.

"China virus" is a racist term designed to attack foreigners. Don't use it. If you can't avoid it, stop posting on related topics.

Dude, there are 16 threads devoted to the "coronavirus," on this site, 0 to the "china virus." You made a choice. At least own it.

You don't have to be "woke" to choose not to perpetuate racist phrases.

Please don't use racist phrases on this board. Show some class.


Spanish Flu? West Nile Virus? Middle East Respiratory Syndrome? A quick scan of Wikipedia shows that the majority of epidemics are named for the nation or region where they originate. I guess context is everything. And yes, racism is an evil scourge of the human race that ought not to exist since we are all "created equal" as our nemesis Mr. Jefferson once wrote.

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Yeah, I think it makes sense from that perspective, I dislike it in this instance with how often I hear/read anti-Chinese sentiment (I've seen it a fair amount with people asking where something is made and then a seemingly automatic statement of disgust if it's made in China). It seems like calling it "China virus" just adds to the fuel of anti-Chinese sentiment I seem to be seeing more and more.

Spanish flu seems to have actually originated either in Kansas, the UK or Germany. Those are where the first documented cases of mortality were. Only reason it got stuck with "Spanish" was the lack of newspaper censors (trying elsewhere to maintain morale mid-WWI) there meant that it was more widely reported on. Only loosely relevant, but I learned it as this nonsense was kicking off, and thought it was a fun fact.

Agree on the context side though. The fact that there was already a widely used name for this virus when people started in on the "China virus" thing is impossible to ignore. If that had been the widely used name from the get-go, doubt anyone would bat an eye.

Yep, it's a name being forced on the disease literally just for xenophobic reasons rather than one that was used medically or caught on naturally

Spanish flu didn't originate in Spain. Spain was neutral and were willing to freely report on the virus while countries involved in the war tried to intentionally suppress news of the virus so it wouldn't affect "morale."

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I suspect that there's going to be a lot of pulling out in the future.

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That's what she said.

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Not so much a domino as the proverbial tree falling in the empty forest. So the answer turns out to be, yes some people do hear the tree fall in the empty forest but apparently nobody cares.

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I know I should care, but...

MAC just cancelled their football season for the fall. Obviously not a P5 conference but a bigger domino than UConn.

Like Uconn I honestly think it's a good thing they cancelled. Less liability for football as a whole and we really aren't losing that much. I would be okay with the Sun Belt or CUSA calling it as well.